Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Dukes stuff for a New Dukes Year

2013 is here.  And I am finally writing a new blog post.  Christmas took me away from the blog and it has taken me too long to get anything online.  It was definitely a Dukes filled Holiday Season. 

I first found this awesome wooden Dukes puzzle online and bought one for myself.  Once I saw just how nice it was I knew I had to share it.  I had the idea of sending a few people a Dukes Collector related gift for Christmas, and this puzzle became the perfect thing.  I contacted the creator and had more built and they added my website to the bottom before it was shrink wrapped. 

What you see is the first ever licensed product.  Not too shabby.  I had a little fun with them before I sent them out. 

Most of them arrived before Christmas and it seems like everyone loved them.  They really are great items.

The intricacy of the cuts is really amazing.  The puzzle is challenging and fun.  It is just such a great item.

Good 'Ol Jeffrey came through and bought me some Dukes items for Christmas.  It is pretty difficult these days for anyone but myself to know what I don't have.  But, Jeff always seems to find some unique stuff.

He got me this t-shirt advertising the straight to DVD (piece of crap) movie Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning.  Jeff knows I really don't like the movie and wish is didn't exist, and also knows that I don't have too many things pertaining to it.  Last year he bought me the actually movie.  Being a completest though, I am happy I have it and this new shirt.  It is also cool because it is an advertisement piece and I love those.

He also got me this post card.  I have another somewhere, but who knows where.  It was released when the Mini Cooper was brought back to the U.S. market.  It is very interesting and advertised how customizable the Mini is.

They knew their Dukes.  Good play Mini.

And Jeff found these very unique and obscure items.  These are backstage passes from Kid Rock's 2002-2003 world tour.  I've heard that he was a Dukes fan, and apparently he showed it during his tour.  It is cool he chose O'l Crazy Cooter for the pass.  These are stickers and were just affixed to someone's shirt.  These particular ones were unused.  Very unique addition the the collection.  Thanks Jeff!!

I also picked up a few items myself recently.  This is the Gordy CB Walkie Talkie set.  I've mentioned before, that Gordy International items can be pricey.  This one is in good shape and wasn't that expensive.

They worked off of the same concept as the "can and string" technique.  I like that they called the string "Transmission cord."  It says the instructions are on the back of the Walkie Talkie.  I wonder what they are, "talk into it and hope they hear you."

I picked up this poster for the release of the movie on DVD.  I have one similar, but not the same one.  The office supplies did not come with the poster.

And speaking of the movie, I got this banner.  It's about 4 feet long.  I have another one that I got in 2005 that is bigger and has the logo on it.  This one is in great shape, but it appears to have been hung up somewhere at one point.  I really love advertising material.

There have been quite a few crazy, high priced items going on ebay recently.  Unfortunately, I didn't win any of them.  There were two pairs of Dukes Tennis Shoes that went for insane money.  Then one of the pairs was sold again by the highest bidder and went for insaner money.  It went for $200 more than it did the first time. Nuts.  Also a McDonald's stand up of Boss Hogg from when the Happy Meals were in store recently sold for just stupid money.  I've never seen that before.  I would love to have these items, but can't afford to pay that much.  One day...

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