Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Dukes Stuff 11/6/2012 - Boss Hogg shirt, watches, sheet music, and more

Halloween is over and things are settling down here at Dukes Collector headquarters (the kitchen and back room of my office).  Let's get back on track with a new entry filled with my newest acquisitions.

I got the other awesome Dukes of Hazzard Drawing Pad.  This one has Bo and Luke on the cover.  You may remember that I picked up the first one from our pal Rush Pedder a while back.  Rush has become quite a good friend of the blog.  He is always looking out for new things and found something really cool I will show off in a future blog.  

The inside cover has the same drawing as the Daisy version.  I said it before and I have to say it again, the Duke Boys' hair is flowing.  

I also got this smaller Dukes of Hazzard Pencil Tablet.  It is made by the same company that makes all of these tablets, WriteRight.  It is similar in shape and quality to those tablets they handed out on the first day of elementary school.  It doesn't have a drawing inside.  It's funny that this is the photo used for the drawing in the other tablets, but the drawing is flipped.  

It looks like someone told Daisy a dirty joke and Uncle Jesse doesn't approve.  

And rounding out the school supplies of this haul is a smaller notebook.  I would say this one is diary sized  compared to some of the other ones that are standard notebook sized.  

I got all three of these from the same seller/fellow collector.  They are in nearly perfect condition.  

I picked up these five buttons promoting the release of the movie in an auction of about twenty buttons.  I have seen these go before, but usually only one at a time.  They seem cooler in bunches.  The other buttons in the lot included Rocksteady and Bebop, Shredder, and New Kids on the Block, among others.  Jeff wanted them for some reason.  TMNT I can see, but NKOTB?  Come on Jeff!

I got the Good Ol' Boys by Waylon Jennings sheet music.  The seller thought they made a mistake by cutting off Waylon's head.  We all know that this was the album cover for the single because it is similar to the opening shot of the theme song.  Does anyone know why his head is cut off in the opener?  Answer in the comments and you get a prize.  (Hmmm, what to give as a prize?  Perhaps a New Kids button).

It's only two pages.  I made a copy and will try to get my 10 year old cousin to play it for me on her brand new guitar.  She is getting really good.  (There you go Bryn. I mentioned you on here before I put you in an episode of Franks and Beans)

Speaking of the theme song.  I bought this British import single.  It has the theme of the Dukes as well as the theme from 'CHiPs' on it.  Didn't know the artist was Corniche.  This record was released in 1982, during the height of the show's popularity, and yet it is called a "golden groove."  Weird.  

Other "golden grooves" include Elvis, Perry Como, Barry White, Dion, Iggy Pop, CCR, and the Chiffons.  Quite the selection.  

The record is in pretty good shape.  I really need to fire up my Dukes record player and play these things.  

Every collector should have good friends like I do.  I have mentioned before that I have a friend who owns a classic toy store, Pop Culture Connection, in Greensburg, PA.  I also have a pal who just happens to own 80stees.com.  They both look out for the Dukes collection.  My oldest friend in the world is also always on the look out.  John Peters is an auctioneer.  Auctioneers always find good stuff.  Recently, John picked up this lunch box for me.  It is quite beat up, and it seems to have once been owned by Barb, but it's still great.  It has patina to it.  

Barb had fun with the marker.  I wasn't brave enough to open the thermos.  Awesome find John, keep 'em coming.  

Did I just mention 80stees?  What a coincidence.  I happen to have just got this shirt delivered from them which I ordered yesterday.  I love that I always get it the next day from them.  This new shirt has a picture of Boss Hogg and a caption saying " I RUN this town."  You sure thought you did Boss.  What a great shirt.  

And the big scores are these Dukes of Hazzard child's wrist watches.  The first one is still in the package.  They don't actually tell time.  They were meant as learning toys for children.  These are super rare.  This one in the blue card usually has a yellow wristband and red clasps.  Even fellow collector Dave Dewitt never saw this all white strap variant.  

The second one I picked up is also different than the ones Dave has.  His version of this one is blue strapped with a yellow outlined face.  This one would have come in a red package.  

They have the same graphic of the General on them, but have different mechanisms.  The one on the left features moving hands as well as moving wheels on the General.  It also ticks when round up.  The yellow circle on the right one acts as a second counter.  It doesn't tick.  

They are made by the company Durham Industries.  That's it for this time. 

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  1. Lots of stuff this time around! And what can I say, I like pins of every kind. If there were a pin that was just a picture of a pin, I'd buy ten of them, but it'd actually be like having 20 instead. Oh, I'm growing faint just thinking about it...