Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Dukes Stuff - 9/19/2012 - Sunglasses, Hills Ad, and What Do You See?

When I was a kid, Hills Department Store was a magically place.  The commercial for the store featured an elf called Spryte and the jingle "Hills is where the toys are."  They had the best toys of any store around except maybe Toy City.  But I was too young when this in-store promotion took place.  It is so cool to see two parts of my childhood together in one new addition to the collection.  The grand prize to the contest was a trip to California.  No mention of touring WB or meeting any Dukes.  And each store gave away a General Lee Pedal Car or a Daisy bigwheel.  My trip to California that included a tour of WB Studios earlier this summer cost me less than either the pedal car or the big wheel would.

Speaking of Hills, a few years ago I bought my buddy Mark a Hills t-shirt from our pals over at  They have everything on their site.

I picked up these Dukes sunglasses recently.  They were made by Gordy International.  They made a bunch of different Dukes of Hazzard items that are all packaged on similar white blister cards.  I have a few, but it seems I find out about new and different ones all the time.  They can go for a pretty high price.

The small town I live in, Brownsville, has seen it's share of hardships.  Most of the downtown area is deserted and boarded up.  But recently things have started to turn around.  There is a new cafe, and some of the dangerous buildings have been torn down.  While at the post office the other day, I noticed the scene in the above picture.  A few months ago there were decrepit buildings there but now it is clear.  As a Dukes fanatic, I saw this and only pictured one thing.

Not bad for a quick photoshop.  Yee Haw!!

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