Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard T-Shirts

Whats the best way to show the world that you are a Dukes of Hazzard fanatic?  Well, now that I think about it, by driving a General Lee.  I'm not quite there yet.  What's the next best way?  Wear a Dukes T-Shirt.  Or lots of Dukes T-Shirts.  Lots and lots.  I happen to be a Dukes of Hazzard fanatic and wear lots and lots of Dukes T-Shirts.  I thought I would share some. 

This is a great classic logo shirt.  It has the printed tag that says Dukes.  I love printed tags. I got this one from my friends at 80stees.com.  It's funny, I think they went into business in early summer 2000, and I bought my first Dukes shirt from them in July of that year.  I buy from them all the time. 

This shirt comes from target and is still available in the store.  It has the movie logo.  This image is also the background image of my phone.  I am pretty sure it's my fourth phone that I've used this image.  Love my Motorolas.

This one also comes from 80stees.com.  It is a newer one to their site. 

This is an older shirt from the original Cooter's Place in Sperryville, VA.  There are at least five of these floating around my house. 

I have several Boars Nest shirts.  This was is from the movie.  I got it on eBay.  It is red.  The one Jessica Simpson wears in the movie is pink.  Natalie has that one. 

This one is also styled after the logo from the movie.  It has the movie logo printed tag.  I really like this one.  It came from 80stees.com as well. 

This is by far my favorite Boars Nest shirt.  It is a similar logo as the one on the building from the show.  I like these shirts because, if people notice them, they know Dukes, and therefore are good people.   It also appears that I have been to Hazzard, patronized the local hang out, and bought a t-shirt while I was there.  I got this one from 80stees.com a while ago and pretty much wore it out.  They no longer have it available, but I need to find another before this one falls apart. 

I mentioned this shirt in a recent post.  I got it from eBay, but it is available at Kohl's department store.  It is only $8.99 which makes it the least expensive of any of these shirts.  Pick one up today. 

I got this shirt for working the Hazzard Homecoming in August of 2011.  I worked Ben "Cooter" Jones' booth with Jeff.  If I hadn't worked the event, I probably would have tried to buy one of these shirts. 

This is another from 80stees.com. I told you I buy a lot from them.  They have much more than Dukes too.  You really should check them out. 

This is a great hoodie from Cooter's Place.  I think I wore this thing about once a week this last winter. 

This is technically a not Dukes shirt.  It is the same shirt Seann William Scott wore as Bo in the movie.  After I was on set of the movie, and saw him in it, I wore this shirt regularly for about a year.  It works as a Dukes shirt and  shows that I think Led Zeppelin rocks. 

This is my go-to Dukes shirt.  It is incredible soft and  a unique grey/brown color.  The only way to originally get this shirt was with a prize pack given out to promote the movie.  Sites like Joblo.com and IGN each received one and held a contest for readers.  I didn't win one, but went to eBay for it.  And then went back to eBay.  And back again.  I think I have at least five of this same shirt.  I love it that much.   

And finally we have my all time favorite Dukes shirt.  This one pictured is actually a back up because the original is a little torn and faded.  I got the original in 1999.  I took my high school senior picture in it.  The first time I met each cast member, I wore this shirt.  A few years ago, Profiles in History auctioned off the original artwork used to create this shirt.  I almost won it.  This same artwork is also on the cardback for the 1/144 Racing Champions diecast cars which I collected all 150. I really love this shirt. 

I have a bunch of other Dukes shirts, but they are currently stored away in a bin.  One of these days I'll take them out and make a sequel to this post.  


  1. Where can I get that Led Zeppelin shirt at? I’ve been looking for that exact one ever since I seen the movie and never been able to find it?