Thursday, January 9, 2014

Matrix Scale Models "JDH" 1970 Cadillac De Ville - Boss Hogg's Caddy

What's going on here?  Where did these incredibly detailed unauthorized 1/43 Dukes of Hazzard resin models come from? First was the great looking Neo Rosco Patrol Car, and now comes this equally great looking Boss Hogg Cadillac from a company called Matrix Scale Models.  This is the best version of Boss's Caddy every released.

Just like the Neo Hazzard Patrol Car, this car is not labeled as a Dukes model at all.  It comes in a rather generic box with only the Matrix logo on it.

It is a nice package, but not at all the orange Dukes box we are used to.

The QR tag takes you to which is based in the Netherlands and the site is in Dutch. They don't seem to do business in America.

Again, just like the Neo Rosco car, no mention of WB, Dukes, or anything.  This sticker (that mentions any trademarks are owned by their owner and only used as tribute) doesn't seem like it should work.  It kind of reminds me of the way Jeff and I skirted the copyrighted music rules in a video contest in high school.  It worked for us, and we won. Seems to work for Matrix and Neo too.  (Jeff, I just linked to FOD, we gotta get that on Franks and Beans Online!)

Beneath the Matrix box is a nice display case.  On the bottom on the case I found something taped.

The car is advertised officially as "1970 Cadillac DeVille Convertible JDH."  The JDH is obviously a reference to J. D. Hogg, Jefferson Davis Hogg, but you can just call him Boss.  I wonder why this label is not affixed to the case.  Perhaps including the JDH is tiptoeing a little too close to those trademark regulations. Who knows?  I don't think I will seal this metal looking label to my case.  I'll leave it as it came.

The car even looks nice on the base without the covering.

Apparently this is a limited edition.  Mine is number 96 of 408.  Strange that it is limited to 408.  Glad I got one under 100.

Unlike 1/64 cars that can look a little exaggerated, this car looks perfect to scale and could be positioned to look like a real car.

The most recognizable aspect of Boss's Caddy is the bull horns.  And they are nicely represented here.  I saw a white Escalade driving through town yesterday with huge bull horns on the front.  I wonder if it was a Boss Hogg reference.  Has to be, right?  White Caddy with horns?  Think I'm looking too much into it? Who knows?

The second most recognizable aspect of Boss's Caddy is his personalized license plate.  BOSS-1 is as memorable as CNH 320 on the General Lee.  It actually means something, unlike the Gen'ral's plate.  Matrix definitely did their homework in Hazzard County and made a true representation of Boss's car.

The passenger side sun visor has a mirror, where the driver's side doesn't.  I don't know enough about the real cars, but I would guess this is accurate to a '70 De Ville.

The interior is very detailed.  There are indentations in the back of the seats and the instrument panel is very intricate.  This is a great model.

There are no markings on the bottom of the car.  And I guess the car also has the power to over saturate even the best cell phone camera's pictures.

It looks great sitting next to Neo's Rosco car.  They were made to be together.

True to the originals, the Caddy is slightly longer that the Monaco.  I can see these cars chasing a flash of orange color through the back roads of Hazzard.

Now that's how Rosco drives.  A horrendous crash!!  I'm sure Flash buckled up for safety, because he knows he could get scuffed.

These cars can't wait for Auto World's General Lee in 1/43.  Neither can I.  They will all look great together. I think I might display the three of them out of their respective (and different) boxes.

Though the font is slightly different, the plates match each other.  The Boss-1 plate has a little bolder font.

I had to take the obligatory scale picture.  Pictured here is Retro Joe's 1/25 custom built model, Matrix's 1/43, the standard Ertl 1/64, and the Racing Champion 1/144.  Unlike several Dukes car, this model has never been released in 1/18.  

Oh, why not add my newly acquired Dukes Crash set Boss Hogg Caddy.  It is roughly the same size as the 1/25 model.

The 1/43 has more detail than all the other cars.  It's as nice as Joe's model.

It is simply a great looking Boss Hogg Cadillac.

The box is much bigger than Neo's Rosco car.  I like the proportion of the Rosco car box better.  Seems there is wasted space in the Boss Hogg car package.

This is another great, surprising Dukes tribute model.  Like the Neo, I bought it from an international seller on ebay and paid a lot for shipping.  The way these cars are coming out, I'm hoping for an unauthorized Dixie Jeep, Cooter's Tow Truck, and Uncle Jesse's Pickup.  Heck, while we're wishing, let's get Hughie Hogg's Beetle, Lucifer, and Mis Tizdale's Mail Bike.  Unauthorized Dukes of Hazzard toys have come a long way since Gay Toys and Yatming from the Golden Era of Dukes.

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  1. Mis Tizdale's mail bike. Now that would be something to treasure!