Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dave and Melissia DeWitt's awesome mobile Dukes museum - Hazzard Homecoming 2012

If I had a time machine, I would go back to 1981.  I would go to Toy City in Roscoe, PA and buy everything Dukes I could find.  What does that say about me?  I would probably go check out a dinosaur or chat up President Lincoln eventually, but the first thing I would do is buy every last Dukes piece of candy, underoo, and big wheel in town.  I have really thought about this--- it's who I am.  And I am convinced Dave DeWitt and his wife Melissia own a time machine.

At Hazzard Homecoming, Dave and Melissia had their mobile museum set up for all to see.  Within the General Lee inspired trailer was a collection of Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia that overwhelmed even me.  I am sure glad collecting Dukes is not a competition, because Dave would beat me hands down.

Let's take a look at some of the impressive items inside this rolling orange wonderland.

Each one of the pieces goes for a good bit on eBay.  To see them all together like this was awesome.

Did you know there was a Dukes harmonica?  I didn't.

Look how many different '81 1/64 four packs there were.  That blew my mind.

This one had a blue van in it.  Dave thought it might have been episode specific, but I think it was a filler like the white corvette.  I believe they just needed a car to throw in.  But I could be wrong.

All the fuss I made about my Dukes of Hazzard swimming trunks, and Dave has a Coy and Vance version.  My jaw dropped.  Sorry Rush, we got trumped.  He also had the Bo and Luke version on display.

One thing you notice about Dave's collection is that not only does he have super rare items, but he has them in nearly perfect condition.  Most items are in a mint box.  He is a collector that really cares about his items, and that is easy to see.

I don't think I knew there was a Daisy's jeep yo-yo either.  The "Action Sets" displayed are the standard American version and the French Canadian version.

The 1/18s look great all together.  He didn't have any movie items displayed, but he told me he has them.  I wonder if he has a "shiny" 1/18 chrome General Lee.  Probably.

I gotta get my hands on a Gumball Bank.

Here are the Bo and the Coy versions of the Mego Bo Duke figure.

There are two different sizes of the Flash plush.  Dukes trivia:  Do you know why Dave has Bugs Bunny in there?

These might be the only party supplies I don't have.  Dukes of Hazzard blowouts.

These two wind up watches are incredibly rare.

But then you see items that are so rare, you've never seen them before---like these Dukes flip flops. And they look mint.  Great job Dave.

Dave has all the "big boys" covered like the Power Cycles.  The Daisy version might be the number one thing on my wish list.  

This Rough Riders General Lee is super rare.  To my knowledge, it is the only item that was produced in conjunction with the cartoon "The Dukes" as opposed to being released for the show.

Dave and Melissia's collection is truly special.  Its presence at Homecoming made the show that much better.  Fortunately, Dave lives less than a hour drive from me, so our paths will cross again, soon.  The thing I love most about having this website is meeting others who share my love for the Dukes and my love for little orange cars.  I am very glad that this site has led me to meet Dave DeWitt. 


  1. amazing collection! where did Dave's collection originate? did he buy most of that on ebay over the years or were those original purchases from the 80s? I ask because the condition of most items are incredible.

    and the Bugs Bunny is from the episode "Diamonds in th Rough" where hijacked diamonds are stuffed inside a Bugs Bunny doll and dropped via parachute from an airplane (just watched that one last week!)

  2. wow, Dave and Melissia's collection is unbelievable! Bet ya wanted to hijack that trailer, huh Larry? lol.

    my question to them is where did they obtain the majority of items? ebay or original purchases in the 80s? I ask because the condition of the items are so perfect.

    and the Bugs Bunny reference is from the Dukes episode "Diamonds in the Rough" where a Bugs Bunny doll is stuffed with hijacked diamonds and parachuted down from a plane where Bo and Luke (of course) find them. I just watched this episode last week!

  3. For some reason blogger isn't letting Rush Pedder comment on here. So here is comment to this post:

    "wow, Dave and Melissia's collection is pretty amazing - did you try and hijack the trailer Larry? my question to them is how did they obtain the items? were they bought on ebay over the years or purchased originally in the 80's? reason I ask is because the condition of most of the items is perfect. and the Bugs Bunny doll is in reference to its appearance in the episode "Diamonds in the Rough" where hijacked diamonds are placed inside Bugs and dropped via parachute from an airplane -of course the Dukes find it! I just watched this episode 2 weeks ago."

    1. And my reply to Rush: I certainly considered hooking the trailer to the civic, but I knew I wouldn't get very far. Dave says he has been seriously collecting for around 10 years and most things came from Ebay. And you are correct about the Bugs Bunny. You win a prize. And your prize is the inability to post comments on my blog. I'm trying to fix that.

  4. nice collection.on the flash stuffed animals.there are 2 of each version.1 standing large/1 standing small and 1 sitting large/1 sitting small.i have all 4.their are 2 versions of the boss bop bag.the difference is the size.there are also 14 versions of the 4 car sets or at least that's how many I have in my wife has a large daisy duke collection with her screen worn boots and a procision remote control jeep in box.very cool trailer museum and awesome blog here. bill

  5. Are you selling the big whell