Friday, August 31, 2012

Proof of the Greatest Photobomb of All Time - Hazzard Homecoming 2012

Perhaps my favorite picture of all time is the photobomb picture I snuck myself into at Hazzard Homecoming with John Schneider, Tom Wopat, and Catherine Bach.  It's just so good.  Blog readers seems to enjoy it as well.  Of course, I have been showing it to everyone.  About half the time I show it to someone on my phone, they say its photoshopped.  They gotta believe!

Recently fellow fans Julie and Dan Braeckman shared their photos from HH with me.  I happened to be in a bunch of theirs, and they were in a few of mine.  So know I give to the world:  proof that the famed photobomb photo is real and that John Scnheider really sent it to me.  

I guess this is a photobomb in itself.  Me and Jeff must have made it in to a bunch of peoples pictures. Hey look, it's my buddy Ed in the right of the picture.  Love Ed.  

There is Catherine's phone that the infamous picture was taken with.

I saw myself on the screen.  I knew I made it in.

I thought for a moment I was caught.  But that didn't happen until after the picture was taken.  And thank goodness it did or I probably never would have seen the photo.  

And just because I love it, here is the notorious photobomb one more time.  Can you blame me for loving it so much?  It is awesome.

Thank you Julie and Dan for sharing your pics.  They also have a video of the jump that I made myself into as well.  Great stuff.

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  1. We posted your proper "Welcome" at the Crypt...And Welcome to the "Original" "Hazzard County"