Tuesday, April 8, 2014

1/43 General Lee Resin Replica from Auto World

At long last, the new Auto World 1/43 General Lee resin replica is out!  To celebrate, I took a billion pictures.

Auto World was told by Warner Brothers not to show the rebel flag on the outside of their Dukes of Hazzard packages, as was anyone currently producing Dukes products.  Their first attempt at adding a temporary orange stick over the flag seems to have brought them unwanted criticism.  People thought they committed an egregious act by removing the flag.  Auto World respects the General Lee too much to ever do that.  All of their releases since have had a sealed box with a side shot of the Gen'ral.  No reason to suspect the flag isn't there.  Good thinking.

The box for the 1/43 has the design we know and love.  It has the familiar pictures of the General on the sides.

It has the newer red Auto World stripe that was also on the 1/18 Plymouth and the slot cars.

Inside the box is another box that you can use to display the General in if you choose to look at the actual car.  I like that AW gives you options.

The back of the internal box is similar to the back of the external box, but it has the Silver Screens Machines logo on it.  It also says "1/43 Scale Resin Replica" where the external has that on the front.

The car comes with a display case and base.  This is my third 1/43 car and they all have cases.  It must be the norm with this scale car.

Like the other ones, the base is also labeled.

The car is very detailed.  It has an antenna and windshield wipers.  It lives up to the Auto World standard set by the king of Dukes replicas, the AW 1/18 General Lee.

Unlike diecast replicas, resin cars do not have moving parts like opening hoods.  The wheels barely move on this car.  It is surely a replica and not a toy.

The flag and text look great.

The interior is surprisingly detailed for a car of this size.  You can see details in the instrument panels and seat belts.  The roll bar looks great too.  

The wheels are also nearly perfect.  These are the best the General Lee wheels look and any replica beside the AW 1/18.


The bottom of the car has some detail along with 2013 copyright information for Warner Bros. and Round 2.  I wonder why it has 2013 and not 2014.  Maybe it has to do with when the was approved.

I've been waiting to take this picture since I received the other two, non-licensed, 1/43 scale resin Dukes of Hazzard vehicles.  The set is complete not.  These three cars look great together.  They were made to be together, by three different, seemingly foreign companies.

This makes me wish I had a 1/43 resin Boar's Nest to set up behind the cars.

The license plates all look correct, but the General is a little yellower.  But that is as consistent as they were on the show.   If Auto World or some random foreign company would like to add the Dukes 1/43 collection, we still need Daisy's Jeep, Uncle Jesse's Pickup, and Cooter's Tow Truck.  Come on world, we can do this.

It is a shame that the three cars are in such different boxes.  They don't look right displayed together in the box.  The Rosco display case is only slightly smaller than the General's, but the Caddy is way too big.  Much better to display them out of the box together.

I had to compare the two Auto World replicas.  This is the 1/18 and the new 1/43.

The wheels look great on both.  The 1/43 might even look a little better.

The 01s on both also look great.

The CNH-320 plate looks the same on both.

It seems maybe AW listened to my complaining about the rebel flag front plate.  It is a staple on tribute General Lees, but it wasn't used on the show.  Good move AW not including it.

The flags and text match on the two cars.

I love doing these kind pictures.  This is the most detailed car in each scale.

We have the AW 1/18 in the back, the Danbury Mint 1/24 General Lee, the 1/36 Corgi General Lee, the new 1/43 from AW, Johnny Lightning's Dukes of Hazzard Series 3 1/64 General Lee, and the Racing Champion 1/144 General Lee.  All of these cars are diecast except the new 1/43.

These shots are fun to take and play with.  I love having so many General Lees.

The new Auto World 1/43 is only slightly smaller than the Corgi 1/36.  

But the level of detail is worlds apart.  The AW blows the Corgi out of the water, or off the dirt road.

The Danbury Mint General is similar to the new 1/43, but has all the nice moving parts that the AW doesn't.  The decals on the AW look better.

These are the three highly detailed General Lee replicas.  The two by AW and the Danbury Mint.  They are the best General Lee replicas you can buy.

Auto World's recent line of Dukes of Hazzard Silver Screen Machines is impressive.  The 1/43 resin General Lee joins the assortment of slot car General Lees, the 1/18 Daisy Duke Plymouth, and the 1/18 Lee.  The Hazzard County Pursuit Police Car is due to be released in a couple of weeks and will join the line.   I told you I took a lot of pictures.

Our friend Kevin Clark took his photography and design talent to the three Dukes 1/43 cars and sent me this very cool advertisement.  This shot looks professional, thanks Kevin!


  1. Nice try but arial & wheels are not to scale & it really spoils the look! wheels look like 17" rims, the antenna is a joke....why bother adding these parts if there not correct I really dont get it? In my opinon if the rims were the correct 14" scale & they left of that crappy arial then this would be a great model. They still havent moved the front nugde bar top cross piece up even though this is new tooling!...still going to buy it even though it is way over priced!!!!!! ye ha

  2. Sir, could I buy the biggest General lee Car?

  3. I want to get a 1/43 Scale General Lee, where can I find such, and whats a ball-game figure on cost for the car?

  4. Donde puedo comprar uno con envío a Chile escala 1:43???