Friday, May 22, 2020

Jaycees Dukes of Hazzard Pins - I Got Them All!

I did it!  I tracked them all down!  I got every Dukes of Hazzard Jaycees Pin from 1982 and 1983!  I'm so excited! 

Let's review.  A few months ago I started a new obsession when I bought 13 Dukes pins that I really didn't know anything about.  Once I got them, I fell down a rabbit hole exploring the history of the Jaycees, also known as the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce.  State chapters of the Jaycees produced pins each year for their convention that were meant to be traded to promote interaction with members.  Trading pins made it easier to make new friends.  The Jaycees have been making pins for decades and each state created pins that represented their area that year.  In '82 and '83 Georgia made Dukes pins because everyone loved the Dukes.  Iowa also got in the Dukes fun in '82.  I spoke with Jaycees experts and learned a lot about the organization and about this pins.  

Something fun that came from that post was an anonymous comment which enlightened me as to why Iowa made Dukes pins.  Ken Behrens was the Administrative Vice President of the Iowa Jaycees in 1981-1982 and the President in 1982-1983.  He fashioned himself to be very much like Jefferson Davis Hogg and even took the nickname Boss Hogg.  He was responsible for the Dukes Iowa pins.  That's great info.  I really love the comments I get on the blog, but please don't be anonymous, reach out so we can interact.  I'd love to know who posted that and wish that we could talk more about it.  

Ok, back to the new pins.  

Thanks to help of two collectors, I completed the set and now have all twenty-one Jaycees Dukes of Hazzard pins.  Almost immediately after posting my first pins article, a collector named Kevin reached out to me.  Kevin has been in the Jaycees pin trading world for a long time and wanted to help me complete the collection.  He had a couple of pins I needed and had many contacts to other collectors.  Kevin worked very hard to track down several pins and I'm so grateful.  He also helped me get a few non-Dukes pins that I'll talk about toward the end of this post.  Kevin helped me find all but four of the pins I needed.  Once I got the pins from Kevin in, and I was down to the final four, I reached out to another Dukes collector named Sandra who happened to have the four I needed.  Everything worked out perfectly and I tracked down all the pins.  I made a new friend in Sandra and look forward to talking Dukes with her in the future.  Thanks so much Kevin and Sandra!

The first pin in this post seems to be the last pin in the Georgia set.  This is the 1983 minor trading pin called the It's Time General Lee.  The text on the pin reads "It's time to be on the road again."  This pin gives the impression that it was traded at the end of the event right before it was time to leave.  The General is driving away past a billboard.  It's a great image.  You can see the outline of one of the Duke Boys in the passenger window.  I really like this pin.

Next up is a 1982 Georgia Senator pin.  The text reads "Boss Hogg Georgia Jaycees Senate" on the pin.  

It looks identical to the minor trading pin of the same year, just smaller.  Boss Hogg got a lot of love in the pin set.  Jaycees emphasize leadership training based on business development and management skills and Boss Hogg was the titan of business and industry in Hazzard County, so it's understandable that he gets so much attention from the Jaycees. 

Another Boss Hogg pin is the 1983 Sentate pin.  It features Boss Hogg stomping on his hat.  I'm sure the Dukes just foiled one of Boss's schemes and cost him to miss out on a lot of dirty money.  The action on this pin is a lot of fun.

Four pins of the seventeen from Georgia are Boss Hogg pins.  They must really have loved their crooked politicians!  Purely fictional of course.  

Daisy got another pin in 1983.  This is the woman's trading pin that says Georgia Jaycettes.  This time she's sitting on a peach crate drinking a...Coca-Cola!  Daisy Duke on a peach crate drinking a Coke!  Can you get more Georgia than that?  The crate and Coke also show up on...

Though he was absent in 1982, 1983 saw everyone's favorite shade tree mechanic get his own Jaycees pin.  Cooter is the major trading pin.  And would you look at that, he's leaning on a peach crate and drinking a Coke!

These two pins are made to be together.  I'm a big fan of Coca-Cola, as seen by these custom Dukes Coke bottles.  I love how the Dukes and Coke are together on these pins.  The Daisy pin, which says Jaycettes on it, is the woman's trading pin and Cooter is the kid's trading pin.  

I showed Boss's Caddy above in the Boss Hogg group shot, but it deserves a picture by itself.  Referred to as the On-To Chariman trader pin, The Cadillac is very well represented and even has the bull horns on the front.  It's throwing dust even though no one is driving it.  

Cooter didn't just get a pin of himself in the '83 series, his faithful tow truck also shows up.  Cooter had to be the hardest working man in Hazzard.  If he wasn't towing and repairing the General Lee, he was fishing Enos's patrol car out of the pond or pulling Rosco's out of a tree.  Cooter was always busy.  It's the kid's trader pin.  

The biggest pin of the 1983 set is the Delegate pin, just like in the '82 pins.  This time the General Lee isn't alone.  The pin collectors I spoke with referred to this as the General Lee crash scene, but us Dukes fans know the General Lee isn't crashing, it's "skiing" on two wheels to get away from Rosco!  

Possum on a gum bush!  Rosco and Boss can be seen watching them Duke Boys get away.  Rosco is only a silhouette, but you can see Boss with a dumbfounded look on his face.  This is the only time we see a Hazzard Patrol Car on the Georgia pins.  That's strange as I would consider the police car as the second most seen car on the show.  

This is the only pin that's sorta 3D.  The General is a separate piece on top of the patrol car.  It makes for a cool effect.  

The two biggest pins in the set are the 1982 General Lee Delegate pin and the 1983 General Lee Delegate pin.  The Delegates must have wanted the best pins all for themselves.  

More than half of the 1983 pins have a different type of pin back.  Only the Gen'ral and Daisy have the standard pin back, along with teeny Boss Hogg from 1982.  The rest have a pin mechanism that makes them hard to attach to a board.  

Speaking of attaching them to a board.  I found an odd wicker circle thing in the closet of my office.  I didn't want these beauties in a box and wanted a nice way to show them off.  The wicker circle thing did the trick.  Kevin asked me if I was looking for any other pins while he was helping me find the Dukes pins.  I told him it would be cool to have a couple very general Jaycees pins to add to the display.  He sent me this classic US Jaycees pins that I added to the top of the display.  It has 68/69 on the back of it.  I wonder if it's about fifteen years older than the Dukes pins.  

Kevin also gave me this great Georgia Jaycees pin.  It looks great with the Georgia Dukes pins.  

And finally he sent me this Iowa Jaycees pin.  I liked the idea of displaying the two states that gave us the Dukes Jaycees pins.  I'm really glad the members of the Georgia and Iowa Jaycees loved the Dukes of Hazzard so much that they incorporated it into their organization's history.  

I'm so excited that I tracked down all twenty-one pins.  It sure wasn't easy.  The wicker circle thing does it's job of displaying the pins pretty nicely.  I've spoken with several pin collectors and fellow Dukes collectors and no one knows of any other collectors that has a complete set.  Do you have one?  How did you get them all?  I love talking to fellow collectors!  This pin set definitely has a special place in the Dukes of Hazzard collection!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

New Dukes Stuff - 03/20/2020 - International 2005 Movie Items - DVDs, Music, Magazines, Lobby Cards, Poster and More

Favor de aguzar mi lapiz.  That is the extent of my non-English speaking knowledge.  I took several years of Spanish in both high school and college and all I can do is ask if I can please sharpen my pencil.  This post, that I alluded to a few posts ago, is full of wonderful international 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie items.  Because of my lack of mastery of any language that is not English, please forgive me if I get some of these foreign terms wrong.  Now that that's out of the way, please allow me to sharpen my figurative pencil and write about this awesome bunch of movie goodness.

This is a lot of stuff.  I mean a lot, a lot.  I love Dukes movie related items and consider it enough of a niche inside what is already the niche market of Dukes Collectibles.  Not everyone loves the movie, and some consider it an abomination of the Dukes, but as I've established many times here on the ol' DukesCollector blog, I love the movie, I was in the movie, and because of the movie, I had one of the greatest days of my life.  I thought I had a handle on all the movie related items.  There's the small amount of toys that are just the same items that were already released for the show in the silver era, that were repackaged in movie themed boxes.  There are promotional and display items.  And then there are releases of the movie itself.  I've written about all the different versions I have.  I've even written about foreign DVD releases before.  I thought I had just about all the Dukes movie items, or knew about which ones I didn't have.  Then I met a Jessica Simpson collector in Russia and found out I was wrong.

This journey started where most of my Dukes Collecting adventures start, on ebay.  An item that I was searching for since 2005 popped up and I had to have it.  I ended up winning the item and I'll discuss that gem in a future post.  The seller was in Russia.  I've bought ebay items from many countries in Europe, a ton from Canada, some from Mexico and Australia, but never from Russia.  On a whim I asked the seller if he had any other Dukes stuff.  That was definitely the right question.  Turns out the seller, Andrey, has a huge Jessica Simpson collection.  Andrey decided it was time to sell.  I asked about the Dukes stuff before Andrey posted any of it on ebay so I got first dibs.  I bought just about everything Andrey had to offer.  This was a serious stroke of luck because Andrey had acquired Dukes movie items from all over the globe.  These are items that were never intended to arrive in America.  Once we made the deal, I had no idea how long it would take for the items to arrive, but surprisingly the package got here in less than two weeks.  Just about everything in this post came from Andrey.  Let's take a look.

First up are a few international magazines that feature the Dukes on the cover.  I could definitely see why a Jessica Simpson collector wanted these.

The first magazine is called Satelit TV Video.  Jessica looks pretty great on the cover.  Did you notice the General Lee is also shown?

The issue is from September of 2005 and cost a lot of different amounts.

The first page tells me the magazine hails from Svetogorska, which google tells me is in Serbia.

The magazine seems to be a tv listings type issue.  I see Mr. Bean and the logos form VH1 and Cartoon Network.  Flipping through though, I can't find any mention of the Dukes.  Odd.

Next is a smaller magazine from our friends up north in Canada.  This one is entitled The Magazine and has so much to love.  The cover has the standard movie poster image.  Above that are three great titles, The O. C., Simpsons, and Futurama.  Leela from Futurama is pictured above the Dukes.

The first page of the Magazine features the complete movie poster with all the credits and release date on the bottom.  This is an exact replica of the standard poster in miniature.  Bluey was there too.

The issue is 100% Canadian and printed on recycled paper.  How environmentally conscience of them.

There's a lot of Dukes material in this issue, oh wait, they call it Hazzardous material.  That little jumping Gen'ral cartoon  seems like it might be exclusive to this book.  I've never seen it before.

The book isn't all Dukes movie, the real Dukes are featured too.  There's even some information about Dukes Collecting.  Would you look at that, a Dukes Collector writing about Dukes Collecting a magazine that discusses Dukes Collecting!  Anyone know what they are talking about when they say there's "even (an episode) where the General Lee jumps over the moon?"

The Magazine even has a contest where you could win the first three seasons on DVD by answering the question "what is the name of the fake Dukes?"  They gave Coy and Vance a whole page!  The first three seasons were the only sets released at that time.  2005 was a huge year for the Dukes.  For me too.

Season 4 is advertised on another page.  There's another contest where you could win a walk-on role on a WB show.  I would have tried to get on Smallville for sure.

There's Dukes stuff all through this issue.  Here's a random clipping of movie Bo, Luke and Daisy in the Boars Nest.

I've mentioned my love for the O. C. before.  The second season is reviewed in this magazine.

Finally there's an August calendar in the book with two of the days dedicated to Dukes.  The fourth season came out on DVD on August 2 and the movie was released on August 5. Those were some crazy Dukes filled days for me.  It was Odie's birthday the day after the movie came out.  Happy belated birthday Odie.

The third of the three magazines I bought is called TuneR Magazine and features yet another picture of Jessica as Daisy.  Many of these shots were taken at the same photo shoot and the images were released as part of the digital press kit.  I've had a copy of that since 2005.

Jessica and Burt are on the first pages of this magazine.

This one comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There's a beautiful spread of the Gen'ral and Jessica.  They refer to the Dukes movie as a Tunermovie.  This cartoon General Lee is not unique to this magazine.

The article spans several pages and has a lot of pictures.  There is information about the movie and about the General.  There are tribute General Lees shown and a picture of one of the camera cars used during production.  I was on set the day that picture was taken.  There's also a picture from 2004's Dukesfest and an image of the 71 car.

There's also a fold out poster of the image of Jessica and the General.  I'm glad Andrey never pulled it out, but I was tempted to pull it out myself.  Thankfully it's still in the magazine.

Next up are a few music CDs.

This one seems similar to the standard release of the movie soundtrack, but it's a promotional version.  The case is a standard slim case that has a printed cover.  The disc is gold colored.

The other one is pretty much the same as the first one, but is silver colored.  It's also a promotional release.  It didn't come in a plastic case and didn't have any artwork with it.  It's simply in a red slip cover that says Columbia on it.

These don't seem to be international releases as everything is in English, and they feature the FBI anti-piracy warning.  I've never come across them before so foreign or not, I'm glad I bought them from Andrey.

Next is a VCD version of the movie.  This case is the size of a CD case, but it is the movie, not a soundtrack.  This image is a version of the poster called the foreign poster.  The "All Speed, No Limit" tagline wasn't used in America.  America went with "Cousins, Outlaws, Thrillbillies."  I'm not sure we got the best tagline.

Wikipedia tells me that VCD predates DVD.  It doesn't allow as much information on the disc as DVD, but many movies were released on the format.  Wiki says that due to its low manufacturing  cost, the format is still in use in several countries in Asia.

Everything on the cover is in English, but the bottom tells me this release comes from Indonesia.

I told you we had items from all over the world.

Next up is another VCD, this time labeled as a Video CD, that has no other English on it whatsoever.  All I can get from this title is 3s can be both F, in the of, and Z in the Hazzard.  That's some very interesting letters. 

I miss holograms.

This case is also CD sized and does have a little English mixed in the legal descriptions.

I believe this one comes from Ukraine.  I'm going to refrain from making the Seinfeld joke.

The final VCD in the bunch is unique.  I've never seen a CD, VCD, or DVD in a case oriented this way.  The spine of the case is on top.  That's crazy.  The case says it's a 2 CD set.

This one has the VCD Video logo on it.

The back of the case is also what I would consider sideways.  It seems like they fit a little more artwork on there by turning the image.

This release is from Singapore.

Next up is what appears to be a standard Unrated version of the DVD.  The orange sticker that reads the film contains nudity, obscenity, and drug use caught my eye as the standard version didn't have that sticker.

The back is the same as the regular release and even says this version is for sale in USA and Canada only.

The interesting part is this sticker that seals the case is definitely not in English.  My keyboard doesn't have keys with those letters on them so I couldn't figure out where this release comes from.

Next up is a DVD from Brazil.  In Portugese the Dukes of Hazzard is Os Gatoes.  It's subtitled Uma Nova Balada.

That translates to The Cats, a New Ballad.  I have no idea why.  That may be odder than the French translation of Sherif, fais-moi peur! which means Sheriff, do I fear.  I like how they matched the font and the Z underline.  Including "the New Ballad" is interesting because the movie never carried a subtitle or anything.  And the use of the word "Ballard" is fun because the Dukes has a balladeer, not a narrator.

This is a region 4 DVD.  I wonder who decided which video regions got which numbers.

Next is a DVD that looks similar to the above Video CD that I think is from Ukraine.  The N3 portion of the title is on the second line, but the title is the same.  The font is different.  I can't figure out where this one comes from.  Even the names are in this language.

Most of the other releases have the credits portion in English, this one is all in the language. Very interesting to see Jay Chandrasekhar in another language.

This may be a Russian release.  Why does it have a Universal hologram?  So many questions.

Interestingly, the disc is all English.  This wasn't sealed.

The final DVD comes from Poland.  "Dukes of"  seems to be one word.  This is so cool seeing all the different versions of the Dukes of Hazzard.

Is this a region 2 and region 5 release?  Is that possible?

This one also has a weird hologram on it.  Why aren't holograms a thing anymore?  I had so many early '90s X-Men holograms.  Weird how they went out of style.  

This case was also not sealed.  The two discs are very similar, except the big text box on the Polish one.

Ok, moving away from one media to another, these are lobby cards that I picked up from other sellers, not Andrey.  This is my second and third set of lobby cards.  I picked up a set that's in French way back in 2014.

This set is totally in English, and I think it's an American set, but I bought them from a seller in Romania.  I rarely ever see them for sale and most times they aren't for sale in America.  The price was right and the timing was coincidental that I could include them in this post.  I think there may be two that I'm missing from this set.  The search continues.

Ok, this is definitely an American release.  Wonder why I had to buy them from another country?

The next bunch of lobby cards come from Germany.  I have a few items that are titled Ein Duke Kommt Selten Allein, which translates to A Duke is Coming Alone.  The Dukes rarely go anywhere alone.  I have a few DVDs and a movie poster with this German title.

It's interesting how different the designs are on the different sets of lobby cards.

The American set, which I bought from Romania, is bigger than the German set.  The German cards are thinner as well.  The American cards are almost card stock thick.

Next up is a full size movie poster that has the title in Russian.  How cool is this?

This item comes from Andrey.  Everything, including the credits, are in Russian and I think this item comes from Russia.  This sure is unique.

The final items from Andrey are... odd.  I saw them in with the stuff he was offering and went back and fourth over buying them.  I decided to go for them.  They are three different poster calendars that are Jessica Simpson items, not exactly Dukes.  But Jessica as Daisy Duke in the Boars Nest is on the cover of all three so they are Dukes-centric.  One of the calendars is from 2007 and two are from 2008.

The calendars are pretty large, 12" by 17". The fronts are very Dukes, but the backs feature the individual months and they have pictures of mostly non-Dukes pictures of Jessica.  All three calendars are sealed.

I'm not sure what county these calendars come from, but judging from the website ending in .it they may come from Italy.  Imagicom makes them and their website is active.  They are based in Italy.  They say 100% Unofficial, that's pretty funny, but at least they are being honest.

The legal information is interesting.  They they have no association with Jessica and are not breaching any copyright laws, but nothing can be reproduced without their permission.  That's a little contradicting.

A few of the pictures are funny.  This picture of Jessica in her Daisy Duke outfit in front of the General Lee is actually a wax statue.  She's looking a little more glossy than usual.

This picture was taken during the "These Boots Are Made For Walking" music video shoot.  The song was used in the movie and the General Lee is in the video.  This picture has to be an outtake though, right?  She has her tongue sticking out.

The picture on the right was taken at the Hollywood premiere of the Dukes movie.  How do I know?  I was there too!  You knew that.

I'm not sure I'll ever land another international haul like this again.  I'm so glad I hooked up with Andrey and was able to purchase this stuff.  Thanks again Andrey.  I love adding unique items like this to the collection.  I wonder how many different copies of the movie I have?