Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New Dukes Stuff - 5/29/2019 - Bubble Gum Cigars, Cooter's Bobblehead and Ornament, Canadian 8-Track and Ertl and More

Got some fun new Dukes of Hazzard stuff to show off that includes some really cool items from Cooter's, some vintage additions, and a super rare display piece.  Let's dive in.

Cooter's Place has been getting into the collectible game and really making some cool things.  This is the second Cooter bobble head and the first in a new series of bobble heads they are releasing.  This is the Cooter Bobblehead (Series #1 W/Dog Hat).  Each new entry in the series will come with a different hat that Cooter wore throughout the show.  

It really does capture Ol' Crazy Cooter. He's greasy, has a wrench in his hand, and is giving the thumbs up.  Yup, that's Cooter!

The box has a very nice design.

This entry in the series is limited to 500 pieces and there are 20 special edition gold bobble heads randomly inserted in the mix.  I didn't get a gold one yet, but here's hoping!

One side of the box has an image of the General Lee, and when the entire series is released, the boxes can be combined to show the entire image.  This is going to be fun.

DukesCollector Cooter approves!  The bobblehead is available now at all three Cooter's locations and at

Another great collectible from Cooter's Place is the new General Lee Chirstmas Ornament W/Dixie Horn.

Cooter also approves of this bad boy.

The General Lee is hand painted and made of resin.  It has all the details of our favorite cars and even includes that wonderful horn.  This will look great on your tree in December!

The push bar is there and the CNH 320 plate.  The wheels are correct and the flag is there.  Cooter's got this one perfect.

The horn is a very nice rendition of Dixie.

The box has a really cool design and the ornament is from the Cooter's Hazzard County Christmas Collectibles.  I wonder what other goodies will be in that collection.

The final item in this post from Cooter's is something I couldn't pass up the last time I was there.  ( I guess I don't pass up much when I'm there.)  This is a shop rag with the General Lee on it.  How cool is that?  It has Cooter's Garage logo on it and the Gen'ral.  That's it.  It's simple but so cool.

It comes all folded up in this tiny bag.  I just love it.  Man, they keep coming up with cool items at Cooter's!

Here's a vintage item.  Cooter loves showing off vintage items.

This is a postcard given out by Warner Bros. when a fan wrote fan mail to the General Lee.  The story goes that the General Lee got more fan mail than any cast member.  They produced these postcards to keep up with the demand for responses.

The back of the card features a whole bunch of info about our favorite car.  It really is worth clicking on the picture and reading the whole thing.  I agree that "he" is still the most famous automobile in America!

WB produced another postcard with the cast on it.  It happens to have my favorite cast photo.  They also did one for the Coy and Vance Era.

The back of the cast card has pre-printed autographs on it.  Legend has it that many of these General Lee cards were driven over by the Gen'ral to give them his "autograph" but I've never come across any with tire marks.  These cards are on the rarer side, but it seems the cast card is more prevalent than the Gen'ral card.  I'm glad to have all three in the collection.

Here is a cool bilingual Ertl 1/64 General Lee and Boss Hogg Cadillac two-pack.  The standard edition is pretty rare, but this version has both English and French and was probably sold in Canada and has to be more rare.  I love these slightly different versions of Dukes items.

This was made by Ertl and distributed in Canada by Kidde Recreation Products.  Very cool that another company was involved.  I don't think the cars are different than the American counterparts at all.

Next up is a new unlicensed pair of socks that feature the General Lee with a few other famous cars like KITT and B.A.'s van from the A-Team.

These are made by a company called Cool Socks and they definitely live up to their name.  They are available online at a few retailers.  They shouldn't be hard to find.

There is no mention of Warner Bros. or Universal who owns Knight Rider and A-Team.

The General Lee is front and center on the socks, right where he should be.

Another Canadian variant that I added to the collection is this Dukes of Hazzard album on 8-Track from out friends to the north.  This version is totally different than the American version.

It comes in the original sleeve that is only a little beat up.  The sleeve seems to be generic as it doesn't mention the album at all.  It explains the methods to get the best results from your 8-track machine and is in both English and French.  It was produced by Columbia Records of Canada LTD.

The Cartouche De Ruban from Canadaa features the entire track listing.  There are four programs on the 8-track and I have to admit that I have no idea how an 8-track works.  Could you not rewind?  Did you have to listen to an entire "program" before you went back of forward?  How popular were they?  I have the Duke album on record, 8-track, cassette, and CD.  I have different versions of each, but I've never listened to it on this medium.  I think there is an old stereo with an 8-track player in our office somewhere.  I'll have to find it and throw this tape cartridge in.

The design is quite different than the American version.  The same album artwork is used, but the background is a different color and the American version doesn't include the track listings.  I love different versions like this.

The final entry in today's blog is a big deal.  There are only a few golden era edible items and given that they are nearly 40 years old, they are super scarce.  The Boss Hogg Bubble Gum Cigars, or C*igars, as shown, are the kind of items that are so rare, they barely ever pop up for sale, and when they do, the prices skyrocket.  I have been lucky to have a few samples in my collection for a while but I so excited to add this store display box compilation.

The box would sit near a grocery store register or on the candy aisle.  Oddly it doesn't mention the Dukes of Hazzard but has a great picture of Boss Hogg and unique font showing off his name.  Cigars has an asterisks instead of an "i" because we can't be selling tobacco products to kids. Uncle Jesse wouldn't like that at all, and neither would I.

Each side of the Box features Boss's pretty face.

The bubble gum was distributed by Donruss, the same company that released the bubble gum trading cards.  Were they a trading card company or a bubble gum company?  I guess both.

One side of the box has the Wanrer Bros. trademark information, but still no mention of Dukes.  These were released in 1981.

The lip of the box features the ingredients which includes BHI to "maintian freshness."

Whatever BHI is it kept my bubble gum c*gars at least fresh enough to maintain their shape.  I had to add my one complete package and my one empty pack to the display box.  These originally cost forty-nine cents, but are worth a heck of a lot more these days.

I've had these in the collection for a long time, but it seems I never blogged about them.  I think I got them from ebay, but I'm not entirely sure.  The pack I have that still includes the bubble gum is a little worn, and the center cigar has a chip missing, but this is definitely a center piece of my collection.  Forty year old bubble gum!!!! Come on!!!!

The front and back of the box feature the same image of Ol' J.D. and the back features a bar code.  The back also features the same WB trademark info and the 1981 date.  All the best stuff was made in 1981, myself included.

I also have an empty package that is in better condition.  The box is nearly mint.  I'm not sure if I got this one first, but that seems right. These two incredible Boss Hogg Bubble Gum C*gars packages now have a home in the Boss Hogg Bubble Gum C*gars Display Box.  I love it, I love it!