Friday, March 25, 2016

Giveaway To Win a Custom C3Brix Lego General Lee - Daisy Country Grand Opening

We are less than one month away from the Grand Opening of Daisy Country in Nashville.  The location will be the destination for all things Daisy Duke.  It's going to be special!  To celebrate, there is going to be a big event the weekend of April 16 & 17.  You can read all about it on this post.  To help get the word out about the event, I'm giving away one of the exclusive Lego General Lees designed by Master Lego Creator Cody Wells at C3Brix!

These General Lees are exclusive to Cooter's and are limited to only 150.  Each car comes in a collector's tin that will be hand numbered by Cody himself.

During the Grand Opening, we are holding a Lego Class with Cody.  Buying a ticket to that class is currently the only way to guarantee yourself one of the one hundred and fifty of these beautiful custom Legos.  If there are extras after the class, they might be sold, but we can't be sure until after the event.  If you can't make to the event, or are planning to go, and would like to take an additional one, I've got a giveaway for you!

Starting today, and running until April 5, you can enter to win one of the Lego Gen'rals.  The lucky winner will get C3Brix Custom Lego General Lee #101.  I figured a fellow Dukes enthusiast would enjoy having a number that includes 01 in it.  As an added bonus, your winning Lego Collector Tin can be autographed by Daisy Duke and Cooter Davenport.  I will have Catherine Bach and Ben Jones sign the tin specially for you.  I can even have Cody Wells, Lego Builder Extraordinaire, sign the tin.  

The giveaway is simple to enter.  Once again, I am using RaffleCopter to run the contest.  You can enter through email, facebook, twitter, or gmail.  There are several different entry options to choose from.  You can enter through twitter by following me, Cooter's and Catherine (if you are reading this blog, and on twitter, chances are you might already follow the three of us) and also by following Cody and C3Brix (you'll really enjoy following Cody, his Lego designs are amazing.) You can also enter by tweeting, visiting Cooter's and Cody's facebook pages and by leaving a blog comment.  The more options you choose, the more entries you receive.  On April 6th, a winner will be chosen by random through the Rafflecopter program.  The prize will be sent out after the Grand Opening on April 16 and 17 so the item can be autographed.  If you win and are attending the event, you can take it home with you.

Since we first announced the Cooter's Place Ecxlusive Lego General Lee by C3Brix, there has been a lot of excitement about it.  As of right now, the only ways to get one are by attending the Lego Building Class at the Daisy Country Grand Opening or by winning General Lee #101 in this contest. Enter now and good luck!  If you have any questions about the contest, email me at, leave a blog comment, or find me on twitter @larryafranks.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, March 18, 2016

New Dukes Stuff - 3/18/2016 - Signage, Star Wars Poster, Magazine

Got some new Dukes of Hazzard items to show off.  There are definitely some interesting items in this bunch.  Let's take a look.

First off is the current issue of MOPAR Action magazine.  I need to thank out pal Neal for the heads up on this one.  You can find it now wherever magazines are sold.

If you happen to go to my local Foodland and the issue is in front of all other magazines proudly displaying the General Lee for all to see, I didn't do it, really, I didn't (I did).

It has a nice long article about the General Lee and the Dukes and it gets most of the show information correct.  It is a nice read and the cover makes it a very a cool addition to any Dukes of Hazzard Collection, so go check it out.

I got a couple more Dukes of Hazzard Tin Signs recently.  I first wrote about these a few years ago when they were brand new.  On their recent vacation to Florida, my parents spotted these on a shopping trip.  I'm always excited to stock up.  Good to see they are still available out there.  

This item sure is unique.  It, obviously, isn't a Dukes item.  My aunt bought it for me for Christmas. She saw something special in it, and she was right.  I love Star Wars, everyone loves Star Wars, Neal really loves Star Wars.  This is, without question, a Dukes of Hazzard inspired Star Wars poster.  The orange colors and the Yeee-Haw really give it a Dukes feel.  I've always thought of the Millennium Falcon as the General Lee of the sky.  It's a thick picture, it almost feels like canvas.  It came framed and everything.  Aunt Karen, this is an awesome picture and you knew what you were doing when you bough it for me.  Thank you very much!

This final piece in this short blog is just amazing.  I really love unique items you couldn't buy in a store.  Store displays are incredibly rare, especially Golden Era store displays like this one.  This is a cardboard display for the Knickerbocker Dukes of Hazzard Wrist Racers Stunt Cars.  It is in perfect condition.

It was recently on ebay and I was the highest bidder until the last second.  Someone used one of those pesky sniper apps and I was outbid.  Ebay is a weird place because a few days later the seller had it for a buy it now for my highest bid.  I jumped on it.  Perhaps the sniper didn't pay, or maybe the seller had two (I doubt it given the rarity) but for whatever reason, it ended up here at DukesCollector central and I couldn't be happier.  I'm not a fan of ebay sniper programs.  It takes the fun out of it. That's why we do this, right?  Cause it's fun.

The artwork is really cool.  Rosco doesn't look very happy, but the details are very accurate to the early seasons.  He even has his signature ring on.  Pretty funny that he is launching a miniture version of his Police Cruiser.  Breaking some fourth wall there.

I'm not sure if I never noticed, or never knew, but the Wrist Racer Rosco Car is designed to to do spin-outs.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy are also breaking walls by letting their toy Gen'ral rip. I do remember an episode where Boss Hogg had a map of Hazzard on the wall and little toy cars representing the General Lee and other cars to show Rosco his latest scheme.  He didn't use a licensed Ertl 1/64, but it would have been really cool if he did.  That's the kind of Easter eggs that are added to today's productions and wouldn't have been done back then.

The General Lee does Wheelies.  Again, don't think I knew that.

Here's a nice shot of several Knickerbocker Stunt Racers.  I couldn't find a carded General Lee before I took the pictures.  I have a few in some bin, somewhere.  It's surprising that the artwork of Rosco isn't used on the Rosco car.  I'm glad I got the display piece or I might never have seen this great shot of Rosco P. Coltrane.

The display art of the cars is very spot on to the actual toys.  This is usually not the case.  The in-house artist at Knickerbocker did a very nice job.  I'm really happy to add this store display to the collection.  I hope I find some more displays soon.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Announcement: Lego General Lee Building Event with C3Brix at Daisy Country Grand Opening in Nashville

This is exciting! We've been working on this one for a long time.  On April 16, the long awaited Grand Opening of Daisy Country will take place in Nashville, TN.  I first announced the new boutique a year ago, and it's finally happening.

Daisy Country will be the destination for all things Daisy Duke.  Catherine will have her Daisy by Catherine Bach clothing line available as well as personal Dukes of Hazzard items on display.  This place is going to be awesome.

Daisy Country will be behind Cooter's in Nashville.  Imagine all the Dukes in one location!  To celebrate the Grand Opening, Catherine, Ben, and Alma are hosting a huge event.  There'll be a car show, autographs and photos with Catherine, a special Q&A brunch with Catherine and Ben, and an event I can't wait for:  a Lego General Lee building event with C3Brix!

You remember C3Brix.  Cody from C3Brix designed my amazing Lego Dukes set last year.  We've become friends since then and have been working on this Lego event almost from the beginning.  Cody is a huge Dukes fan and wanted an opportunity to share his immense talent with the Dukes world.  He has created something that every Dukes fan will want to have in their collection.

Cody has created a General Lee in Lego that will be available at the event.  This bad boy is amazing.

It weighs in at a little over the size of a 1/64 car.  Behind it is the 1/25 Snap-It model.

Using his mastery of the Lego brick, Cody has crafted this car to perfectly resemble a Charger.  He then took it a step further and had specialized 01 and rebel flag Lego pieces printed.

What glorious bags of goodness!

At the Grand Opening, Cody will be offering Lego classes that will include games, prizes, and a Lego General Lee you take home!  Cody's C3Brix has pioneered Lego building classes and now he is bringing his brick building background to Hazzard County.

Each Lego General Lee will come in a Collector Tin and will be individually numbered.  The sets will be limited to only 150.  You don't want to miss this opportunity to get one of these awesome Gen'rals for yourself.
Cody is working very hard to make this event amazing.  Separately from the ticketed event, he is encouraging attendees of the Grand Opening to bring a custom Cooter's or Dukes themed Lego creation to the show to be judged.  The best creation from different age groups will win prizes.  Cody and I will be judges!  This is going to be so much fun.  Tickets to the event are available on Cooter's website.  There is limited space available so get them quickly.  More info will be announced soon.  Visit Cody's C3Brix site for more details.  This is going to be great!