Friday, May 25, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard Hats

While gathering up all of the various Bath Set items I had stored away for my last post, I came across a bin full of nothing but Dukes hats.  I thought it would make for a good post.  These are all fairly newer hats from the movie to present.  There are a lot of hats that were put out during the show's hay day, and I have a bunch of them, they just weren't in this particular bin and didn't make this post.  Let's jump in.

I am not the biggest hat wearer so most of these were never worn, but if I am going to wear a hat, this is my go-to.  I have one in my car at all times and another ready to go.  A lot of these hats come from Wal-Mart and have the same basic design---  01 in the front and logo in the back.  I like this one because it has the opposite colors, black base and orange numbers. 

If someone tells you they have a Dukes hat, chances are good that it's this one.  This was put out in 2005 for the movie, and stayed on Wal-Mart shelves for a long time after.  This logo with the big Z underlining Hazzard is the movie logo.  With a few exceptions, Dukes stuff with this logo are all movie related. 

I consider this the Sunday-go-to-meeting Dukes hat.  It's just so white and clean.  It is also not as frayed as most of them.  All of these are from Wal-Mart unless otherwise stated. 

These two hats came from the movie.  They were given out in prize packs like my favorite Dukes of Hazzard shirt.  

These two were also given away to promote the movie.  They are not the best quality-- kind of like the cheapest trucker hat you can get.  The screen print isn't even that nice.  They are cool though, similar to my Boars Nest shirt where they make you feel like you visited Hazzard and got hats from the local establishments. 

This hat came from one of those hat stores in the mall, " Lids" or something.  I'm not even sure why I was there.  I think a friend was working there.  I noticed it on the shelf and immediately bought it.  It isn't licensed or anything.  Seems to be trying to capitalize on the movie.  Weird. 

This is another poor quality hat.  I really don't know where it came from.  It reminds me of a hat your dad would wear while volunteering to deal blackjack at the church bazaar.  Wow, that got pretty specific.  My point is, it's a crappy hat with a crappy screen print on it.  I must have gotten it with a larger group of things I bought from someone. 

This a fun hat from Wally-World.  I remember that it came out a good bit after the movie, maybe two years, but still sported the movie logo.  For only $9.44, these Wal-Mart hats are very nice quality.

I am not exactly sure if this one came from Wal-Mart.  It doesn't have the same tags as the others.  And none of the others have the little hang tag thing.  Its more red than the others as well.  It says General Lee on the brim and the back. 

This one definitely came from the Mart.  I remember finding it and only finding one.  It looks like it is very dirty.  I have never seen another.  I think if I had another, I would probably wear it.  It's a good looking hat.  I check the hat area at Wal-Mart pretty often, but there haven't been any new ones lately.  But I have faith a new one is on the way.

You didn't think I'd have a post like this without mentioning my favorite online era-specific apparel emporium did you?  I got this toboggan from  It has a classic logo on it.  It keeps my head nice and warm.

And finally there is this orange cap that also cam from Wal-Mart.  I have about three of these.  It is a little thinner than the one from 80stees.  I came with a tag with the movie logo, but it only has an 01 on the hat.  I like the style of it.


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    1. Nope sorry. Cooter's Place has some, or you can try ebay.

  2. Im looking for the exact one in the third or second pic with the Z i gave my lil brother one i got at a good will in Oregon my email