Thursday, April 8, 2021

Cooter's Place Exclusive Greenlight 1/64 Hazzard County Garage 1969 Chevy Tow Truck

It's finally here.  The Greenlight we've all been waiting for.  The Cooter's Place Exclusive Greenlight 1/64 Hazzard County Garage 1969 Chevy Tow Truck is without question my favorite Greenlight so far! 

Us Dukes of Hazzard fans are so blessed to have Cooter's Place.  This hobby wouldn't be where it is if Ben and Alma didn't love the fans like they do.  And it's not just Ben and Alma.  The Cooter's team, lead by the incomparable Michael Smith, work so hard to keep Cooter's Place at the forefront of the Dukes of Hazzard world.  This newest Dukes Greenlight diecast was a collaboration with many people involved including Ben, Alma, Michael, and so many more.  The love everyone put into this piece really shows and we get to reap the rewards as Dukes fans.  This is a very special little truck. 

I'm so happy to see a Greenlight Hazzardous Collection diecast that has different, not generic, packaging.  And this packaging is beautiful.  The diamond plate design with a nice patina is the background and Cooter's Logo is front and center.  Behind the truck is the Hazzard County Garage logo that's seen on the truck.  The truck is labeled as the 1969 Chevy Tow Truck.  Michael and the design team did an incredible job on the front. 

The back of the package is just as nice.  It features a classic picture of Ol' Crazy Cooter reaching out to the Hazzard Net on his trusty CB.  Any y'all Dukes got your ears on? Come Back!  The stylized, black and white photo looks great on the back of the card.  The Cooter's logo is perfectly placed on the top left.  Greenlight's info looks good above Cooter.  

They chose the best picture for this design.  You just know Cooter is outside his garage and saw Boss Hogg and Rosco trying to swindle the unsuspecting citizens of Hazzard out of their hard earned cash.  He's filling the Dukes in on what he saw and is discussing his role in Luke's plan to set everything right.  We know the Dukes, with the help of Cooter, will foil Boss's latest scheme.  

Below Mr. Davenport is Greenlight's legal information.  The website is featured, but this release isn't on their site.  It's an exclusive that can only be found on the Cooter's Place website and at the three Cooter's locations.  

Let's take a look at this beauty.  And it is a beauty.  Michael and the crew nailed it.  This is the version of Cooter's rig that we've always wanted.  

Throughout the series, there were several different versions of the red, white, and blue wrecker.  The red push bar was chosen to adorn the front of this truck and it looks great. 

The boom looks perfect on the rear of the rig.  

This is just one great looking truck.  

The Hazzard County Garage, Cooter Davenport Prop. logo is perfect.  But what else would we expect from Cooter's Place?

There's a tiny SU 0265 license plate on the boom.  It's super small but looks great.  

The bottom of the truck has 1969 Chevrolet C30 Tow Truck on it and each truck is numbered.  This particular truck in #3634.

Just like other Greenlight Dukes diecasts, there's a Greenie chase version.  I'll let you in on a little secret. I got to give my input on the Greenie!  Michael asked me what combination the Greenie should be.  My opinion was to go with the classic green wheels and chassis.  And that's what was chosen.  The other options were just green wheels, or a green cab.  I thought the green cab against the red boom would look Christmasy, and only green wheels and no chassis wouldn't be enough green.  I'm honored by opinion was used and I'm so happy I got to be a small part of this production.  Without question, this is my favorite Green Machine in all of Greenlight's lineup.  

I just don't think an all green cab would have looked right.  This is definitely the right look for the Greenie.  

The green chassis just makes the truck look more special.  It's a special edition, no question.  Thank you so much Ben, Alma, and Michael for including me in this amazing diecast. 

Someone else who loves this release as much as me is Ol' Crazy Cooter himself.  He had to take some pictures with the new Tow Truck.  

He can't decide if he likes the front or the back of the package more.

This is the best 1/64 Cooter's Tow Truck, but isn't the first.  Let's take a look at Cooter's entire fleet.  He needs everyone of them to keep the General Lee on the road.  

Ertl was the first to bring us Dukes diecasts in the golden era of the Dukes.  They created a new mold for the General Lee and Boss's Caddy, but the other cars in the line were repurposed older molds.  The Cooter's truck is the most generic in the line.  It's a standard brown pickup with a even more generic Cooter's Garage sticker on it.  There are two different versions of this truck.  This standard bed, and a step side bed version.  I couldn't find the other version in my collection.  I know it's around here somewhere.  

We'll look at the other Cooter's trucks in chronological order.  In the silver era, we got the magical Racing Champions 1/144 line.  You know how much love I have for this line.  The tow truck in the line was, until today, the best representation of Cooter's trusty steed.  I sure do love these tiny cars.  

Somewhere along the way, Cooter's Place released a custom Matchbox tow truck.  It's similar to the 97¢ Hotwheels and Matchbox cars at Walmart.  It was a limited edition that came in a cardboard box.  It's a great release, it just doesn't have the level of detail as most Dukes diecasts these days.  It's basically the Ertl version we never got in the golden era.  I still love it.  

Johnny Lightning took a few cracks at Cooter's wrecker during their famed Dukes line.  Series 5 came out in 2008 and included this 1965 Chevy Tow Truck.  This brown version isn't as recognizable as the red, white, and blue one, but is a good replica.  

Series 7 also came out in 2008.  The final series in the line included a pickup from Cooter's fleet that was seen in several early episodes.  It's fun, but still not as good as the new GL.  

The 1/144 and the Cooter's exclusive Matchbox match the design, but there is definitely a new king in town when it comes to 1/64 Cooter's Tow Truck.  

The vehicles of 1/64 Hazzard County will be much safer now that Cooter's fleet has a new lead dog.  

The Hazzard County Garage logo looks best on the blue door of the new tow truck. 

The Johnny Lightning Series 3 General Lees is the best 1/64 representation of our favorite flying orange clunker car.  It's the king of all Dukes 1/64 diecasts.  The king has a new jack.  Sitting beside the General Lee on top of all Dukes diecasts is the brand new Cooter's Place Exclusive Greenlight Cooter's Tow Truck.

I had to use a little camera trickery, (a piece of folded duct tape) but I got the Gen'ral up on the boom.  I've been waiting a long time to take this picture.  Cooter's will have the Duke boys up and running in no time!

This new tow truck is so special.  It's so great the Greenlight and Cooter's came together to make this for us.  The 1/64 scale has so many great Dukes vehicles in it.  What's your favorite diecast line?  1/64 or 1/18?  If only we were getting a 1/18 Cooter's Tow Truck!  We are!

Breaking news!  It was announced today, on Cooter's pages and on my twitter (I love when I get to make announcements!) that Cooter's has finalized a deal with Greenlight to produce the sought after Cooter's Tow Truck in 1/18 scale.  The truck will be highly detailed on par with the 1/18 Dixie Jeep and the 1/18 Rosco Patrol Car.  Some production details are still being ironed out, but Michael is hard at work making this new release awesome.  I'm honored to say I get to give some input on this one too.  It's going to be great.  There will be two versions of the 1/18.  There will be a standard Greenlight Hazzardous Collection version that will come in a box similar to the Jeep and patrol cars, and there will be a Cooter's Place exclusive that will have packaging similar to the 1/64.  We are working on the possibility of adding some exclusive features and Easter eggs to the Cooter's Place version.  Stay Tuned for more details as they become available.  This is so much fun! Crazy Cooter, over and out!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

New Dukes Stuff - Feb. 18, 2021 - Jessica Simpson Vinyl Records, Underoos, WB Premiere Invitations, Foreign DVDs & Video Games and More

More new Dukes additions to the collection.  This blog has mostly modern age stuff with a few golden era items thrown in.  Follow me!

I love foreign variations.  Here are three different versions of the Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home game for the PC.  You can read all about this game in a post I did about the Dukes video games. 

First is a kind of boring PC CD-Rom clamshell case.  This seems to be a greatest hits type of package.  It says "Ubisoft Exclusive" on top.  

The game was originally released in the US in 1999.  The PC version came out in 2000.  This version came out a year later in 2001.  It hails from the United Kingdom and has three languages on the box.  There is a British flag with the description in English, an Italian flag with the description in Italian, and a flag from the Netherlands with the description in Dutch.  The Dukes are loved worldwide. 

The disk is pink as opposed to the American version that has a grey disk. 

Next up is another British version of the PC game.  I noticed neither of these have the "Racing For Home" subtitle under the Dukes logo.  This is a large box similar to the US version.  

This version of the game has even more languages on the back.  Underneath the English description there is German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish!  The back has more images than the above version and the US version.  I'm guessing this was the first release in Europe and came out before the one above.  

The descriptions are the same on the back of the two versions.

The box is pretty big and empty.  Inside is a standard size cd case with the two game discs.  

The third version of the game comes from Israel! The whole world loves the Dukes.  This one is sealed.  It doesn't have the "Racing For Home" subtitle under the Dukes logo, but it does say "The Race Home" in Hebrew on the bottom.  

Google Translate helped me here.  The Race Home is very similar to Racing For Home.  Racing For Home sure seemed like a silly subtitle.  The sequels "Daisy Dukes It Out" and "Return of the General Lee" were much better. 

This version of the game was released by BUG Multisystem LTD.  Google tells me they are a software and hardware distributor based in Israel.  They license everything from games to computers to drones cell phones.  I'm glad they included the Dukes to their multitude of products.  

The back of the game has the same imagery as the UK version. 

The box is slightly larger than the UK version.  We can add Hebrew to the expanding list of languages that this "Climb behind the wheel of the General Lee..." description comes in.  I've mentioned often how I love foreign Dukes items and finding this in Hebrew is incredible!  

Next up, we are back stateside with a Warner Bros add-on pack of the DVD Game Scene It?  This add-on was released in 2005 and features the General Lee front and center (slightly off center) on the front of the box.  Other shows featured on the cover of this game include The West Wing, one of my mom's favorites, Wonder Woman, Dallas, Friends, one of my sister's favorites, and she actually attended a taping on the WB backlot, and the O.C. which was a great show.  

The General Lee is mid jump on the cover.  There are two different versions of this add-on pack and the other one features the Dukes panel in the "curl" of the film reel and is only partially visible.  I'll probably end up getting that version too, but wanted to start out with this one.  President Bartlet approves.  

The O.C. was really huge at the time.  The logo is included on the back as well and the example questions include one from Friends and one from the O.C. Other logos include Gilligan's Island, Night Court, One Tree Hill, and ER.  One Tree Hill, of course, features our very own Jeffrey McClelland as an extra and ER is my sister's all time favorite show.  I bet we would do really well playing this game.  I went with a sealed version, though, and have no intention of opening it up.  We have the original Scene It? game and I remember the first time I played it I got a video puzzle and an image of Daisy Dukes was revealed.  I was a fan of the game from that moment on.  Obscure additions to the collection like this are always fun. 

Similar to the visors in my last post, I think someone found a bunch of these golden era patches recently because they've been on ebay a lot.  Another set popped up right after I bought mine, so the seller seems to have several.  There are two "I love Bo" patches, one "I love Luke" and a General Lee in front of the Hazzard Sheriff badge, which is an odd choice for a design.  They appear to be unused.  I dig them. 

Here's a trio of Dukes of Hazzard postcards.

First up is super unique.  This is an image of Boss Hogg from the famed Black Gold Festival in Hazard, KY.  

Hazard, KY took a liking to the Dukes right away, and for good reason.  The town of Hazard took symbolic ownership of Hazzard County and the Dukes shared the love.  There is fun video online of several cast members attending the Black Gold festival over the years in Hazard and this image of Boss Hogg as the grand marshal of the Black Gold Parade was so popular that the town put it on a postcard.  I got this perfect example of the Hazard (it's tough to spell it that way, I keep wanting to add and other Z) postcard from a friend and I am super excited about it.  

The second post card features an early photo of Luke, Daisy, and Bo with their pre-pilot cowboy hats on.  I'm really glad they ditched the hats before the cameras rolled.  I bet this General Lee didn't have the 01s on it yet.  

It seems this postcard was manufactured in the UK.  I just stumbled across this card within my collection when I was looking through a magazine.  I have no idea when I bought it or where I got it from.  Since I had a couple of other postcards ready for this blog post, I included this one.  So it's the one "not new" Dukes item in this bunch. 

The third postcard comes all the way from Argentina.  This postcard advertises that Dukes being shown on the television network Uniseries Retro TV.  It was produced in 2005.  It was definitely produced "in-house" as it doesn't follow any particular themes that we are used to.  It features the General Lee on the front along with our cousins on top.  Eagle-eye fans will notice this is actually the movie logo because of the underline Z below the logo.  

The back is all kind of crazy.  It seems like someone pulled some images from the internet and applied all sorts of photoshop techniques.  There is a barely visible image of Luke and Daisy jumping in the Gen'ral along with Boss Hogg in front.  Slightly more visible is a connect-the-dots image of Bo, Luke and Daisy.  These graphics are taken directly from one of the golden era coloring books.  Below that is an 01 that doens't fit anywhere along with another movie logo. 

Below all that it gets really interesting.  The General Lee in front appears to be a 1/25 diecast that has mostly been "cartoonized" meaning the edges were softened and the colors were blurred together.  Behind that is the CustomShop American Muscle 1/25 diecast kit where it has a big grey circle that says "diecast" a yellow "retro" circle was added.  There's also a line from the theme song, a long ye-haw, and "YES!" for some reason.  The bottom says something similar to "the only place for retro classics."  It seems you can also cut out the lower portion of the card.  There is a lot going on on the card.  

Looks like the postcard was made by Via Postal.  Sadly their website is no long active.  

Moving along we have some Underoos from the golden era.  Underoos are always tough to find.  This is the Thermal Underwear Dukes of Hazzard set for boys and the girls yellow Bo and Luke Duke Underwear set.  It's interesting how different the box designs are.  The purple girls package has "from the Dukes of Hazzard" on it so small I barely saw it.  The image on the girls set is very artistic and appears to be unique to this set.  

The thermal set is opened but complete.  The girls set is sealed.  The tag line "underwear that's fun to wear" was adjusted for the thermal set with "thermal underwear that's warm to wear.  I think I have five different sets of Underoos now.  

Seems like the girls set came from the Pacific northwest because it was originally sold at Bi-Mart which is only in that area.  This particular set was marked down a few times from $4.87 down to 89¢.  Let's just say I paid a tad bit more.  

I also picked up a couple British DVDs.  This is a two volume set similar to a VHS box set I bought in 2012.  I thought it was just the DVD version of that set, but it has the same design theme but different images and episodes.  The VHS has three tapes each with three episodes and a theme.  There's the General Lee collection, the Rosco P. Coltrane collection, and the Daisy Duke collection.  These DVDs also have three episodes each, but no theme.  The VHS tapes came with a box to put the three DVD cases in it.  The DVDs don't have a box like that. 

Two of the nine episodes from the VHS set are included within the six episodes on these DVDs.  It's sort of a best of set of sorts.  Pretty interesting set.  I wonder what the "Moonshine Merchandise" special feature is along with the General Lee: Slot Car is all about.  These are region two, which means I can't easily watch them.  

The set was released in 2003.

Most American videos say for either rental or resale.  This British one says for rental or resale.  Interesting.  

The last items in this post all center around the 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie.  If this is your time here on DukesCollector, you might be conflicted about the movie and wonder what my take is.  I love the movie.  I was in the movie.  And I was a guest at the premiere of the movie.  I still get excited when I'm channel surfing and find it on TV, these days IFC plays it pretty often.  If you'd like to read all about my exploits leading up to the movie, on set, and at the premiere, I wrote one of my favorite blog posts a few years ago.  Check it out here.  These first movie-centric items are incredibly rare and I'm very excited to add them to the collection.  These are invitations to media pre-screenings.  These we given to reviewers as the movie was shown before it opened.  I search for these sort of items all the time and this is the first time I've seen anything like this in over fifteen years since the movie came out.  The really odd part is these two separate invitations were posted for sale within days of each other from sellers in opposite parts of the country.  I'm so glad I got them both.  Let's take a better look at each.  

The first ticket is for a screening that took place on Wednesday August 3.  That's only two days before the movie was released across the country and six days after I saw it at the Hollywood premiere.  This screening took place at the Mann Bruin Theater which is now called the Regency Village Theater near the campus of UCLA.  It's a historic theater that hosts many Hollywood premieres.   The theater was featured in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.  The front features the movie poster as well as the WB logo repeated on the lower half.

The back of the invitation features the underline Z logo along with all the legal statements about not using recording devices and no admittance after the movie begins.  I would imagine these were collected from the attendees and most likely destroyed.  

The second ticket has the poster image in black and white on the front.  It's from a media screening in Miami.  It took place Tuesday, August 2.  It was provided by radio stations and newspapers in the area.  These types of screenings are also sometimes used for winners of contests or simply given away.  In my area, I've attended several media and early screenings of movies.  There are usually a few seats reserved for journalists and the rest of the theater is filled so the reviewers can also gauge the reaction of the crowd.  Usually the tickets are given out to movie goers that sign up for these types of screenings in advance.  Everything is through email these days so these types of awesome tickets probably aren't used anymore.  I'm just a random movie goer, so maybe the media still get these fancy tickets.   

The back of this ticket is full color and has the beautiful Warner Bros. Pictures logo on it floating in the clouds.  I am so excited about these two tickets.  They are super unique and I can't imagine there are too many out there.  What are the chances they both showed up on ebay the same week?  I love these tickets.  

Somehow I missed the fact that Jessica Simpson's song from the Dukes of Hazzard movie, "These Boots Are Made For Walkin," was released on vinyl when the soundtrack was released.  The entire soundtrack album was only released on CD but the single got a full size record album.  

Along with the regular version of the song, the record includes remixes.  Side A includes Gomi & Escape's Club Mix and Gomi & Escape's Dub Mix.  

Side B includes the Scott Storch Remix, E-Smoove Vocal Mix, and the Bimbo Jones Remix Vocal.  The album isn't very Dukes forward and only has a small reference to the Dukes and the old website.  The record was released by Sony BMG Music Entertainment in 2005.  The standard release comes in a very plain sleeve.  It's pretty boring.

Luckily, there's a special edition that has a much less boring sleeve.   This full size record has an image of Jessica as Daisy in the outfit she wore in the Boots music video that featured the General Lee.  The single CD featured this same image of Jessica with the Gen'ral in the background (and Jessica's head,) For this album, they removed the General and the upper third of Jessica for some reason.  I guess they are highlighting the boots and Daisy Dukes.  

This album design doesn't have much Dukes to it.  The back is bunch of stars.  

This version only has the Bimbo Jones and Scott Storch remixes.  This one does not mention Dukes of Hazzard at all.

The sticker on the front mentions who remixes the song and labels this as a limited red vinyl.  I take issue with this.  

It's almost red, but c'mon, that's orange.  Just like Cooter said in "Happy Birthday General Lee" it's a nice reddish orange!  The intention here was clearly to release an album that was General Lee colored, but someone at the studio printed the wrong word on the little sticker.  This is a limited edition orange vinyl and you will never change my mind on that.  

The copy I bought was not sealed and I'm kind of glad it wasn't.  The actual artwork on the record has the image of Jessica complete with her head.  I'm not sure how I missed these records over the last sixteen years.  While writing this I searched ebay again and found a standard radio promotional "not for sale" record single of the song as well.  It actually mentions the Dukes more that either of these versions.  It will be here pretty soon, but will come in a generic sleeve and just has text on the label.  I'll include it in a future post.  Of course writing about these records makes me want get back to the plan of writing a whole post about Dukes of Hazzard music releases.  I sure got a lot!  I'll have to get that put together soon.