Monday, July 9, 2012

New Dukes Stuff 7/9/2012 - Dukes swimming trunks!!

It sure is crazy around here getting ready to head west for SDCC.  But I still managed to nab some great new Dukes things. 

I finally convinced our pal Rush Pedder to part with his prized possession.  Now it is a centerpiece of my collection.  For the world's viewing pleasure, I present Dukes of Hazzard swimming trunks:

These bad boys are a thing of beauty.  I never knew they existed until a few months ago when I first met Rush to pick up the drawing pad and other items I bought from him.  He showed them to me that day but said he couldn't sell them as they were from his childhood.  But persistence paid off, and I was able to separate Rush from his trunks.  Wait, that didn't sound right.  Anyway.  They are in great condition.  If Rush didn't tell me he used to wear these in the pool as a kid, I would swear they were unused.  The photo of Bo and Luke looks so crisp and clear.  The colors are very bright.  These are such a great addition to the collection.  Can you tell I'm excited about them? 

Also from Rush comes this bundle of binders that holds a plethora of knowledge about our favorite TV show. 

The first binder is filled with photocopies of every mention of the Dukes from TVGuide from '79 to '85.  Every ad, article, and cover is in here. 

The other four binders are filled with so much information about each episode, it fills four binders.  There is a two page synopsis for every show.  Guest stars, credits, blurbs... it's all in there.  I haven't had too much time to really dive in to these things, so I don't know everything about them yet.  I believe they came from early Dukes fan club members, back in the pre-internet days.  Remember those?  Once I sit down and really take all this info in, I'm sure I'll have some more to post about.  Thanks again Rush!

I also picked up this nice little girl's shirt with Daisy on it.  It is in very nice condition.  It has 1981 WB marked on it. 

And finally I got this small postcard sized picture.  It has reproductions of the cast's signatures on the back.  I believe these were given out to fans during the original show run.  This picture taken in front of the tree is my favorite cast picture. 

San Diego here I come!  I might also make a very Dukes related stop before I come back home.  I don't want to let the secret out yet.  But it should be a blast.  I'm gone.

Wait! One more thing.  If you find yourself in Bethany Beach, DE and need to get your Dukes fix, head over to Rhode's 5 and 10 on Garfield Parkway.

Right in between the school buses and Bounty paper towels are some good ol' Ertl General Lees and patrol cars.  Nothing like stumbling across Dukes at the beach. 


  1. Those swimming trunks are an insane find. I have never seen those either. The notebooks full of info are even more interesting. That stuff is hard enough to buy separate and finding it already combined is great. The Daisy shirt is cool because it is the same one she is wearing in the trading card photos (the blue trimmed versions at least). Killer finds as usual Larry!

  2. you can find those GL and sheriff cars at Tractor Supply stores, also.