Friday, November 16, 2018

40th Anniversary Of The Dukes of Hazzard Celebration - January 26, 2019 in Nashville TN

This is going to be amazing! On January 26, 1979 the Dukes of Hazzard premiered and the world fell in love with Hazzard County.  Now, 40 years later, to the minute, the world is invited to relive the premiere episode with the cast of the show.  Catherine, Ben and Miss Alma are hosting a weekend full of events all centered around the pilot episode, One Armed Bandits is being shown at the Troubadour Theater with the Dukes cast at 8pm, January 26h, 2019, exactly 40 years after it was first aired.

The celebration takes place January 26 and January 27, 2019.  The events will begin at Cooter's in Nashville Saturday morning.  There will be autographs and photo ops, fan get togethers, cars and collectibles.  It will be so much fun.  Saturday evening there will be a "Toast and Talk" at 7 at the Troubadour followed by the screening at 8.  The party then moves to the Nashville Palace for a Celebration Concert by the cast and special guest Whey Jennings.  Dukes of Hazzard definitely runs through Whey's blood as he is the grandson of none other than Waylon Jennings.

Sunday will be more autographs, more cars, more photo ops, and more fun.  Catherine, Tom, Sonny, Rick, Ben, and Alma invite everyone to this once in a lifetime event.  I can't wait to watch One Armed Bandits with the Dukes.  Tickets to the screening and concert are limited as there is limited seating.  They are available on Cooter's Eventbrite Page.  

You don't want to miss this event.  You know I won't miss it.  It has been a few years since I've been to Nashville and I can't wait to get back.  I am also excited to visit in the winter.  By the end of January here in Pennsylvania, I'm sure I will want a break from the snow.  Nashville will be the perfect escape.  

Some of you might be thinking that showing One Armed Bandits at 8pm isn't 40 years later because the Dukes originally aired at a later time slot, 9pm, during the beginning of the first season.  Miss Alma already thought of that.  Nashville is in the Central Time Zone.  When Dukes of Hazzard originally premiered at 9pm in the Eastern Time Zone, it was on at 8pm in the Central Time Zone.  Remember the old commercials "8, 9 Central?"  Miss Alma is always one step ahead.  

We have more announcements about the event to come including some cool photo fun.  This is going to be great.  I can't wait!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

New Dukes Stuff - 11/10/2018 - The Dukes Pencil! Eddie Macon's Run Items, Bobbleheads and More

It's time for another blog filled with Dukes of Hazzard goodness including one of the absolute hardest to find golden era items in the world.

Eddie Macon's Run was a movie John Schneider starred in that was released in 1983.  It was based on a novel of the same name.  Starring along side John was a little know actor named Kirk Douglas, obvious sarcasm, and it also marked the film debut of an actual little known actor at the time, John Goodman.  It follows the tale of a wrongfully incarcerated man, John, and his break out from jail and run from the law, Kirk.  These are some items from the movie.

First up is a lobby poster featuring a large picture of John and his leading lady, Lee Purcell, along with another shot of John and Kirk Douglas.  Even though John was the star, when Kirk Douglas is in your movie, he rightfully gets top billing.  The movie's tag line is "Eddie Macon is running from a nightmare... running to a dream... and running for his life."  That's one heck of a tagline.

Next up is a VHS copy of the movie.  I'm not sure how long after the theatrical release home videos came out back then.  This tape is marked 1983, the same year the movie was released in theaters.  Until Top Gun was released on VHS in 1987 for $26.95, movies cost between $80 and $100 on VHS.  They were mostly sold to rental stores such as Blockbuster, and our local rental place, Videoland.  So this copy had to cost a lot when it was first released.

It is in nearly perfect condition, but seems to have been a rental because it has a "please rewind tape" strip on it.  Maybe it wasn't the most popular movie on the shelves, but who could resists Bo Duke and Spartacus together in one movie?  The back of the tape box mentions Dukes of Hazzard!

Also included is a copy of the book the movie was based on.  It is a rerelease of the novel that's described as "The breathtaking thriller now a Universal movie starring Kirk Douglas and John Schneider."  It has another large picture of John on the cover.  These three items make a nice package of Eddie Macon's Run items.  They aren't worth that much as they aren't that sought after but make a nice little addition to the Dukes collection.  I can file them with the Christmas Comes to Willow Creek items I own that include some autographs and a press release.

Lately I have been buying these Ertl 1/64 carrying cases whenever I see them for inexpensive prices.  I guess I've bought a lot recently.

One even came with some Duke cars included.  Hmm, what can I put inside these cases?

Oh that's right, I never stop buying Dukes 1/64s.  This is my latest haul.  They come from ebay, local shops, and a few come from a recent Fred Peters Auctioneers action.  John Peters had an auction filled with mostly '90s toys like Spawn figures, later Star Wars stuff, and some comic books.  There were a few gems hidden within like some Dukes trading cards and a few of these Ertls.

Also incuded in the "Larry lot" as John called it was this orange Charger General Lee rip off that I have never seen before.  It is clearly a Gen'ral wanna be and not just an orange Charger because it has a push bar that is similar to Ertl's take on it, but the whole grill and bar are black.  It has a tan interior, which the golden era Ertls did not have- they had black.

The bottom just says Dodge Charger and made in Hong Kong.  I wonder who made this car.  It's not a Yatming that made several different General Lee rip offs.  I'm glad John found it for me.  Into the Ertl carrying case it goes.  I love filling those things up.

Next up is a odd item.  It's an officially licensed Daisy Duke notebook straight from  When the new complete series DVD set came out earlier this year, I ventured to Warner Bros's official online store to see if they were selling it.  I was pleasantly surprised to see not only were they selling it, they had a few more Dukes items listed.  I couldn't buy them quick enough.  They offer three items that are all Daisy Duke themed.  First up is this notebook.  I didn't take it out of its plastic wrapping.  

The other two items came packaged like this.  Not the most displayable items in the collection.  But I decided to keep them sealed.

Luckily, WBShop has a nice picture of each item.  This is the notebook.
 They also offer Daisy Duke notecards.

And a Daisy Duke poster.  All three items use the same (great) picture of Daisy.  I have a suspicion that they are all "print to order" items.  The note cards measure 3.5 by 5 inches and you get 25 of them.  The poster is 10 inches by 15 inches.  The notebook is 5 inches by 8 inches and has 160 pages.  They are certainly weird items, but I'll take anything I can get that from WB that acknowledges the Dukes of Hazzard actually exists.  If buying these items makes WB see that we want more new Dukes items, everyone should go get these pieces.  Do you hear us WB?!  We love the Dukes of Hazzard and want more!!!!

Speaking of getting more Dukes of Hazzard.  Hampton Inn wants everyone to be reminded of the Dukes of Hazzard.  I guess.  This is weird.  Apparently Hampton gives these coffee cup sleeves to all its guests.  It seems to me whoever designed them is a Dukes fan.  My guess is there are other numbered items in the room.  Coffee would be number 1, maybe a pastry would be number 2, and so on meaning they want you to drink coffee as soon as you wake up... maybe.  The zero in front of the one definitely makes this Dukes inspired.  

Several friends have given me these lately.  I love when people see Dukes-like stuff and think of me.  My goal is for everyone to see Dukes of Hazzard and think of Larry Franks.  One day.  I have also seen many people online post pictures of these little Hampton coffee sleeves and equate them with the Dukes.  Maybe Hampton Inn is trying to be the official hotel of the Dukes of Hazzard.  This is a good start.

And since we're talking about giving us more Dukes of Hazzard, no one gives us as much Dukes of Hazzard as Cooter's Place.  It is the center of all things Dukes.  We love it.  They have a few new items that I had to share with everyone.  First up is this awesome General Lee jumping Rosco bobble head.  I guess it's technically a bobble head because A. it bobbles, and B. it says so on the box.  It does not, however, have a head that bobbles.

The package design is very nice.  It features the General Lee both from the front and in the air.

The car is about in between 1/64 and 1/43 in scale.  This is a very nice piece.  The box mentions collect them all.  I wonder what else Cooter's has up their sleeve.

Well another bobble head.  This actually has a head that bobbles!  This is the Cooter's Official Bobblehead Ben Jones AKA "Crazy Cooter."

This is another fine product.  Cooter features his signature yellow hat and brown work shirt.  The box design is really nice as well.

Both of these bobble heads are available at all three Cooter's locations as well as  They are limited though. Act fast!  I like that Cooter's is moving into the collectible market.  This should be fun.

Speaking of Cooter's, here is a Cooter's Garage cup full of pencils.  Let's call this a pencil cup.

The pencils that are held within this cup all come from Cooter's and have great designs.  There are pencils decorated with the General Lee, Daisy's Jeep, Cooter's tow truck, Boss's caddy, and more obscure cars like Lucifer, Cooter's Camaro, and the #44 stock car.  There are also fun color changing pencils.  These are great additions to the collection and are all readily available from Cooter's.  But there is a pencil that is not readily available.  There was once a pencil created during the golden era of Dukes that for some reason has become one of the most scarce Dukes items out there.  I've been trying to track one down for years.  I came close before, but it always slipped through my grasp.  Until now!

Presenting the Leadworks Dukes of Hazzard pencil!  I asked DukesCollector Cooter to put on white gloves when holding the pencil, but neither of us could find any tiny enough to fit his hands.  Oh well.  I am so excited to add this regular old pencil to my collection.  It is so rare and so awesome.

The design is pretty simple.  It features artwork of our three cousins and the General Lee wrapped around the pencil.

Bo is on top.  The artwork doesn't have much detail.  The white pencil uses black, blue and orange colors.  This doesn't leave any room for detail on the faces.

The General is below Bo on two wheels.  Below the General is Daisy.  Each character has a label below them.

General Lee is jumping below Daisy and Luke is on the bottom.  There are stars throughout the design.

The tiny Gen'ral has enough detail to be recognizable, but not enough to require more than the orange color.  The 01 and flag are just drawn in black.  It also says Dukes of Hazzard a few times on the pencil.  I am sure so many students took this pencil to school in the early '80s.  You weren't cool unless you took a test using the official Dukes of Hazzard pencil!

The pencil is trademarked 1982 and created by Leadworks.  Those keeping score at home should recognize the name Leadworks.  They made another product that is incredibly hard to track down.

I half expected sparks to fly and I think I heard angelic music when I inserted the Leadworks Dukes of Hazzard pencil into the Leadworks Dukes of Hazzard pencil cup.  Both of these items are super rare.  They are both marked Leadworks Inc. Cleve. OH.  The artwork of the cousins is shared on both of them.  Poor Boss Hogg didn't make it onto the pencil.  I am very fortunate to have the pencil and the cup.  These are killer pieces.

Cooter says hats off to the pencil and pencil cup.  He's pretty shocked I was able to add them to the collection, and so am I.

Monday, October 29, 2018

New Dukes Stuff - 10/29/2018 - Paint A Plaque, Novel Hardcover, Cast Belt Buckles, Slide Puzzles

I'm not wasting any time getting to the next batch of Dukes items here at DukesCollector HQ.  I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in.

DukesCollector Cooter is doing his best Rachel Reynolds impression to show off this stunner.  This item is super rare!

This is the Dukes of Hazzard Paint A Plaque craft set.  I have only seen one picture of it online, I've never seen one sell, and saw one at Cooter's in Nashville.  Until now, I have never seen another.  I had it filled under "unknown item" in my archives.  I am so excited to add this impossible to find set to the collection.

This hobby and craft product was created by Dekkertoys in 1983.  Dekkertoys is a British company now known as Cesar UK.  They currently specialize in costumes and playhouses, similar to the Dukes of Hazzard tent, but had a long history of licensed crafts toys such as this item.  The Paint A Plaque set was not sold in America.

D Dekker LTD, the parent company to Dekkertoys was based in London.

The box features the finished product.  There are two plaques included.  The first one features our cousins over the General Lee and a big Dukes of Hazzard road sign.  The second plaque has Boss Hogg, Flash, the County Sheriff badge and some car wrecks.  You get a good guy plaque and a bad guy plaque.  The images used were previously seen on other items such as the lunchboxes, and that image of Flash was used on the Arco tent.

The box also features two spiffy dressed young Dukes fans hard at work painting their plaques.  Aside from being a Dukes devotee, the young lad is also a big fan of Robin Williams, judging from his suspenders.  An instruction sheet is pictured, but my set did not come with one.

The plaques themselves are quite thin.  My guess is they would become more substantial when the included paint is applied.  They are clear and I think you are supposed to paint the reverse side.  There are eight little paint tubes included.

There is a lot of action on each plaque.  I really like the artwork.  It would take a skilled painter to finish these off as perfect as the ones pictured on the box.  I'm sure glad mine are unpainted.  This incredibly rare item came to me by way of our pal, Bernd Tiemann.  I'm so glad Bernd gave me the opportunity to add this unique piece to the collection.  Thank you again my friend!

Next up are two Cast and Crew belt buckles.  These buckles were given out by the producers each year the show was on the air.  I have been meaning to track some down, but when they appear on ebay they usually go for high prices.  These two made their way to me within the same week, and I really wasn't even looking for them.

The 1984 buckle comes from the collection of Rosco P. Coltrane himself, the late James Best.  It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by James' wife, Dorothy Best.  Our good buddy JR Garrett acquired it from Dorothy and then sold it to me.  Thanks JR!

It has James' autograph inscribed on the back.

The front is flawless.  This is a really nice example of these buckles and it is obvious it was never worn.

The other one has a little wear to it.  It is the 1983 version and was probably worn on a belt before.  It still displays very well though.  I picked it up online for a very good price.

They are both marked Trophy King on the back.

Cooter tried one on for size and really liked it.

Another super rare item I added to the collection is the hardcover version of the Dukes of Hazzard novel Gone Racin' by Eric Alter.  I had no idea this existed.

You may remember that I did a book report on Gone Racin' last summer.  It is a novel that takes place between seasons 4 and 5 and explains why Bo and Luke left the farm, how they got on the NASCAR circuit, and tells about how Coy and Vance took their place.  It is a fascinating read as it discusses things that are never mentioned on the show.  I recommend tracking down the paperback and checking it out.  This hardcover, on the other hand, won't be as easy to track down as this is the only one I have ever seen.  It was released by Severn House in 1982, the same year as the two paperback versions.

This particular copy of the hardcover is in excellent condition.  It has a plastic sleeve on it that has protected it over the last three decades.

Stunningly it was a library book that was actually checked out.  It was in the Stockport Libraries in the United Kingdom and seems to have been last checked out in 2000.  I appears it was withdrawn from circulation in 2016 and stored in the basement.   Now it's a part of my library and stored in my collection.  It will never be checked out again.  I sure am glad the library goers took such good care of it when they checked it out.  I'm glad they treated it better than Jerry treated Tropic of Cancer, and really happy Bookman didn't have to come looking for it.

It really is in perfect condition.  It does not include the picture pages the American version of the paperback has.  This version was only released in the United Kingdom and I am very fortunate to have found it.

Though the cover has a 1982 date on it, the publishing information states it was published in 1983.  Who knows how these dates work.  I guess this version came out after the paperbacks.  Severn House Publishers LTD released this version, but the other two were published by other companies.

The American version, left, was released by Warner Books, the British paperback, right, was released by Armada Books.  The hardcover has the most complete version of the artwork on it.  This artwork is used on several other items, most recognizably on the shoe box and album.  It seems the unedited piece of art is on the hardcover with differently edited versions used on the two different paperbacks.

Eric Alter wrote a fun story that is very surprising and different from what you would expect.  Dukes fans would be doing themselves a favor by reading it.  The paperback version isn't all that hard to find.

Cooter took my advice and dove in right away.  He is having a blast reading it.  His favorite parts are about the Hazzard County mechanic.  Imagine that.

Finally, I picked up a few packaged slide puzzles.  There are four different slide puzzles and I have them all out of package.  Slowly I have been getting them all in the package and I almost have them all.  But I just found out they came in different packages.  Items like this that were licensed out by WB were slapped into whatever package the manufacturers had at the time.  They are not specific to the license and I am sure this manufacturer used the same package for Strawberry Shortcake, A-Team, Smurfs, and a bunch of other puzzles.

There are a few differences to the actual puzzle in addition to being in different packages.  Notice the road is concrete colored on the left and more dirt road looking on the right.  The left actually has Dukes of Hazzard printed on the package, though there is a sticker covering most of it.  I love finding these kinds of different packages.  Oddly enough, the slide puzzle I played with most as a kid, so much so that I think I could hold my own pretty well on Survivor, is the only one that I haven't yet found in package.

There are four different ones and I guess I have variations of three of those.  They one I played with endlessly as a kid is the red one on the left.

The blue one features the entire cast.  I have a blue one and a sort of greenish blue one.  The discoloration might come from age, but they might have been in different packages.

The green one is the color of money.  It features Boss Hogg.  I noticed a tiny difference in the two as  the one on the right has small green lines on the underside of Boss's hat.  The left one doesn't have these lines.  I am guessing these two came in different packaging.

I have these two in the package and out.  The same differences as a discussed above.

And finally my favorite one.  Now I had a good bit of Dukes stuff when I was a kid, obviously nothing compared to what I have now, but this piece was special.  I would play with this slide puzzle for hours.  My sister would too.  My mom helped me solve it so many times.  I always thought it was funny the Gen'ral's tires were yellow.  I'm going to have to move the pieces and take another stab at solving this puzzle.  Yeehaw!!!!