Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Images and Details on Auto World's 1/18 Daisy's Plymouth

A friend on the inside sent me over these pics of the new 1/18 that Auto World is releasing soon.  Daisy's yellow Plymouth is finally coming our way.  Auto World acknowledges that the black stripes are incorrect on this pre-production sample and they are working to correct the issue.  No release date is set, but hopefully it should be soon.  

I love the FCH-630 plate.  Great detail from the show.

This car looks great and I can't wait to get it.  I'll have to stage another race like I did when I got Cooter's Camaro.  This car will have the same amount of detail as Auto World's General Lee.  That thing is amazing, and incredibly popular.  Auto World has a little more Dukes love up their sleeve.  Stay tuned for more....


  1. I grew up with and love "Dukes of Hazzard"! I have the General Lee and Rosco's cop car...would LOVE to get Daisy's Plymouth!! I'm assuming this is the Satellite rather than the Roadrunner (she used both in the series, although it's supposed to be the same car on the show). Do you happen to have any idea yet of when Auto World will release this?

  2. I have a large 1000+ collection of 1/18 scale cars and I must say when I received this car, the detail, quality and correctness is of the worst I have seen. The lumpy thick paint, no inside rear quarter panels beside rear seat, 3 hood pins, arrow header logo, incorrect for 71 stripe, doors not closing fully etc. etc. This is an embarassment at this price point equal to the quality of early Maisto cars. The detail is lacking everywhere and should be priced closer to $20. They didn't bother to correct the stripe before release and about the only thing I like is the correct length antenna I can use on my General Lee since they provided a shorty with that car. I suppose they will improve on it and offer us a more detailed correct version in the future for more money of course.