Friday, December 14, 2012

Jeff is writing The Tick and Larry is on!!!

What an awesome day for the creators of Franks and Beans!

Fellow Franks and Beans cohort, creator of Teddy and the Yeti, and all around great guy, Jeff McClelland, finally got to announce his huge news.  He is writing the upcoming Free Comic Book Day issue of The Tick! Jeff has been published several times before, in his own creations and in other books, but this is the first big time character he has written for.  The issue will be out in May and did I mention it will be free?

Maybe now we know why Jeff was inside the Tick booth at SDCC looking so excited.  This is a huge opportunity for Jeff and I couldn't be happier for him.  He deserves it.  

I found a fun surprise this morning. I read the movie website JoBlo everyday. In my opinion it's the best source for all the inside info from Hollywood. I logged on today to find an article about me. No, I wasn't chosen to reprise my role as "Hazzard Country Citizen 1" in a Dukes reboot (yet) and Franks and Beans hasn't been optioned for a feature (again, yet) but my collection was featured on JoBlo's Show Us Your Shit column. They ask readers to submit their collections relating to movies. Obviously mine mostly pertains to TV but I got just about everything Dukes movie released too. It is awesome to be featured. JoBlo has a huge following and this will help spread the DukesCollector brand to tons of new visitors. If you're reading this post because you were lead here from JoBlo, welcome and enjoy your visit, and I hope you come back. Thanks JoBlo, keep being an awesome movie site!

If anyone is new to the party, Franks and Beans is the online comedy sketch show me and Jeff put together. It is comedy worth fighting for. Check out the homepage and our YouTube channel.

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