Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Dukes stuff 9/5/2012 - Boss Hogg, DK stickers, and Knight Rider

I haven't picked up a huge amount of new things lately.  But the couple of Dukes items I did get are nice additions to the collection.

I'm not the biggest fan of buying autographs.  I like to get things signed on my own.  But the fact that Sorrell Booke passed away years before I was a serious collector kinda made getting his autograph a little difficult.  Often times Sorrell, and Denver Pyle, personalized their autographed pictures.  I have been waiting for a "To Larry" to pop on on eBay, but with no luck.  When this one that wasn't personalized came along, I jumped on it.  It isn't in the best condition, but its a genuine autograph, and I like it.  I sure wish I could have met Sorrell.  The stories I've heard said he loved doing appearances in character.  He would love performing at a Homecoming or Dukesfest. 

This sticker is on the back of the picture.  Ah, the days before the internet. 

This 1/64 two-pack is a pretty rare piece.  I have been after it for a while.  I think seeing one in Dave's mobile museum made me want it even more.  The package is not mint, but its good enough.  They go for a pretty penny. 

I should find a larger version of this picture because of all the commotion of last week.  

The back of the packaging is pretty standard.  Ertl/Tomy/JL should make a retro 1/64 General Lee with packaging similar to these old original cards.   That would be awesome.  

Jesse at DK Bicycles sent me some stickers from the original marketing push for the first DK General Lee bike.  

It's all about jumping.  Here is the General jumping over the DK logo.  I also got a DK pin, a spoke wrench and a sticker with a dude in a 01 trucker hat.  Thanks again Jesse!

I also picked up this new Minimates KITT with Michael Knight set.  

For only being $10, it has a lot of detail.  But it was nearly impossible getting all the stickers on the dashboard.  

Iv'e said it on this blog before, talked to a creator at Comic-Con, and I'll say it again:  Please make Dukes of Hazzard items Diamond Select Toys!!!!!  This Minimate KITT is so cool.  And the new 1/15 plastic light and sound KITT with 3 3/4 inch Michael Knight they have coming looks even cooler.  A General Lee with Bo and Luke figures would be awesome!  The recent hubbub about the flag staying on new merchandise proves that there is an audience for it.  It is my mission to get new Dukes stuff to the market that differs from the standard diecast and t-shirt.  

Watch out Michael, you stumbled in to a rough part of Third Earth.  

Those wily Thundercats are jacking KITT.

And because it seems that every toy blogger on the planet has a picture of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on their blog, here are my Minimates with the new Classic Raphael.  Great figures.  Can't wait for a classics Panthro in the new Thundercats line.  


  1. Are you sure that Sorrell Booke autograph is legit? I've got the exact same thing from when I was a kid with what appears to be an identical "signature."

    1. Looks like you are correct. I must have gotten one that was pre-printed that he didn't write anyones name on. Glad I didn't pay all that much for it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. I meant it was a Rude thing for that other "blogger" to offer your Home phone number.... So out of "spite" I posted Mine...
    At a car show ...I had to stand in line for over two hours just to meet "Boss Hogg"...He did not sigh Sorrel Booke, just to Stacey" and "Boss Hogg"... and No sticker on the back....

    1. I apologize for that. I actually meant to offer up Larry's cell phone number, which is much more convenient to have if you want to call him.

  3. That other blogger was just my buddy Jeff. He was messing around.
    I wish I could have met Boss. People stand in line much longer than two hours at today's Dukes events to meet the stars.

  4. Awesome DK stuff! Coolest bike ever!

    I found that KITT mini-mate at Toys R Us a few weeks ago and they had about 20 of them. I went back two weeks later and they were all gone. $10 is a great deal for that!

    Nice find on that 1/64th two pack! That is a really hard to find combo!