Monday, June 9, 2014

The Autotrader Dukes of Hazzard Commercial with Bo and Luke is Almost Here!

Fellow Dukes fan and blog reader Brian S. sent in word that he heard a radio commercial for Autotrader staring Bo and Luke.  He heard the commercial in the Philly area.  We all remember the hype surrounding the the filming of the mystery commercial a few months ago that included several General Lees and some newer Chargers dressed up like Hazzard County Sheriff cars.

With the commercial airing on the radio, the television commercial can't be far behind.  There was question if the ad was actually for Autotrader, but now that has been confirmed.  I found the following video of John and Tom at an Autotrader conference.

I'm expecting this commercial to be a lot of fun.  Brian said the end of the commercial says something like you can find the car your looking for in your area or in Hazzard.  I'm hoping Autotrader makes a big deal about this and it's a huge campaign.  I'd love to see behind the scenes videos and other fun stuff.  I'm always excited to see Bo and Luke back in action!  I can't wait to see the tv spot and hear the radio ad.  I'll share anything I can find.

Here it is!


  1. Just saw the commercial on TV. It is great.

    1. It has begun! What network should I be watching?

  2. hi larry,just joined your site.very cool setup you have here.i live in wake forest, wife and I have a large dukes collection like yourself.we have been collecting for over 15 years on the net,ebay etc.hope we can keep in touch by way of your site.i have a fb group if you want to check it out/hazzard garage museum/.bill and rose bazen/north Carolina/take care!

  3. larry,i just found the commercial on fb.go to my fb page and watch it not sure your on fb but hope this helps/bill hazard garage museum/bill bazen