Friday, August 24, 2012

Collection Intervention on SyFy - hits close to home

What started with Antiques Roadshow and lead to American Pickers has now taken TV straight to Pop Cultures Collectibles and Collectors with two new cable shows.  Toy Hunters on The Travel Channel was first, but Collection Intervention on Syfy is the one to watch.

The show is about collectors whose collections have gotten out of control.  It's similar to the hoarder shows, but they respect the collectors and their items.  I know I have a room filled with bins full of Dukes of Hazzard stuff, so I know what the people on the show are all about.  Some of these collectors have their things overtaking their lives, thankfully I am not to that point.  (Am I?)  The show is fun to watch, and I've already spotted a few Dukes things in different episodes. 

The host, Elyse Luray, does a nice job on the show.  She is an appraiser (like me!) and an auctioneer.  She seems to know her way around the pop culture collectible world.  And she doesn't wear a goofy flashlight on her head like the host of the other show.  Toy Hunters tries to be about the toys, but the host would rather it be about him.  Collection Intervention is about the collectors.  I could totally understand needing help if this stuff got out of hand.  It would be hard to let some of this stuff go.  Not all collectors have the means and talent to display their collections as nice as Dave DeWitt does.  And I really appreciate the fact that the show doesn't treat the collector like a hoarder, when it would be pretty easy to do so. 

As a collector, you should check out the show.  I enjoy it.  The next episode is about a comics collector who has tons of long white boxes filled with comics.  Looks familiar *cough*Jeff.


  1. So, is the point of the show to try and get these people to give up their collections? Or maybe to at least get them in order/under control? It should just be a show about people's collections and the cool stuff they have. I do know of people who would benefit from taking a couple months to get their collections organized - me and you.

  2. My "collection' will take more than a few months to sort out the "Chaos".... They will take my things from me over my Dead Body..,. And my restless spirit will try to stop them even Then...

  3. Your "Welcome" at the "Crypt" is next in line...
    Since the Dukes of Hazard is somewhat based on my County...( Jerry Russhing)... From post-WWII on into the 50's... A lot of things have changed very little....just fewer Moonshiners... Most now grow Pot... More Profit ...