Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard Curvehuggers Electric Racing Slot Car Set by Auto World

Got another new item that was just released.  The Dukes of Hazzard Curvehuggers Electric Racing Slot Car Set.  This one comes from our pals over at Auto World.  They had a banner Dukes of Hazzard year in 2012.  This is the third slot car set by AW.  It's the smallest of the three with 14 feet of track.

The box design features brand new artwork of the General Lee being chased by Rosco.  The artists did an excellent job.  The scene is out of focus giving it a motion blur kind of feel.  I really like seeing new products with new artwork.

This set is called the Curvehuggers.  It features a crash intersection and a new jump and landing track section.  I really want to know if the jump works, but I would rather not open it completely.

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the box features the return of the infamous "bald" General Lee.

Fortunately the box did not come sealed so I could peak inside.  The General that comes with the set is not bald and has the flag where it should be.  This set must have been in production during the "Great Rebel Flag Debacle of 2012" (it's a thing, really) and the creators must have removed the flag before they heard that Cooter, me, and the rest of the Dukes fan world demanded the General go untouched.  That was such a great win for us.

The General Lee and Rosco Patrol Car feature nice detail.  I can tell even through the bubble wrap.

Here is everything in the box.  The set comes with a large cardboard backdrop that has a nice Hazzard County vibe.  I know that if I ever took all these pieces out and put the set together, I would never get them back in the box so nicely.

That back of the box shows different layouts you can configure the set in.

The top of the box has a convenient carrying handle and a list of the contents.  This list is also on the other three sides of the box.

Each of the three slot car sets from Auto World have a different design to the box and feature different artwork.  Variety is a good thing.  The first set (bottom right) came out in 2006 and featured 28 feet of track.  The box stayed close in design to most of the Dukes items that have been released from 2006 to now.  The second set (left) came with a whopping 38 feet of track.  The box artwork of the General racing Rosco is still used as the background to Auto World's website.  The older two sets feature track pieces where the cars can either crash head on or side swipe each other, but this new set is the first to feature a jump.  Man, I really want to know how good that works.  A future blog post?  Perhaps.


  1. That is very cool, thanks so much for sharing this. I just started collecting Carrera slot cars with one of my friends and we've been looking for some great tracks to try them out on. We are hoping to have a pretty big track so we can have more cars.