Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair - The First of Many Posts

Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair...what an event.  I have had fun at past events, but this one took the cake.  The General Lee cake.  I had such a great time and made so many new friends.  I will post many Fan Fair blog articles because I took so many pictures and bought a lot of new Dukes Stuff.  Before I get to all that, I want to start with sharing a few pictures of the new friends I made.  These guys made Fan Fair so special.

General Lee owner Heath Gulley had one heck of a car.  Heath is from Kentucky.  He trailered his baby to the event with his wife Brooks and their baby girl.  We met on Thursday night and hit it off immediately.  The two of us were pretty much connected at the hip during the event.  His General Lee drew a lot of attention, partly because of his perfect parking spot, but mostly because of the unique paint job that really turned heads. Oddly enough, I didn't get any pictures of me and Heath together.  I did snap this one of him looking cool waiting in line for Luke Duke.

And of course I got pictures of his car.  It sure was a beauty.  And look, Brooks made it in the second shot of his car.  Heath also has a sweet custom blower under the hood.

On Friday at Cooter's Place, the buzz for the event got started as fans started to roll in.  Rob Howe and Jen ONeill came all the way from Massachusetts.  Rob owns a General Lee door and brought it to get signed.

Rob is also a DukesCollector fan and was excited to meet me, which made me proud.  As soon as we met, he texted a friend saying he had met me, and the friend said he was jealous.  My head got bigger.  Rob and Jen were in line most of the day, but I did get to spend a good bit of time with them and it was a lot of fun.  

And then there was Brad Miller.  I was hanging out inside the autograph area eating lunch with some Dukes.   I usually like wandering and being a part of all the action.  When I did finally get back outside, I ran into Brad and his wife, Lynn, and am so glad I did.  They told me that they were asking everyone in a Team Cooter's Staff 01 shirt where I was.  I guess a lot of my fellow volunteers and the actual staff actually know who I am and told Brad and Lynn that I was around somewhere.  When they finally found me we had quite a time.  Turns out Brad is a big fan of the blog.  He is a fan of Dukes as well, obviously, but has been to several Nashville area Dukes events in the past and his primary goal at this event was to meet me.  What an honor!

Brad and Lynn also attended the Dukes concert and I got to hang out with them there as well.  Brad is also a fan of Franks and Beans.  It keeps getting better.  

I met up with a couple of other friends too.

I got lots of pics and posts coming that are dedicated to the wonderful weekend I just had in Nashville.  Making great new friends was the icing on the cake.  Man, do I love the Dukes and running this blog.


  1. Was great meeting and talking with you! - RetroBlasting

    1. It was great to meet you too, and love your site. Fellow DukesCollectors: check out RetroBlasting for sure!

  2. Wish we could have been there! Can't wait to see more posts!

    1. Oh they are coming, lots and lots are coming.

  3. Very nice pics. Was this last week? I was there.