Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#New01 Autotrader Dukes Commercial Screeshots

Now that it's been a full ten hours or so since I've seen the new Dukes commercial, I've gotten some time to sleep and get to work, and all I keep thinking about is the new Dukes commercial. So why not watch it a whole bunch more times and then share some screenshots from it.

Autotrader has now uploaded an HD version so we can get a better look at the details.  They used camera angles we haven't seen before on the Dukes.  It was really in your face.  I like it.  

So great to see Bo and Luke behind the wheel again.  

These low angle shots are similar to some used in the movie, but better.  They really accentuate the action.  

Everyone loves barn bustin' with the General Lee!  Especially our own Uncle Jesse.  

I really like the detail that went into the updated Sheriff's cars.  This is exactly what Rosco's deputies should be driving.  Much better than what the movie did.  

This shot is just so much fun. 

Daisy gets a nod with this billboard.  It says Daisy's Denim Depot and there is a small .com the I missed before I saw it in HD.  DaisysDenimDepot.com leads to a site for sale from godaddy.  I was hoping for a sneaky viral site, but it didn't happen.  

They even got the license plate right.  CNH-320!

Bo look out!!

This is a fun way to end the commercial, but this viper ain't no Gen'ral!  Hopefully, I will soon have the opportunity to share some behind the scenes pictures from the filming of the ad.

Still just two good ol' boys!


  1. That looks great. Nice to see some barn bustin' action in there!

  2. great ad, loved every second...except no way would I trade the General in!!