Monday, November 26, 2012

Score! White Lightning Rosco car, Underoos, and a new Knight Rider commercial?

Got a couple of great times recently to add to the collection.

This 1/64 set is slightly different than the other ones I have.  The other set with the same four vehicles has the General Lee and Boss Hogg's Caddy in the opposite positions.  This one is about as beat up as the ones I have, but I got it for a really good price and it's different, so I had to pick it up.

The General has the orange stickers for the 01s and the flag.  Our resident 1/64 expert, Sam, can fill me in on which General this is, and where it was made.  It is weird that some of these original Boss Hogg Caddys have the words "Boss Hogg" on them and some don't.

The Caddy's in the playsets do not have the text on the car, while the double and single carded ones do.  I wonder why.

I also picked up the Daisy Dukes Underoos.  I didn't realize that the shirt I bought in July was from this set.  These are really rare and hard to come by in the package.  This one is still sealed in plastic.

They only cost a buck when they were new.  Crazy.

I got the General Lee set all the way back in April of 2012.  I now have two of the three Underoos sets.  Got to find that Bo and Luke set.

And the biggest score is the White Lightning version of the new 1/18 Rosco Patrol Car from Johnny Lightning.  I did a full review of this car here.

The aspect that makes this car a WL is the classic white rubber wheels.

The rims are also gold, though it is kind of hard to see the color in these pictures from my Droid camera.  The rumor is that there are only 100 WL versions of this car.  So I am very lucky to have found one.  A few went on ebay for quite a bit more than I wanted to pay.  I was fortunate to find one at a reasonable "buy it now" price and I grabbed it right away.  The thing about these White Lightnings is they only exist to make the online retailers extra money.  Most of the cars aren't sold in standard stores, so a buyer can't usually find one on the shelf.  But with a product with such a small target audience as diecast cars, maybe these are seen as bonuses for the retailers who keep the hobby alive.  I am still on the look out for the WL 00 Mustang.

While watching Sunday Night Football last night, I was floored when the General Lee's buddy KITT showed  up on TV to say hello.  If you are familiar with my blog, you know that I also love Knight Rider.  Seeing the original KITT talk about smart trains was surprising but really cool.  Check out the commercial from youtube:

I know it does't look perfectly formatted to the side of the blog, but who wants to watch it any smaller?  GE owns NBC and Universal who owns Knight Rider, so that is how this all goes together.  It is a really cool that they are advertising their brilliant machines by using one of TV's brilliant machines.  And hearing William Daniels as KITT again is so cool.  (He'll always be KITT to me, not Mr. Feeny)  While searching for this video on youtube, I found another similar video that GE made that I haven't spotted on TV yet:

Jeff will love the end of it.  It is another great commercial.  I expected Arnold as the T-800 to show up.  KITT and Johnny-5 together is awesome.


  1. I was hoping to see Bender in there somewhere. It makes me wonder who owns all of these licenses, and how much GE paid to get them in this 60 second ad. Crazy!

  2. Love the White Lightning! Great find! Your 4 pack set is a USA made set.There are several ways you can tell but I'll spare you all the details for now haha! Boss' Caddy came in two versions: the Hong Kong and the USA made version (which is now the China made version).To my knowledge, the 1981 USA versions were the only ones to have the BOSS HOGG on the side. Those versions can come with the text on a decal or have it actually printed on the car (tampo). Ertl did the same thing with the A-team vans - some had stickers, some had the printed on tampos. It looks like the Caddy's you have in the four pictures are all USA made. There are several ways you can differentiate the two, but the biggest tell is the absence of a shorter, darkly tinted windshield. All the Hong Kong versions I have or have seen all have the shorter, tinted windshield. There are several ways to tell the Patrol cars apart too but the easiest way to spot a HK version is a "squished" front grill. The USA made versions (now China made)have taller front grills like the ones in your new four pack :D

  3. I just wanted to add that there are odd variants out there like a black based, USA made Boss' Caddy and General Lee's with different decals (like a Taiwan made General with the USA decals).So it is possible to have a HK Caddy with BOSS text, but they would be more rare than the USA version. That's what makes collecting them so fun! I found a General Lee with a "Frito Lay" decal on the hood and was told they gave them away through Frito Lay, but have no way to confirm :/ The sticker looks as old as old the car, but I have never seen another one. It's probably fake, but who knows!

    1. And this is why it is so awesome to have someone with as mush expertise as Sam on the site. You truly are a wealth of 1/64 knowledge, my friend. Great information.

      Share the pic of the Frito Lay General. That would be news to me if they ever had a tie-in with the Dukes.

  4. Here are some photos... I hope they post! Links will get you to the pics either way.

    1. That's weird. The way its not centered seems to be a giveaway that its not official. But who knows, maybe it was a regional deal like the McDonalds thing only being in St Louis.