Friday, January 3, 2014

Info About The Dukes of Hazzard Marathon on CMT in HD plus Action Figure News

For some time, this blog has been a lot of fun, and pretty successful.  Through new product releases, rediscovery of lost items, and more Dukes events than ever, we have been traversing the Dukes of Hazzard landscape together.  One aspect of the Dukes of Hazzard lifestyle has been absent during this time, the show itself.  But now that changes.  For the first time in the existence of DukesCollector, the Dukes will be on TV. Oh man, this is going to be huge for everybody.  Bigger events, more new items, new fans.  This is exciting. It all starts this weekend with a marathon on CMT.

In a surprising move, CMT is not starting from the beginning with the marathon.  I like the decision.  If they were to show the first eight episodes in one day, then show them again for the next eight weekdays, people might not watch.  Instead, they are jumping around showing episodes from different seasons.  I wonder who chose the episodes.  They are starting with season 5's "Big Brothers Duke" the second episode after Bo and Luke's return.  CMT then jumps to season 2's "Treasure of Hazzard."   This is not a big deal, Dukes isn't "Lost" where you have to watch them in order.  The following episodes in the marathon are "People's Choice" (season 2,)  "Office Daisy Duke" (s2,)  "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding" (s5,)  guest starring Bull from Night Court,)  "The Duke of Duke" (s2,)  "Farewell, Hazzard" (s5,)  and finally "Follow That Still" (s2.)   All of the episodes in the marathon come from seasons 2 and 5.  On Monday, January 6, the show starts at its regular timeslots of noon and 8 pm eastern.  It will be shown in order starting from the beginning with "One Armed Bandits" and will show the same episode at both noon and 8.  There will also be a few episodes at random times on some days according to CMT's website.

January 26, 2014 is the Thirty-Fifth anniversary of the premiere of the show.  CMT's online TV schedule only goes up to the 25th as of today.  Not sure if they have anything planned to mark this date in history. We can celebrate together.

In other Dukes news, I have been communicating with Figures Toy Company regularly in regards to their upcoming Action Figure line.  The 12 inch figures are set to ship in the middle of this month and the 8 inch figures will arrive in March.  I will have lots of pics and reviews to share very soon.  These figures and the return of the show to TV are just the beginning of a huge year for the Dukes of Hazzard.


  1. it would be cool to have a 'general lee' replica like i had back in the day...and i'm still wondering how daisy managed with that sliver of denim acting as clothing. . .

    1. Good point. Larry, have there been any General Lee replicas in the last 35 years?

    2. You know, there have been one or two...