Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Dukes Stuff - 1/9/2013 - Boardgames, books, and magazines

I am not a hoarder.  Whenever I buy things like the above auction lot, I have to tell myself that.  I bought this bunch all together from a single seller.  He had quite a few other Dukes items all in large bunches.  I asked why he was selling it all and he said everything belonged to his son, and he no longer had interest.  It is sad when we lose a collector.  Especially one who compiled quite a nice collection.  The seller sold all the auctions for a decent amount of money, but he would have gotten a lot more had he pieced it out.  I tried for a few other lots, but got out bid.  Let's take a look at the contents.

First we got the random stuff pile.  There are two puzzles with no box, a bag full of View-Master reels and Etch A Sketch screens and the Eric Alter book "Gone Racin" with no cover.  Not exactly your prize crop,  but good items to have on hand for budding Dukes fans.  I have two different copies of this book that are both in such good condition that I don't like to open them to crease the spine.  Maybe now I can actually read this one.  I am not sure which puzzles these are.

I think this is the only new to me item in the bunch.  I don't think I have this Dynamite Magazine.   I have at least two other copies of this Scrapbook though.  I used to read my original endlessly before I went to sleep when I was a kid.  All three of these are in nice condition.

In not so nice condition are these coloring books.  Each one is colored in and pretty beat up.  I have a lot of coloring books.

Steve Ludwig once owned this book and could draw a mean General Lee.  His Gumby wasn't too shabby either.  Good job Steve.

Not long ago, the Shrinky Dinks set was on my list of hard to find items.  Now I have at least three of them, and even Shriny Dinked one of the sets with Jeff.  This lot came with a Colorform playset and Shrinky Dinks activity set.  Both are in decent condition and are complete.

I was wrong about nothing else being new to me.  I don't have this Here Come the Dukes Of Hazzard read along book with Cassette.  There is also a version with a record that I do have.  Also included here are two other read along books, without cassette or record, and Waylon's 45 of the theme song.  Pretty good shape too.

The problem with not being as organized as I would like to be, is not knowing exactly what I have.  I don't know for sure if I have this orange box puzzle.  I have two of the yellow Carnival of Thrills puzzles. I bought a sealed one not long ago at the Steel City Con.  Both of these are complete.

It is funny that they used this image.  Before, I always thought that this image was one of a miniature that they used in the last season of the show.  But this puzzle came out in 1981, years before the last season.  It is a picture of a real General busting through a barn, they just sort of "enhanced"  the image.  There must not have been enough detail in the image, because someone added a lot more orange and drew a blue 01 on the door.  It sort of looks cartoonish.  That's why I always thought it was a picture of a miniature--- they never looked right either.

Speaking of cartoons, these are the other two puzzles that came in this lot.  The Boss Hogg puzzle is a classic with such a great photo of Boss.  The other one I have isn't in the best shape.  This one is much nicer.   This is a puzzle that would be great to put together, frame, and hang on the wall.  Gotta love Boss.  The other puzzle has a cartoon scene.  To my knowledge, this artwork was only used on this puzzle.

It is very well done.  It includes a very recognizable Hazzard Square background.  Both of the Hazzard Sheriffs look like Rosco though.  And they never did that much damage to Boss Hogg's Cadillac.  Very nice detail was giving to each of the vehicles.  The front bumper of the General looks weird, but it is a very cool and unique piece of Dukes art.

The highlight of the lot are these three boardgames.  Two are in great condition, and one is in decent condition.  I have seen single boardgames go for more than what I paid for the whole lot.  When I was a kid, a friend who was about five years older than me had this game.  I loved going to his house to play it.  He gave it to me after I bugged him so much.  Then our basement flooded and destroyed the game.  Fast forward to when I was in high school and the boardgame was one of the first things I ever bought online.

And look, one of these games has a different color gameboard.  All of the artwork used for this game was also unique to the game.  I wonder if the originals are out there somewhere in the depths of the Ideal Toy Company.  Wikipedia tells me that Mattel now owns what was Ideal.  Mattel keeps everything, so it is conceivable that the artwork still exists.  That would be fun.

And finally, I got this compass from a separate auction.  It is from of the Gordy International line.  It is unique because it features Coy and Vance instead of Bo and Luke.

Coy and Vance.  We all know how Rush feels about them.

The inclusion of the Phonetic Alphabet on the ruler/compass is pretty awesome.  Odd, but awesome.

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