Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Dukes Stuff - 12/11/2012

This weekend was the Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA.  I didn't hit the jackpot as far as Dukes items, but I did pick up a few cool things.

First off is this nice General ripoff Dixie Special from Road Champs.  It's the same one that our pal, Reis the Dork Lord, gave me San Diego Comic Con.  It's funny that it does not say Yatming anywhere on the package.  It does have Free Wheeling Action!

This little beauty came from ebay.  It's the Dukes of Hazzard Super Stunt Wheelies General Lee Stunt Buster  with Crash Wall.  Say that five time fast.  It is the same General that comes with the Barn Buster and Speed Jumper, with a few minor differences.  The package is in pretty bad shape, but this is quite a rare item, so the condition isn't my biggest concern.  I didn't have it, so I'll take it.

The back of the package shows some of the other Dukes offerings from Knickerbocker, the Finger Racer Crash Cars.  It appears the books needed to stand the ramp up are not included.

With the packaged General, I got five looses and mostly beat up Generals.  And one from the Steel City Con.  All of these Generals are pretty rough, but they were cheap, so bring 'em on.

All but one of these cars were either Barn Buster or Stunt Buster General Lees and only one came from a Speed Jumper set.  The way to tell is the little switch on the back left of the front center car.  It triggered the car to speed up and make the jump.

One of the above cars, who knows which one now, came with the Barn Buster set from the Steel City Con. It is in pretty nice shape and, again, was cheap, so I grabbed it.

I found this puzzle from another vendor at the show.  The box is in great shape.

And finally I picked up these American Muscle Body Shop sets by Ertl.  I have both of them already, but its nice to have extras.  And they are near mint.  My other Rosco Cruiser is autographed by James Best.  I got it signed the first time I met him in Sperryville.  Notice it spells Rosco's name wrong.  When I handed it to James, it was the first time he saw the set as it was just recently released.  He was very upset they misspelled his character's name.  The General Lee in the series is a different diecast than previously released and has several small details that lends itself to building.  These two cars are just the standard releases taken apart.  They charged more for the car and the buyer had to put it together.  Pretty good marketing technique.  But hey, you get a tiny screwdriver!


  1. This blog solves all sorts of things.

  2. Congratulations on getting hold of the Super Stunt Wheelies General Lee Stunt Buster with Crash Wall (and for typing it). They never come up for sale here in the UK. It’s also nice to see a Barn Buster set with the barn doors still included. It seems in the 80s that these were the first things to fall down the floorboards or be eaten by the cat. You’ve got quite a junkyard of old playset Generals now as well. The one with no back tyres looks like it’s had a hard life.

    1. I think the main reason I bought the set was because the doors were so nice. I certainly do have a bunch of playset Generals. Yeah, that poor guy even has a broken spoiler. But he is in a good home now.