Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Dukes Merchandise Mystery: Dukes of Hazzard Pint Glasses

I love new Dukes of Hazzard things.  Especially unexpected items like this.  These are the brand new Dukes of Hazzard Pint Glasses.  And they come with a bit of mystery, but first the pictures.

The box uses the current standard Dukes of Hazzard design.

The back also has the same blurb that is on all the newer products.  I'm really surprised the glasses feature the Duke Cousins primarily and not the General Lee.  Though I am not complaining about it.  It just seems to be the trend with newer products to highlight the General over the cast.  But in my opinion, the more items with my pals John, Tom, Cathy, and especially Ben on them, the better.

The box was not sealed, so I took the glasses out for pictures.  This one features a picture that I haven't seen used before on products.  It is from the episode "Birds Gotta Fly" where Daisy leaves the farm to race Molly Hargrove's racecar.  It is interesting that they would use such an episode-specific shot.

The other one is a much more familiar picture of Daisy.  This image was on a poster back then and recently used on a newer t-shirt (available on  This glass really reminds me of that old Sesame Street  character, Teeny Little Super Guy (Thanks Google).

They could be friends.  Or Super Guy could wish they would be more than friends.  Keep dreaming Super Guy.

Opposite of the picture is the trademark information.  2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  This is a very nice set and great addition to any Dukes collection, but is it readily available?  This is where the mystery lies.

Back in September, I found a listing for these glasses on Entertainment Earth while pre-ordering my Exclusive KITT with Micheal Knight set (still can't wait for that sucker).  I used G+ to share the glass set, and spelled the word "found" wrong. (I'm not the biggest social network guy, and only have a G+ account because it's built into this blog and my Droid phone).  I pre-ordered the set immediately and figured I would wait until they arrived to discuss them here on the blog.  Then on October, EE told me that the set was cancelled.  I was bummed.  But last week, the set I now own popped up on ebay.  I just had to outbid everyone else and get it.

I searched online and I can't find the set for sale anywhere.  There are a few mentions of it, but they all say the same as Entertainment Earth, that it is cancelled.  So where did my set come from?  Could it be a production sample?  Could it be a super rare one of a kind?  Or perhaps the set wasn't cancelled and this is just one of the first sets to be put on the shelves.  Either way, I'm happy.  I did find out that the glasses are made by a company called Silver Buffalo from New York City.  They make a whole bunch of novelty items with entertainment licences.  The picture above is from their fall catalog and features what must have been the prototype shot.  The box graphic is very generic and the left glass has a different image.  This image is a much more commonly used shot and I'm surprised they went with the "Birds Gotta Fly" one.  If mine isn't super rare, and more do pop up, I'll surely buy several sets and actually use some of them.  Maybe once the museum gets up and running, I can serve my visitors beverages in these very pint glasses.
While looking through another Silver Buffalo catalog, they are a whole-seller and don't sell directly to the public, I found the above mug.  It is in a newer catalog and might be coming soon.  Awesome.  If museum guests want coffee, I'll have that covered too.

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