Thursday, February 27, 2014

Post Stunt Hazzard Cars On The Car Hauler

Well I guess the filming is complete.  A new friend of the blog, Mike R., sent some pictures he took on Interstate 112 heading west in Covington, LA.  I love the connection to the original filming location of Covington, GA.

In these shots we see the cars are in rougher shape than last time we saw them.  There is only two General Lees, and they are muddy.  Perhaps the other two jumped into that big parking lot in the sky.  The four Rosco Dodge Charger Police Cars are all banged up and really dirty.  I bet these cars had a lot of fun over the last few days.  I wonder what the ATV had to do with everything.  And where this truck is heading.  I'd love for it to drive to my driveway.  Thanks goes to Mike for sharing the pics.  I will post anything else I get right away.

EDIT: It was pointed out to me that I counted wrong. There is a third General above the cab of the truck. Whoops.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

John Schneider and Tom Wopat on set of the Mysterious Commercial

John Schneider posted this photo of him and Tom Wopat filming the commercial.  He also has a post up about how much he enjoys  It is all coming together one piece at a time.  This is going to be awesome.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Maybe A Little More About That New Commercial - General Lee Viper

The internet is a crazy thing.  You find more evidence that something is going on with the Dukes of Hazzard, but you also have more questions.  A twitter user, Corey Bankston (@CoreyB90), who seems to be from Louisiana posted a video of a Dodge Viper all General Lee'd up taking off down the road.  He says the filming is taking place next to his house.  He hashtagged Auto Trader along with General Lee and Dukes of Hazzard.  We didn't see this car on the car hauler that was spotted, but the mention of Auto Trader makes me think it's the same production.  All I can say is, what's going on?!?!!?

The video can be seen here.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Car Hauler Full Of Hazzard Cars Spotted - New Production?

I usually don't like to post about speculation, and not have all the facts before I report on things, but these pictures are too cool not to share.  Our pal, Sammy MC found these pics online.  They were snapped in Arizona.  Three great looking General Lees and four newer Chargers dressed in Hazzard County Patrol Car uniforms.  Rumors say that it could be a new commercial shoot involving John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Those same rumors say it may be for Auto Trader.  It has me excited.  I'll be following this and post anything new I find out.  I'm guessing having multiple cars means there may be a jump or two involved.  I love new Dukes of Hazzard adventures.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Action Figure Bo and Luke Present: New Dukes Stuff 2/20/2014 and Franks & Beans

Did you think the new action figures from Figures Toy Co. were going back in the package right away and stored with everything else?  These guys deserve to shine.  Today they decided to help me show off some of my latest acquisitions.

I don't know what Getglue is.  I tried to look it up once a while ago but didn't get all that into it.  It appears to be some sort of social network revolving around watching TV.  I am not the biggest social network guy.  I only use twitter to promote this here blog, and as another method of talking to Jeff.  But I guess this Getglue gives rewards for watching TV.  Rewards such as stickers.  This is a Dukes of Hazzard Getglue reward sticker.  I bought it on ebay.  Bo and Luke approve.

It also has CMT's logo on it.  I don't know how much Dukes someone had to watch to earn this sticker, or how they proved they watch said amount of Dukes, but they felt the need to sell the sticker afterward and I'm fine with that.  It is a cool tiny little addition to the collection.

I have several of these 35mm theater trailers for the Dukes movie.  I think this is my fourth one.  If they show up online for cheap, I'll usually buy them.  This is the yellow band that signifies the movie wasn't yet rated.  I also have a couple of green band ones.

I have so many, in fact, that I un-taped this one and looked at the individual cells.  Bo likes this cell with the logo.  He thinks the show logo is much better, but is glad that the movie established its own logo to keep them separate.

Speaking of the movie, I recently grabbed another copy of it on VHS.  Why, you may ask?  Because it was a dollar.  This is also a former rental and the box isn't in as nice shape as the other one I bought, but I'm happy to have it.  Luke seems to like it too.  I'm glad the Figures Toy Co. figure of Cooter isn't released yet, because he would be pretty upset to see Luke carrying it around.

Bo wonders how we might take advantage of the Lifetime Quality Guarantee from Hollywood Video if we needed to.  Hollywood ain't around no more.  Good question, action figure Bo.

This is an exciting piece.  It is a rerelease of the General Lee and Rosco's Patrol Car model sets in a two pack.  The Dukes Boys are thrilled to show it off.

The Model Kit Value Pack lets the buyer build both of the main cars from the Dukes of Hazzard.  Or collect them and never open them.

The box features the Bald General Lee, but we all know the flag is included inside.

It's a shame the Easy Assembly! is covering up Rosco. It's a great picture of him and Flash.  Action figure Rosco won't be happy about this.

The side of the box features the logo of AMT, MPC, and Polar Lights, just in case you get confused as to who makes the models.

Hey look!  The back of the box shows the complete front of the boxes of the models included.  Action figure Rosco loves it.  It seems they also released a two pack that contains a Corvette and a Camaro.  I think it would be funny to hear the reaction of someone buying that two pack and seeing the Duke cars.  It might cause them to seek out the cars.  Maybe even search Google and find their way to this very post.  Hello Corvette and Camaro fans!

In non-Dukes related news, hot off the presses we have the eighth issue of the ever popular Washington D.C. area free comic book themed newspaper style anthology, Magic Bullet.  

Of course, I bring this issue to the reader's attention because Jeff is involved with the publication and, once again, has a story in it.  This one is called "I Hate The Moon."  Earth gets a new hat and Venus slaps the Moon.  It is a fun story.

And there is a picture of ME IN IT!!!  Jeff also included an ad for Franks and Beans in the issue.  Hey look!  I have a mustache in that picture!  This is a great ad and a great episode.  You really should check it out.  Ok, I'll embed it to this post, but promise me you will check out the site after you watch it, deal?

Now go check out!!!

I'm pretty sure the action figures will be involved in most posts for the foreseeable future.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Figures Toy Co.'s Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures Series 1

The big day is here.  After a very exciting announcement in April 2013, I finally have my hands on the new Dukes of Hazzard action figures.  Thirty five years later and the Dukes still have quality products being released.  I love getting all the diecast cars, but getting new action figures is really something special.  It's a great time to be a Dukes fanatic.

The package to the new figures follows the standard design we are used to.  I'm glad the design is uniform to other new products such as diecast cars and slot car tracks.

Series 1 consists of Bo, Luke, Rosco, and Boss Hogg.

Each figure comes in a resealable package, but they each have a Figures Toy Co. zip tie that must be broken in order to open.  It is a cool little feature and an nice way to know if the figures were ever opened.

The package backs have a lot of info on them.

Each back is a separate print for each figure.  This is nice as several figure lines just have the same back for each figure.  These each show a picture of the figure they come with.  They also have the line ups for Series 1 and 2.  According to the package, Series 2 will consist of Uncle Jesse, Daisy, Cooter, and Cletus.  I wonder if we will get Enos to round out the cast.

The "bald" General Lee is on the package.  On this shot, they even edited out the General Lee text.  This is a good image to use if you are going to edit out the flag, because it is easy to miss that the flag isn't there.

The markings have 2013 Warner Bros. trademark information.

The back of the package has this variation of the standard Dukes logo with a star integrated.  I have never seen this new logo and I really like it.

The front has the standard logo.

Series 1 is marked on the front of the packages.

It says officially licensed product a couple of times on the package.  I guess with the recent unlicensed Rosco car and Boss Hogg car, it is a good idea to advertise that these are legit.

I like that the character names are in the bar code.

Now to the actual figures.

Bo Duke looks great.

I would say the face looks a little more like John toward the end of the show, or even after the show ended. It doesn't look like 18 year old John Schneider from season one.  But it does look like him.

He has his signature yellow shirt and his blue t-shirt underneath.  The blue shirt is a little darker than the light blue shirt he normally wore, but it looks good on the figure.  His belt buckle looks great.

Bo's hair is flowing.  It really looks like his hair-do.  He also has light colored jeans like Bo mostly wore.

Luke is equally great.

It is a pretty good likeness to Tom Wopat.  Maybe the nose is a little big.

Luke comes with a denim jacket that he wore in early seasons as well as a blue plaid shirt.  Luke had a couple of different outfits throughout the show, but it was always blue and mostly plaid.  His "bear claw" belt buckle looks even better than Bo's.  This belt buckle is really a signature of Luke and Tom Wopat still owns it.  It is tough to find another even similar to it.  I am surprised the belts work like real belts and have holes in them with clips on the buckles.  That is a nice touch.

Luke's jacket comes off easily and I think I might like him without it better.

He has darker jeans.  They even have a different design than Bo's.

Inside Luke's jacket is a tiny WB tag.  I thought that was really cool.  I bet there are some tags on all of the clothes, but I didn't want to get into undressing the figures.  I remember when I was a kid, I once put my Mego Bo figure in Mego Spider-man's outfit.  It was fun, but a pain to get them dressed right again.  I really don't want to have to tuck Bo and Luke's shirt back in.

The Duke Boys have never looked better in 12 inch form.

One strange issue with the boys is their right leg seems to be longer than their left.  To get them to stand up straight, you have to bend the right leg.

With the left leg bent, they do look like they are standing naturally, as opposed to looking like, well, an action figure.

When you straighten the legs of both figures, the left leg is noticeable shorter.  Weird.

I think Rosco P. Coltrane might be my favorite figure of the series.

The face sculpt looks a lot like James Best.

The detail on the uniform is spot on.  The badge looks good and I love the tiny little tie clip.

The Hazzard County Sheriff Department patch looks perfect.

I really like Rosco's hair.  Being of the salt and pepper hair color myself, I think they did a good job capturing the color.

Rosco comes with a nice gun and the American flag on his other arm looks great too.

He has a lot of items on his belt.  There is a holster for his gun and a few other items, like a flashlight holder, that do not function, but look really good.

Rosco also has a shorter left leg. Strangely enough, Boss Hogg does not have this issue.

Speaking of Boss Hogg, his figure is very nice.

The likeness is pretty good.  It looks like Sorrell Booke and it kinda also looks like the Penguin.

His hair really looks good.  His clothes almost feel like silk.  They are made of a different material than Rosco's.  Rosco's really feels like a uniform and Bo and Luke's feel like denim.

It is difficult to get cloth clothes to look right when scaled down.  Boss's clothes look a little too big for him, but maybe this is Boss from the episode where he was losing weight and not eating because none of his crocked deals were going through and he was too nervous.

Boss's hat looks very nice. He has a different body style than the other figures.  He's fat but his legs are the same size.  He looks a little too tall when standing beside the other three.

You knew I had to play with the figures a little in this post, right?  Boss has come up with a trumped up charge and thinks he's gonna get them Duke Boys for sure this time.  "Go get 'em Rosco."  "Oh, I'll get 'em, I'll get 'em good and when I do I'll cuff 'em and stuff 'em.  I'll put them in jail, no, I'll put them under the jail! I love it, I love it."


"Rosco what's that? Run Bo!"

 "Rosco you dodo!  Gimme your hat!"

"Hit it Bo!!!"

If only they made a 1/6 scale General Lee for the boys to get away in.  Let's see...that would need to be about 2 feet and 10 inches long.  That would be awesome.  Fingers crossed on that one.

I really like Figures Toy Co's resealable packages.  After playing with the figures, I was able to easily put them back into their packages and they are suitable to be displayed this way.  Why doesn't every action figure I've ever bought come in resealable packages?  These make perfect sense.  I love resealable action figure packages.  At $70 it isn't easy to buy two of each; one to open and one to keep sealed.  This isn't much of an issue with these figures because you have the option of opening them and still displaying them in package.  I am really happy with these figures and can't wait to get more.  The 8 inch versions of these four figures will be available in a few weeks.  Series 2 is coming soon as well.  Perhaps we have a better shot at getting a General Lee for the 8 inch versions.  That one would only have to be just under two feet long.

These little Figures Toy Co. zip ties sure are cool.

The figures are available directly from Figures Toy Co. at their website, as well at Cooter's Place both online and at the Nashville location as well as the Gatlinburg store.  You can also request that your local comic store order them from the Previews catalog.  The more people that buy these great new Dukes of Hazzard toys, the more great new Dukes of Hazzard toys will be released.  It is a great time for us Dukes fans.