Friday, June 21, 2013

Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair - New Dukes Stuff I Got in Nashville

Aside from the incredible time I had in Nashville, hanging with the stars, making new friends, and especially being recognized from this blog, I bought a whole bunch of Dukes goodies.

The swap meet that was planned at Fan Fair didn't get the biggest response leading up to the event, so there wasn't a centralized location for it.  But people still brought things to be sold.  And I found my way to said people.  One fine seller was a former founder of the Confederate General Lee Fan Club. He had some great stuff.  And I bought a bunch of it, starting with this John Schneider album.  I basically bought anything he had that I didn't.

Another slightly non-Dukes item I bought was Waylon's Music Man on 8-track.  It has the Dukes theme on it twice.  8-tracks are weird.

I also picked up these Charger patches.  Again, non Dukes but on the right track.  They are interesting.

Then I got to the actual Dukes related items.  I picked up another copy of this Bananas Magazine. Always good to have backups. 

And this Cracked Magazine.  

Nice play on words there.  Interesting that the story involves the Dukes using some sort of decoy car, and  the number is 71.  We all know the the story of the 71 car.  

I have seen this Gearhead Magazine on ebay a few times and never knew what it was.  The seller had it so I took a chance.  

Turns out, it's a car magazine from 1997 and they did a whole issue on the south and put the General Lee on the cover.  The story inside is about a fan and Dukes Collector.  Awesome.  I wonder if he still collects?  How about it Deke Dickerson?  Still in to it?

I also got a couple of newspapers covering the big event held on my birthday in 2003 in Covington, GA.  I think I'm in that first picture really small.  I forget where I was standing.  

This sticker is a mystery that I have to do more research on.  It may have been given to cars on the set of the show to let them on the lot, or it may be a reproduction.  It's cool either way.

I'm usually not into buying autographs, but I liked this one.  It is the 2000 re-release of the 1/25 General Lee signed by Tom Wopat on the trunk.  


I have the same car signed by John Schneider on the trunk and thought they would look nice together.  

 What do you think?  They will look great side by side.

I was happy with all the items we agreed on, figuring I had seen everything.  Then he pulled out these two gems.  These are scripts used on the show.  The first one belonged to Mr. Sorrell Booke, Boss Hogg himself.  I was stunned by these bad boys.  The pink one, from episode three of season four, Diamonds in the Rough, has "Booke" written really big on the cover and is authenticated on the back by someone I have a great deal of trust in dealing with this hobby.  I haven't opened the plastic bag it is in to see if there are any notes by Sorrell.  It is a first draft copy.  The second one is from season one, episode eight, The Big Heist.  It isn't sealed in a bag and doesn't have any names on it, but it looks old and I believe it is authentic.  I love the opening paragraph (seen above).  These are great pieces and I really can't believe I was able to get them.  So glad I ran into this particular seller.  He ended up selling just about everything he brought to the event.

I happened upon a General Lee owner who had a few of the extremely hard to find birthday cards for sale.  He said he had trouble finding them in stores, but found a few and bought them all.  I bought three from him.  Now I have four.  I might actually send one to somebody.  Probably not.

Now lets talk about the the items I bought from Cooter's Place.  These are flattened pennies with Dukes pictures pressed into them.  This is a great idea to have these machines at the store, and they seemed very popular.  They all say Nashville on the bottom. Wonder if they have them at the Gatlinburg store too?  I'll have to get all of those as well.

Can always use an 01 plate.

This Boars Nest sign is big and will look great on the wall.

Now these are gonna be fun on the putting green.  I won't actually hit them off the tee, but they are definitely going in my golf bag.

This Dukes of Hazzard belt is very cool and unique.  It's made to look like a classic car seat belt.  The 01 on the clasp would have been cool enough, but the 01s on the belt itself make this thing awesome. Great job Cooter's Place.

The final item is something I have been obsessing over for quite a while.  This is Sonny Shroyer's album that he put out when he came back on the show, after his spin-off "Enos" ended.  It was so popular that it inspired the Dukes album.  It pops up on ebay every once in a while but goes for crazy high prices.  I have contacted Sonny about it before, and  I even asked him at Homecoming last year, but he didn't have any then. He must have found some, cause he had them at his table.  I scooped one up immediately.  I love finding things that you are really looking for.

The back has some great pictures of Sonny and a bunch of fans.  The song titles are great.  I'm thinking I might buy another if he has them for sale in Hagerstown and open it up to listen to the songs.

Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair was a huge success.  I made great new friends, talked to the cast about the new action figures and a few other exciting things to come, rode around in several General Lees, and had an all around great time.  Might as well do it all again in Hagerstown.  I'll have tons of pictures from the Dukes Family Festival posted very soon.  

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