Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard JL White Lightning and Lightning Strike

In a recent post, I mentioned Johnny Lightning's White Lightning cars.  I realized that some of my readers might not know what they are.  Let's did into an explanation of White Lightnings.  Bo and Luke are doing a great impression of Barker's Beauties.

Johnny Lightning releases variant versions of most of their cars.  Most of them have white wheels.

This is the White Lightning version of a 1/64 JL General Lee.  It is the Internet Exclusive dirty General.

When you look at the bottom, you can more clearly see the white rubber wheels.  With the Dukes line the JL put out a few years ago, they had a General Lee in each series.With so many Generals, they got creative with each WL.

This is my favorite White in the line.  The standard version is on the left.  The white is unlike any other General Lee ever released.  It is also one of the most sought after JL Dukes car.  Other WL Generals in the line have white chassis, are chrome, and even green.  When this white General Lee was first released, many people mistakenly thought they were "Ghost of the General Lee" versions.  That car was released in a later series of the line. 

 There is a White Lightning version of each car in the line. 

When JL took over releasing the 1/25 General Lee they also made a White Lightning version of it.  It has white wheels and a white engine. 

They also put out a General Lee with orange wheels.  This version is called the Lightning Strike.  There are other JL Lightning Strike cars, but this is the only Dukes of Hazzard LS.  JL also makes the standard 1/18 General Lee now, but to my knowledge, there is no 1/18 WL or LS. 

All White Lightnings and Lightnings Strikes are extremely rare.  The WL versions are 1% to 2% of the line and LS are 1%.  Most of the 1/64 series were limited to 10,000 which meant there were 100 WLs, but the last series was limited to only 2750, so there were only 30 to 60 produced.  For this reason, they demand high prices.  The 1/25 WL goes for around $100 and the LS goes for more.  Some of the 1/64 WLs can go as high as $100 or even more. 

The new 1/18 Rosco Patrol Car, 00 Mustang, and Cooter's Camaro will probably have WL versions.  I bet JL will also release a 1/18 General Lee WL to go along with them.  So the next few months will be fun for Dukes Collectors.  Just be ready to spend some money. 

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