Friday, May 18, 2012

New Dukes Stuff 5/17/2012

Its always a great day when you take a drive and return with a box full of Dukes of Hazzard merchandise.  That's exactly what happened yesterday when I took a stroll down to Greensburg.  Normally, I to go to Greensburg to visit Pop Culture Connection, and though I did go there yesterday, it was not the main reason for traveling there.  Fellow Dukes Collector Rush Pedder was selling some items on eBay.  A few caught my interest and I noticed he lived in Greensburg.  What better way to save on shipping than to meet up?

Rush is a true fan.  Has been his whole life.  I'm glad to welcome him to the DukesCollector community. 

This Dukes of Hazzard Daisy Duke Drawing Pad was the main item of his I was after.  I have never seen one before.  It is filled with drawing paper similar to the old tablets we were given in elementary school.  This particular pad has a 25¢ price tag.  That would have been a great bargain.  I have been buying a lot of school related Dukes stuff lately.  This piece fits under that description. 

The first page has this great drawing for they artist in us all to trace or copy.  Bo and Luke's hair is flowing!

I also picked up these great items from Rush.  A nicely colored in coloring book, a scrapbook, and a Stars magizine with a couple of Dukes interviews in it.  A built 1/18 diecast American Muscle bodyshop General.  An original 2000 1/18 General still in the box.  Wind up General and Rosco cars, a puzzle and Daisy Jeep model.  Love adding more pieces to my collection.

I picked up this tablet on eBay.  I have been buying a lot of these, and there are still several tablets and folders I don't have. 

I also got this Acrylic Paint by Number set.  It is one of two made.  I have had the other for a while.  This one is in really nice shape. 

I have a lot of Dukes of Hazzard dinnerware.  Lately I have been picking up pieces sealed or with tags on them.  These are the compartment plates and cups all with tags.  I also got these McDonald's Happy Meal Bo cups.  Weird how these seemed to be quite rare back in the early days of eBay.  These five came with the paint by number set. 

Speaking of McDonald's, I got these Happy Meal containers.  These are very rare because they are so flimsy.  It is really cool to have them in like new condition with the original sticker sheet.  I can't imagine too many of these even making it out of McDonald's after having the the burger and fries stuffed inside.  I do beleive these were only available in the St. Louis area.  Wonder why.  I have the complete set of five with the stickers on them.  I picked them up from friend of the site Sam. 

I think it is really cool to see two very iconic logos together.  Dukes of Hazzard and McDonalds on the same package. 

I've had these items laying around for a little while.  Two stickers from Cooter's Place and the Dukes card game from the makers of UNO.  All the major players got an individual card.  Enos left the show to do his own right when the merchandise boom hit, so Cletus got a card.  It's funny to me that the General Lee doesn't have his own card.  The only representation of him is on the speed trap card, and even on that he is much smaller than the patrol car.  

I got the Hot Wheels KITT car that caused me to rant about Hot Wheels vs. Ertl recently.  I had to resort to eBay.  It has very nice deatil, more than I expected.  The interior is done very nicely, ecspecially the steering wheel.  I don't love the see through t-tops.

I got another shirt from, guess where,  This one has four images of the General Lee in flight with an 01 over one.  It is tagless and is pretty soft.  I think I'll wear it tomorrow. 

It also seems that I have picked up quite a few items not originally available in America recently.  This is a three tape set released in the U.K. in 2001.  It is VHS PAL format. 

Each tape has a theme.  The General Lee collection, the Rosco P. Coltrane collection, and the Daisy Duke collection.

The General Lee collection includes the episodes The Canterbury Crock, Dear Dairy, and Goodbye, General Lee.  The Rosco collection includes Too Many Roscos, Coltrane vs. Duke, and Mason Dixon Girls.  And Daisy's collection has Officer Daisy Duke, The Duke of Duke, and Miss Tri-Counties.  There is an episode summary and also a highlight under each summary.  Each highlight is classic.  On the General collection, they are about car chases, jumps, and hood slides.  The blurbs on Diasy are mostly about her choice of dress, but the best one has to be under Mason Dixon Girls on the Rosco collection: "Scolding the Duke boys when he catches them with 'mari-jew-wana'."  This is a very cool set, and it displays very nice.  I wonder why it wasn't released here. 
And finally I have the 1981 Ertl Dukes of Hazzard Playset.  This is the rarer end of production variant that comes with a white Corvette and Boss's Caddy.  The less rare (but still pretty rare) version comes with Daisy's Jeep and Cooter's Pickup.  I now have both versions.  I guess they ran out of those cars towards the end.  The General is also in the top right in the other versions.  I have also seen a four car set that had this white Corvette in it.  Weird. 
Now Rush showed me another item that he had since he was a kid.  He didn't sell it to me, but I really hope he does in the future.  I won't share with the world what it is yet, but I am very excited about it.  I have never seen one on eBay.  Hopefully I will be adding it to the collection and the blog soon.  Come on Rush, let's make a deal.  
I just won another item on eBay that got me really excited.  When I get it, I will devote a whole post to it.  Until then, keep it between the ditches.  That phrase sounds so much better coming out of Cooter's mouth.   


  1. I have never seen Rush in concert, and feel like I need to mark that off my bucket list before one of them dies :P Rush tickets went on sale today, anyone else going to Charlotte?

    1. Well that had nothing to do with anything. Think it was a bot searching for keywords and found the word Rush?

  2. I was watching those McDonalds cars on Ebay haha! That one user with the name Gettysburg something... has a TON of rare dukes stuff and just sold the shoe boxes (I believe) and has a few rare visors and socks along with the hand sock for cleaning too. Killer stuff available right now!

  3. Nice find on the playset too! I think the playset was the only place you could get the step side version of Cooter's truck but I can't say for sure. Awesome set!!!!

  4. Oh I know Gettysburg well. He is a member of our message board. He does have some great stuff. Hand sock you say? Hmmmm..... I'm excited about the playset for sure. Though I don't have the guts to open one up like you did.

  5. I have a set of the McDonalds Dukes of Hazzard plastic cups that I would like to sell? Anyone interested?