Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Dukes things 6/19/2012 - Store Ads,Cake Tops and Bo's Shirt

This week's batch of new goodies include a couple of rare items. 

I would like to have all of the movie related items out there.  I consider the movie items as one of the sub-collections inside my entire collection.  I have just about all of the commercial released items, expect for that darn Shiny Chrome 1/18 General Lee, and have quite a few display and promotional items.  Here are a few more.  These were released to movie stores to promote the DVD release.  The circle thing has adhesive on the top of the tab.  It would hang from a shelf.  The other is printed on both sides.  Maybe to hang from the ceiling or put on a glass door.  They are both unused.

This window cling it pretty big.  About a foot in diameter.  Larger than I expected.  It is unused as well.  I also have a poster for the DVD release.  I got it form a friend who's family business rents movies, and sells and fixes computers, and sells guns, and had a bar and pizza place in the basement, all of a former Synagogue. 

Soon I'll do a post dedicated to all the different versions of the movie I have on different formats.  I have a bunch, but surprisingly, no Blu-ray.

This View-Master reel is number 1 in a series of 2.  The package designer sure thought Bo and Daisy were attractive people, but didn't give Luke as much love.  The boy on the package looks like he is wearing the shirt at the bottom of this post.  Weird. 

This piece is super rare.  It is candy cake decorations.  The only other edible Dukes of Hazzard items I can think of are the Boss Hogg Bubble Gum Cigars and the Dukes of Hazzard Choco-covered Dipsticks.  I have one Bubble Gum Cigar package that is un-opened and one empty box.  I have never seen the Dipsticks.  These cake toppers are nearly perfect.  There seems to be candy under the General Lee cardboard piece as well.  It follows the same theme as the rest of the party supplies, like the hats, plates, and table cloths. 

The directions seems rather complicated to get the candy off of the paper and on to the cake.  You have to wet the paper and wait for them to separate and they mention doilies and moistness and dimensional looks.  I really didn't think it would be that involved.  I think I'll keep mine sealed.  

And finally we have this Hazzard County shirt.  It is not licensed, pretty old, and seems quite homemade.  But the reason I bought it is because is supposedly belonged to none other than John Schneider.  I don't have a certificate of authenticity or anything, and don't really care.  I do know that John had an estate auction not long ago.  And the seller on eBay had quite a few of his items and was from the Aurora Hills area.  He had some shirts with John's name embroidered on them and a few that are recognizable crew shirts.  Some went for big money.  I like the design of this one and it didn't skyrocket so I picked it up.  I believe it once belong to Bo, but it won't keep me up at night that I can't prove it.  Maybe one day I'll ask John if he remembers it.  It's a fun shirt. 


  1. You got a whole heck of a lot of good stuff in this batch. The display items are really cool, but the cake decorations really blew me away. I can't imagine how they stayed so nice after all these years.

    1. Seriously. Must be people like Jeremy at Pop Culture who decide to keep this stuff in this condition on day one. Its just that foresight that blows my mind. But I'm happy there's people like that out there.