Monday, September 10, 2012

Is there an app for this? And great press!

The local newspaper did a great article about me and Jeff's trip west to San Diego Comic-Con.  Check it out:

Watching Collection Intervention and trying to get my collection organized has lead me to start searching for some kind of database tool that helps me orgainze all this stuff.  I found a couple online and they all seem to be Windows 95 based.  They seem to basically be beefed up Excel documents.  Come on people, we live in the smart phone era.  Give me an app for this.  I searched in the play store and there doesn't really seem to be anything that helps.  I think Elyse Luray could market one and it would do pretty well.  Does anyone know of some kind of collecting app that I am missing?  There's got to be something. 

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