Friday, January 17, 2014

Auto World's 1/18 Daisy Duke 1971 Plymouth Satellite

It's time for Daisy to shine.  Our friends at Auto World have released Daisy's Plymouth for the first time in 1/18 scale.

The car looks very nice and has a lot of detail.

Daisy had a couple of different yellow Plymouths in the first two seasons of the show.  She had a Road Runner as well as a Satellite.

The FCH 630 plate on the back looks very nice.  Anyone can name the CNH 320 when asked what the General's plate is, but not many can come up with Daisy's plate. (I can)  After the boys drove this car off a cliff, Daisy's Jeep also had this plate on it.

The interior is quite detailed, the gauges and dials look great.

The engine and trunk also have more detail than most 1/18s.  

The original casting was made my Ertl, as struck on the bottom.  The date this car was manufactured is stamped on it, which is interesting.  It was made on 1/2/2014, just two weeks ago.

As noted, the box is similar to all other Dukes releases, but Auto World has added their signature red stripe and logo on the side.  The box also carries the "Silver Screen Machines" logo just like the AW General Lee and the newer slot cars.  It's interesting that the General Lee is pictured, instead of the Plymouth.

The back of the box has the same design and paragraph we are used to.

It is interesting to see the two different sides.  The Dukes logo against the red AW background is a nice new visual.

The box has a clear panel on the bottom to show off the car's detail.

The box is similar to AW's General Lee, expect for the new red section.

The new Plymouth compliments the General Lee nicely.

AW fixed their license plate with the new car.  The General Lee's plate doesn't have all the correct markings like the Satellite does.

This would make for a pretty good 1/18 scale race.  But I bet the General would win.

We have gotten a bunch of great new 1/18s lately.  Pictured is Johnny Lightning's 99 Cooter's Camaro, Rosco's Patrol Car, and Double Zero in the back with the Auto World's Hazzard cars in the front.  We have AW's take on Rosco's car coming soon.  I'd love to see Dixie, or maybe Cooter's Tow Truck.  My fingers are crossed.

This sure would be a great car to have Catherine Bach sign.

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