Monday, August 13, 2012

Greatest Photobomb of all time? Hazzard Homecoming 2012

While I prepare Part 2 of my Hazzard Homecoming 2012 post, I wanted to share with the world what could be the greatest Photobomb of all time.  The seal was pretty good, and Willie Nelson had some time at the top, but I think this one takes the cake.  I little history first:  John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach were backstage at Hazzard Homecoming while Ben Jones, James Best, Rick Hurst, Sonny Shroyer, and Mayberry Deputy David Browning were performing on stage.  Cathy pulled out her phone and started snapping some pics.  She put the camera out in front of her and told John and Tom to squeeze in.  I happened to be standing right behind them.  I couldn't pass up the chance.  I give you the greatest Photobomb of all time:

Cathy then sent it to John.  He was enjoying it on his phone when he noticed me in the background.  Everyone had a good laugh about it.  I think this could be my favorite picture ever.  John called me Photobomb the rest of the weekend.

I will post Part 2 of the pics very soon.

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