Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair - The Hazzard Cars

The heart of a great Dukes event is the Hazzard County cars.  There were so many great cars in Nashville, I can fill a whole blog post with them.  So let's get to it.

Cooter's Place owns several Hazzard vehicles.  There is a Tow Truck always parked out front, with a General Lee behind it.  That is perfect.

In the back of the museum they also a Dixie Jeep.

Behind the Jeep is a Hazzard County Patrol car and a Uncle Jesse Pickup.  Well, there was a pickup, you might be disappointed if you go looking for it now.

Fans brought so many great tribute cars.

This one looks familiar, it belongs to Heath Gulley.  Had to include it again.

Now this is a tribute car.

It's a new Dodge Dart that belongs to friend of the blog Tony Lawson.

That is a cool tribute.   Tony is heavily involved with the organization of the big Dukes show that is held in Louisiana towards the end of the summer.  It was a big success last year, and should be again this year.

This is in no way a Dukes vehicle, but the guy asked me to take a picture of him, so I did, and now he is on my blog.

This tow truck belongs to a fan, not Cooter.  He said he worked at a junk yard and someone brought this in to be scraped.  He saved it and didn't need to do much work to make it this great looking.  Love a happy ending.

Another great Daisy car.

This car brought some attention at the show and people thought it might have been screen used.  It wasn't.  It was "Generalized" during the show's original run and never restored since then.

It really has patina to it.

This Dixie Jeep looks spot on.

This unique General is a 4x4.  I've never seen one like it before.

I love the V8 emblem on the door.  I had the same one on my old Jeep.  I was snapping pictures too quick and didn't pay attention to the interior.  Someone told me that it had a brand new truck interior inside.  It's apparently a truck with a General Lee on the outside.  Very cool.

Looks like this is the unique General Lee section of the post.  This is one nice Challenger.

The owner is obviously a fellow Dukes Collector.  He has quite the mobile collection.

Not only is this truck in General Lee uniform, it is totally cover in spray on bed liner.  The truck feels like rubber.

Finishing off the unique section, we have a Smart Car General Lee and a naked General Lee.  The Smart Car had a digital dixie horn that really fit the car.  I think every none General Charger looks naked, especially orange ones.  But perhaps that is not the look the owner was going for.  It had cool wheels that resembled vectors.  It was a very nice car.

This unique General Lee is a golf cart that belongs to Cooter's Place.  It has been to both Hazzard Homecomings too.  I spent a lot of time with this bad boy all weekend.  I drove it around the show a little, just because it was there.  Later someone ran it out of gas and just left it in the middle of the parking lot.  I couldn't let it just sit there.  I got some help and we pushed it back to the store.  Later on Monday, I hung out in the back of the museum sitting in the cart.  Me and this cart go way back.  

These General Lees greeted visitors as they pulled into the event.  This was early on, as there were several more parked there throughout the day.

The Uncle Jesse Pickup was moved out front, than was taken home.

There were so many great General Lees and Hazzard vehicles at Dukes Fan Fair.  It was a Dukes fan dream.  More pictures of the event on the way.


  1. Fantastic pictures Larry, keep them coming. I'll never get tired of seeing that golf cart General.

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