Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard Slot Car Tracks and Cars

The Eletric Slot Racing Set had to be a no brainer when they were deciding which Dukes toys to produce.  The General Lee was always being chased by the police.  Perfect ingredients for a slot car set.  No wonder there have been three produced to date.

The original was first released in 1981.  I got mine a few years ago at the Steel City Con.  I have never put any of them together.  It featured a jump in the middle of the figure-eight track.  I bet that thing never landed right. 

The artwork on the box isn't used on that many products.  It is very well done in my opinion.  It should have been used more.  They never seemed to get Bo and Luke's shirts right on these kinds of things.

Ideal Toy Corporation out of Newark, NJ made this set.  I doubt the warranty is still good.  I should call the 800 number just for the heck of it.

The back of the box shows how to set up the track.

Auto World released a new 24 feet Electric Slot Car Race Track in 2006.  Yes, the same Auto World where our friend Gregg works, and who recently released the new 1/18 General Lee.  It has a longer track and more detailed cars.  These cars are Auto World's X-Traction Ultra-G Slot Cars.  I don't know what that means.  The box art design is similar to the 1/18s and 1/25s that Ertl and Johnny Lightning were releasing at the time, as well as the aformentioned Auto World 1/18.

The General Lee and Rosco's Patrol Car are included.  

The back of the box has the same design and logo as the front and shows which pieces are inside. 

Couldn't they have spelled it "Hazzard" just this once?

In 2008, AW released an even bigger set.  This time it was 38 feet of track. 

The General and Rosco's car are pointed in the oppisite direction in this one.  Rosco also has the correct duel colored light bar. 

The box art used a different design this time. It has the same logo but with new artwork of the General Lee and Rosco in action.  They did a great job with this art. 

The back of the box shows several different ways the track can be set up.  Both of these newer tracks can still be found at some hobby stores.  But they aren't cheap.  I paid around $65 for the smaller one in 2006 and around $100 for the big one.  Now they retail for around $120 each.  I haven't opened either of them.  Has anyone else ever opened and set these up?  How do they run?  Want to invite me over to play with them?

Around the same time, Auto World also released these slot cars.  They are the same X-Traction Ultra-G Slot Cars that came with the tracks, but in a variety of Duke cars.  Each one came standard and dirty.  I really like the dirty versions because you rarely saw clean cars in Hazzard County except Daisy's cars, and she always kept hers clean.  Here are the clean and dirty General Lee and Cooter's Camaro.

Daisy got twice the love in this series.  She deserves it.  Here are her Road Runner and Jeep. 

And rounding out the series is Rosco's Patrol Car and a State Police Car.  I'll have to be on the look out to see if this  State Police car ever actually appeared in the series.  AW also released varaint chase cars that were chrome like.  The General was a shiney orange, Rosco's car was silve,r etc.  I only have the General so far because they can get kind of pricey.

The back of the packages list the six cars available. 

Each one also came with these strange cardboard slips that can be folded so the packages stand taller in them.  I don't really get it.  I never folded any of mine. 

Seriously, anyone want to invite me over to play with their Dukes toys?   I'll travel.  It will be fun. 



  1. I have the newer $130 set from Hobby Lobby and I opened it! It's a little cheap (the controllers are very cheap) but I set it up and it's huge! I don't have any regrets opening it!

  2. They're really impressive sets! A couple of years ago, Scalextric made a 1:32 General Lee which inspired me to make a scratchbuilt '77 Monaco. As you say, the General Lee was always being chased so it's a great idea for slot cars

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  4. I had the original figure 8 track in 1981-2 When I was 7yo. The cars did land correctly.. I miss that thing. Enjoyed looking at your collection.

  5. I got the original 1981 set for Christmas that year when I was 7. Played with it for easily 5yrs and have to say those cars landed right better than 90% of the time. Funnest track set I ever had!