Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hazzard Homecoming 2012 Part 2

When I say that this was the best Dukes event I have ever attended, I mean it.  I keep using the same word, smooth.  Everything went so smooth.  And I personally had the time of my life.

This banner greeted fans as they arrived.  The images of Uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg came from the card game released by the makers of UNO in 1981.  As a matter of fact, I scanned and emailed my own cards for Miss Alma to have this banner printed.  Just doing my part for the Hazzard community.

For many fans, Saturday was all about autographs.  That also meant Saturday was all about lines.  I walked around the lines a lot to get a feel for the atmosphere of the fans.  They all seemed generally upbeat and excited and didn't seem to mind the lines.

A lot of the fans in line had great collectibles to be signed.  Here is a great homemade General Lee go-cart and a cool classically inspired custom pedal car.  

I wonder if this young fella knows how rare his "shiny" chrome 1/25 scale diecast General Lee is.  Or cares.

The cast weren't the only stars of Hazzard Homecoming.  The General Lees were out in full force.  They were some great ones.

Obviously, many General Lee owners are DukesCollectors as well.  Love when they show it off.

Of course, the General wasn't the only Dukes vehicle there.  I was surprised not to see any replicas of Boss Hogg's Caddy though.

I really want this Dukes video game promo display.  Bill and Adriane Shaffer, think of me if you ever want to sell.

Some of the Hazzard car owners got creative with their displays.

I think this was my favorite.

Hey, I had cornhole set similar to this.  Got it from our buddy Sam McC.  This one had embroidered bags.  Very nice.  I asked the owners if they will ever play it again now that it is signed by Bo.  They weren't sure.  I told them they just have to be sure not to hit that area with a bean bag while playing.

One of my responsibilities at HH was informing people that Ben Jones' line was either non-existent of cut off.  I unfortunately had to turn a lot of people away.  I hope no one hated me for it.  I also hope most of those people were able to get Ben's autograph later on in the weekend.  I gave many people DukesCollector cards    after I turned them away.  I hope they are reading this and if you are, please let me know if you got your signatures.  

Another job I had was had out free ice cream to people.  To ends of the spectrum there.

There were wrestling matches all weekend and the headliner was none other than Jerry "The King" Lawler.  He was very nice to everyone backstage.  Jeff and I enjoyed talking to him about his performances with Andy Kaufman.

For a General Lee to stand out at an event like this, it has to be quite different.  The one pictured above sure is, though not for happy reasons.  This General belongs to Gary Schneider.  He is a well know Dukes of Hazzard fan who has been very active in the Dukes community for nearly 15 years.  His home suffered a fire last fall.  Luckily no one was home at the time and there were no injuries.  His General took considerable damage.  Everyone at the event had to come take a look.  Many people thought the car was used on the show or jumped or something; rumors were flying all around the car.  Gary had a nice poster printed up explaining the current condition, but a lot of people didn't read it.  You have to feel bad for Gary, but he was in such great spirits at Homecoming that feeling bad wasn't an option.  Gary will have a great General Lee again soon, that's for sure.

Before I wrap this Part 2 of the Homecoming post up, I want to share the stunt show.  It was toward the end  of the day on Saturday.  By this time I started to see that this show was coming together so nicely; nothing  out of the ordinary and no one was unhappy.  The perfectly planned and executed General Lee jump really epitomized how smooth Hazzard Homecoming was as a whole.

I stood on Gary's trailer to watch the show on Saturday.  I think I had a great view.  It was nothing compared to where I watched Sunday's stunt show.  More on that soon...

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  1. Love the go-cart body! That Hazzard County banner would make a great wall hanger. The General Lee with the Dukes trio in the window is an awesome and funny idea. I really enjoy the pictures Larry!