Friday, September 14, 2012

"Shiny" Chrome 1/18 General Lee

It's a great feeling when you finally get an item you have been searching a long time for.

I've finally added the the "shiny" chrome 1/18 General Lee to the collection.  If you remember this post, you know that I have all of the other chrome General Lees.  There is the "blue letter 'brushed' chrome" 1/18 General Lee, the "black letter 'brushed' chrome" 1/18 General Lee and the shiny chrome 1/25 General Lee.

The other two 1/18s are very similar to each other, but the shiny chrome really stands out.  It is very similar to the holy grail of Dukes items, the gold General Lee (which can be seen on the background image of the blog).  The shiny chrome is very reflective and well, shiny.

The shiny chrome 1/25 has the same finish as the 1/18.  I wonder why they made two different (well really three) 1/18 chrome cars and only one 1/25.  The shiny chrome ones are much more attractive than the brushed chrome versions.

In the last post dedicated to these cars, I mentioned that one of the brushed chrome versions had blue letters and no license plate stickers.  This shiny version has the standard black letters.

As well as the CNH-320 plate and the RT tag.  Even though these are movie versions, they have the TV show version of the CNH-320 plate.  One thing that I really appreciated about the movie was the attention to detail of the CNH-320 showing up on a current Georgia plate.

The shiny version also has the rebel flag on the front.

Another mini-collection completed.  I now have all the chrome variations of the General Lee.  I love completing mini-collections.

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