Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair - Autographs, film crews and concerts

More pictures of the Nashville event!
The event was big.  It took place at Cooter's Place as well as the entire surrounding area.  I put together a Google map to explain how much real estate the event took up.  Click on it to make it bigger and try to grasp the enormity of the Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair.

Rick Hurst, Cletus, signed autographs on Friday and Sunday as well as with the rest of the cast on Saturday.  He is a true ambassador for the Dukes and is always a pleasure to meet.  The fans love meeting Cletus.

In addition to all the Dukes fun, there were attractions like bouncy castles and  what appears to be barn yard sumo wrestling.  Is that a turkey leg pugal stick?

I popped into my room briefly and when I came out, there was a film crew right below my balcony setting up.

Turns out they were a British documentary about a brother and sister getting a taste of America.  They picked the right spot.  

Ben drove them around the whole event.  Me and superstar bouncer/handler Ed walked alongside helping out.  They asked me to sign a waiver, so I might actually show up in their production.  

Stunt man James Smith took the duo to a nearby lot to demonstrate some bootleg turns and teach them how to jump into the window.  I took several pictures and Google made this animated gif for me automatically.  Nice job Google!  The production is currently untitled and who knows if and when it will be released, but it was fun to be a tiny part of.

Inside the autograph building was a fun place to be.  Each star had their own line.  People waited in long lines outside and were let inside about fifteen at a time.  It was very well organized and everyone had a good time.

A lot of lines, but it was worth it for everyone to meet the Dukes.  This is another picture Google created for me using two separate pics.  You are full of surprises Google.  

Catherine Bach was set up to sign autographs in Cooter's Place itself.  Her line wrapped around the building.  

Hello, little Dukes fan.

Daisy signed well after the allotted time, and even missed the beginning of the concert.  She will never turn a fan away.

Yep, nailed it.

Inside the Palace Theater was rocking.  Fans lined up to get a good seat early.  It was packed.  The concert was streamed on Cootersplace.com and will be sold on DVD soon.

The concert was a lot of fun.  It was different than the concerts at Homecoming and other events because it was in an actual concert venue.  Cooter and his Garage Band performed several songs and then John and Tom took the stage.  You could tell they were having a blast.  Toward the end, Daisy, Rosco, Enos, Cletus, Miss Alma and even Laura and Sophia got up on stage.  The crowd loved it.  It might have been the best Dukes concert I've ever attended.

Ha, a Dukes Collector can dream, can't he?  I got a few more Fan Fair posts planned.  And then I'll share my pictures from Dukes Family Festival in Hagerstown, MD.  Great summer for a Dukes fan!

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