Thursday, September 11, 2014

Auto World/MPC's Brand New Snap-It General Lee Model Set Is A Great Toy!

Everyone knows I love getting new Dukes products.  This new snap together model kit from Auto World is my favorite new Dukes product in some time.  This may sound contradictory given that my blog is about collectibles, but I love this new product so much because it is not highly collectible.  It is basically a toy.  A very fun and playable toy.  A toy that can be enjoyed by all Dukes fans, especially the new, young ones that are just discovering the show on CMT.

I love my highly detailed Auto World 1/18 General Lee, but at a price tag of north of seventy bucks, it's not for everyone.  The newer 1/43 Gen'ral from AW has an even smaller target audience because it's smaller and costs nearly the same.  Ornaments. coffee mugs, and tin signs are great for us collectors, but there really need to be items geared to kids, and this new model is the perfect product.

You may be thinking, there is already a General Lee model kit, and it has been on the shelf throughout the Modern Age, the Silver Era, the Golden Era of the Dukes of Hazzard, and was even the only product on the shelves during the dark ages of Dukes.  You would be correct, but that model is a skill level 2 and requires paint and glue.

This new model is a skill level 1 and doesn't need anything but a Dukes fan for completion. Let's take a look at the box.

Even on a tiny representation of the decals included, the flag is missing.  But we have to hand it to Auto World, they continue to provide us with exciting new Dukes products while still maintaining Warner Bros' mandate about the flag on the exterior.

The front and smaller sides use the same artwork.  I believe this is new artwork for this model.  It is similar to the art used on several AW releases, but not the same.  It's a nice low angle picture of the General.  Low angles are used more often lately so as not to show the flag.  Just like in Auto Trader's commercial.  

One long side has a great profile shot of the actual product.  This is what your car will look like after it's done, unlike models that require paint and glue and feature a picture on the box of what your car will look like if you are a professional model builder.

The other side has a list of features in three different languages.  The whole world loves the Dukes.

How about we take a step by step look at the process of completing this model, and that sounds fun, right? Step one, open the box.  I will stop that joke right now.

There are a few part trees along with the body, decals and wheels.  For some reason, I got two decal sheets. I'm not sure if everyone does in case they mess up during application, or if I was randomly chosen as a super great terrific Dukes of Hazzard fan.  I'm going with the latter.

Who is the lucky graphic designer out there who gets paid to draw pictures of the General Lee in production?  I envy you.  The 01s look great.

On the inside of the roof on the main body piece is all the WB trademark info.  It gets very specific with the manufacturing location in China.  I love seeing 2014 and Dukes together.

Here are all the pieces before being taken off the trees.

I thought maybe one set of decals was water slide and one standard, but they are both regular old stickers.  I wonder why they are on different color backs.  I also wonder why I got two - probably because of the terrific super fan thing.

I love the inclusion of the tiny CNH-320 plate decal.  Great attention to detail AW!

The vector wheels, roll bar, push bar, CB radio, and antenna are also great attention to detail.  You really knocked this one out of the park AW.

Here is a shot of all the pieces taken off the trees before assembly.  It really isn't that many pieces.

The first step in the instruction is the completion of the interior.  It includes the seats, steering wheels, gear shift, a tiny CB radio, and the roll bar.

Tiny Lost Sheep can use the tiny CB to call Bo Peep, Shepard, or Crazy Cooter.

Next you put together the four wheels.   They each consist of three pieces.  These are great renditions of the vectors.

These look better than the Johnny Lightning's 1/18 wheel.

Step 3 is very easy.  Use the only metal pieces to connect the wheels to the base.

The next step requires a piece that, momentarily, I thought I didn't have.  Then I realized it was orange and found it connected to the inside of the body piece.

The front grill goes together fairly easily.  To me, a Charger, even an orange Charger, doesn't look right without a push bar.

Much better.  Step four of the instructions is now complete.

You then attach the rear lights, bumper, gas cap, and antenna.  You also affix the windshield piece to the inside of the orange body.

The final step in the construction is putting the three pieces, base, interior, and body all together.  I found this to be the hardest step.  But I got them together.  The instructions instruct you to put the decals on as you go, but I waited until last.

Not a bad looking orange charger.  If you saw this rolling down the road you, the wheels and push bar would tell you it was on the way to get Generalized.

The gas cap and antenna are great touches.

On no, it's the dreaded bald General Lee.  The decals are easy to put on, just peel and place.

I put the flag on before the General Lee text.  It seemed easier to place them that way.

Here is the final product.  It looks great.  Sure, it doesn't have the appearance of a real car like a painted detailed model, but it still makes one heck of a great toy.

The wheels roll and it's ready to be played with.

The addition of the plate really stands out.

You get two CNH-320 plates, but I didn't put one on the front.  Some states require it, but good ol' Pennsylvania doesn't make you have a front plate.  The General doesn't look right with one, in my opinion.

Auto World may hide the flag on the box, but you can be assured it's inside.  This car looks great from the top.  The whole process of construction only took me about thirty minutes.  It was a fun thirty minutes.

This Snap-It model kit by MPC/AW is a really fun car.  I can't recommend it high enough to every blog reader.  For less than $20 any Dukes fan can have fun putting the car together and then have a great General Lee to display, play with, jump, or any other fun thing your Dukes oriented mind can think of.  Everyone, go buy this car.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Dukes Stuff - 9/2/2014 - Carnival Mirror, Unpressed Tray and More

I got a nice little haul of Dukes merchandise to share with the world.  Let's dive in.

This is a licensed Dukes of Hazzard mirror.  I was told that it was given out at carnivals as a prize.  This sounds like a plausible story, as I remember winning similar mirrors when I was a kid (but after Dukes had its heyday.)  The mirror is made with quality and the frame is sturdy.  It could have been sold in stores as it might be too nice to be a free prize.  There are no markings on the back.

The print of the General Lee is nicely done.  I have seen a few damaged ones here and there, and I am glad that mine is in great shape.  The Dukes Collector taking the picture sure looks bright eyed.

Next is an advertising poster for Knight Rider.  I picked up a copy of this poster a few years ago, this is an original.  It compares KITT to "The Competition" which is a General Lee with two zeros instead of the 01. This is obviously biased toward KITT.  It's fun to look back and see how much Knight Rider was influenced by Dukes.

The back of the poster has a very nice photo of Michael Knight and KITT.  This is a great piece.

Along with the poster came this photo of race car legend Johnny Rutherford holding a slightly different version of the poster.  Rutherford was involved with the initial promotion of Knight Rider, but didn't have anything to do with the show.  This is a fun addition.

This is a strange item.  It is an unpressed Dukes lap tray.  It is basically a piece of metal with a Dukes image on it.  I bought it on ebay and the seller told me she lived near the Ohioart factory and these kind of items were common in the area.  It is very interesting.  Maybe it was damaged before it was pressed.  It's cut away and smaller than the standard tray.

The back has a little surface rust on it.  It is lined with what looks like medical tape.  Maybe the edges are sharp.

Of the four trays produced, the one with the rebel flags is the rarest.  Here it is beside a standard (non-rebel flag) tray.  You can see that quite a bit of the metal is cut away, especially from the sides.

This is a Dukes shirt I got on ebay very cheap.  It is new with tags.  I haven't seen this image used on a shirt before.

The tag is from Wal-Mart.  I haven't seen this particular shirt at any Wal-Mart.  My guess is that it is newer, but I can't be certain.  It does use the movie Z logo.  This one is a mystery to me.  Anyone know any specifics as to when this was released?

Finally I have this Dukes of Hazzard belt.  It comes with a sad story.

I was searching ebay for Dukes stuff (imagine that) and I came across a very peculiar belt.  It was listed as a Dukes of Hazzard belt but had a picture of two white horses above the rebel flag.  It took me a few seconds to realize that the horse picture was cut and pasted over Bo and Luke.  I then noticed that that horse picture looked like a photo copy and was probably easy to remove.  The belts are a little rare and I don't have one, so I thought I should jump on it.  I contacted the seller to see how hard it would be to remove the horses and let the Duke Boys see the light of day.  She told me she didn't know it wasn't supposed to look like that and she would check and get back to me.  A few days went by and then the listing disappeared.   It didn't have a "buy it now" price and didn't reach the end date so I contacted her again to see what happened.  She told me she tried a little too hard to get the horses off and the entire picture came off.  I felt bad that I started all this.  The belt still had Dukes markings on the inside so I offered to buy it.  We came to an agreeable price and now I have a defaced Dukes of Hazzard belt in my collection.

There used to be a picture of Bo and Luke there.  More recently a picture of some southern horses.  Now it is just a sticky mess.

The inside of the belt is marked with the Dukes logo and 1980 WB.

I could take the damaged buckle off and put one of the three original buckles on the belt.

The buckle is the same as the others on the back.

It has the same WB sticker as the General Lee buckle.  If I do take the buckle off and replace it, the back could be displayed to show the WB information.  I'm glad the seller didn't throw it away after it was damaged.  It has a home here in my Dukes Collection.