Friday, January 18, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 1/17/203 - New Tin Signs, UK T-Shirts...

Now this is new stuff!  In the last "New Stuff" post I basically stocked up on a bunch of things I already had.  This time I got NEW new stuff.  And it's pretty awesome.

First are these brand new tin signs that were just released.  They are a little bigger than an album cover and look great.

The first one features Daisy and the Boars Nest logo.  They have the correct classic show logo for Boss Hogg's establishment.  Recent products, like the final series in the Johnny Lightning line, mistakenly used the movie's Boars Nest logo.   This sign could hang somewhere in the fictional Hazzard County.  If I saw it on a billboard driving through Georgia, I would head on over to the Boars Nest.  Strictly for the Bar-B-Que, of course.

The other new sign features a familiar shot of our favorite cousins with Uncle Jesse, Boss, and Rosco in the background.  And two jumping General Lees.  You usually only see one General.  I like seeing both sides.  I found these signs on ebay.  They cost twelve dollars each and are definitely  worth it.    They remind me of the Golden Era (HA--- I used it) TV Trays.  

The back has the trademark information.  They are made by a company called Desperate Enterprises, Inc.  I buy everything new that comes out.  Not every other Dukes collector or blog viewer wants to do that.  But everyone should buy these signs.  They are basically metal posters.  The artwork is great.  They already have holes in the corner for hanging on the wall.  And they only cost twelve bucks each, with shipping!  Out of the box, unusual items like this are too few are far between.  We need to support them when they are released.  If we make these a best seller, we will get more uncommon Dukes of Hazzard items.  And they are just so cool,  I'm gonna buy more.  Put them up in the bathroom or something.  Stepping off my pedestal now, let's carry on.  

Totally unexpectedly, one of the blog supporters that I sent a puzzle to sent me a couple of T-shirts that I have never seen before--- probably because they come from the United Kingdom.  

The first one features a classic logo and the General Lee.  The caption beneath says "The General Lee Collection."  My guess is this shirt advertises the release of the UK only VHS set from 2001.  

The font matches on both products.  I wonder if they also made a Rosco and Daisy shirt.  The shirt has that great soft feel.  

The other shirt is pretty crazy.  It says Ringspun Allstars on top of a picture of Bo, Luke, and Daisy.  It has an 01 and a patch on the front.  

The back has a big 01 and says "Hazard County" below.  That is the giveaway that it is not licensed.  It is still a very cool and unique shirt.  Google says that Ringspun Allstars was a British t-shirt designer.  Don't think they lasted too long.  I can't thank James enough for these great additions to the collection.  James runs the website totally devoted to Knickerbocker Dukes of Hazzard Playsets.  I have mentioned it on here several times before.  If you haven't checked it out, you need to do so.  

I picked up a few other shirts as well.  This one is available on, but for some reason, I never bought it.  I won an auction that had these two shirts and the bag.  

This shirt has the movie logo.  I wonder if anyone but me pays attention to those things anymore.  It is also super soft.  

I wanted the blue shirt and bag, but this shirt came with them.  I already have it.  Still a great shirt.  

This bag is...interesting.  It has tags and is licensed.  It was sold at the last Dukesfest and on the Dukesfest site when John Schneider took over running the show from Ben and Alma.  

They had a couple other Dukesfest specific items that I have yet to buy.  I'll find them at the right price.  Perhaps the purpose of this bag was to carry all the items you bought at the event.  Glad I found one with the tags still attached.  

And finally I got a Denver Pyle autograph.  I am still waiting to find one personalized to Larry.  This one was to Garry.  So close!  These go for pretty high prices.  I was surprised that this one slipped through the cracks.  I got it pretty cheap.  Gotta love Uncle Jesse.


  1. I'm glad the t shirts arrived safely, they already look great in the collection. I think I'll try and get one of the tin posters as well. Something a bit different.

  2. Desperate Enterprises have a website or contact info?

  3. I've got a DOH purse signed by Cletus...Anyone interested?