Monday, January 13, 2014

Random Notes - Dukes 35th Anniversary, New Friends, Animation Cel

Things have been busy here at DukesCollector HQ (again, just the kitchen and back room of my office) and I love it.  CMT's airings of the Dukes of Hazzard is of course the root of most of it.  Having the show back on TV reminds people why they love it.  In the last week, many fans have rediscovered our favorite show, and many of those fans have searched for Dukes online and wound up here at DukesCollector.  I'd like to welcome those fans.  I've also been quite busy on the old Twitter account (@larryafranks) talking with fellow Dukes lovers, collectors, cast members/museum owners, and a whole bunch of other people.  It has been a fun week.

Speaking of CMT, I've had the fortune of having some interaction with them about the Dukes.  Seems I still have some contacts from back in the contest days.  As of right now, they are fully invested in the Dukes.  CMT did not perform the remastering of the show to HD.  That came from Warner Brothers, so in my opinion, the idea of a Blu-Ray release is not out of the question.  CMT has been playing the heck out of the show. They had a mini-marathon this past Friday and two back to back episodes Sunday night.  They told me they are aware of the upcoming 35th anniversary of the premiere of the show (January 26, 2014) and have marathons planned.  On Friday, January 24, CMT will air the show from noon  to 5pm (eastern) showing the episodes, "Gold Fever," "Luke's Love Story," "The Big Heist," "Mary Kay's Baby," and "Repo Men."  Then on Sunday, the actual anniversary, it will be shown from 2pm until 10pm.  This marathon seems to be a day of greatest hits of episodes.  All of the best episodes will be shown  including my two favorites. It starts with my favorite,  "The Ghost of The General Lee" and also include "Grannie Annie," "Happy Birthday General Lee," (my other favorite) "Road Pirates," "The Fugitive," "Hazzard Connection," "Limo One is Missing," and finally "Arrest Jesse Duke."  This is a great selection, but I would have shown the pilot, "One Armed Bandits" at 9pm, the same time it was on thirty-five years earlier in 1979.

A new friend of DukesCollector, Kevin, sent over this picture of his new Neo Rosco 1/43 car along side his Hot Wheels 1/43 Charger.  He was midway through converting it to a General when he found out about Auto World's upcoming 1/43 here on the blog.  I think he should finish the conversion, as it is already looking very nice.  Thanks for coming aboard, Kevin.

I recently bought this one of a kind collectible from another prominent Dukes of Hazzard collector.  It is an original animation cel used during the production of The Dukes Hanna Barbera cartoon.  It features Bo, Luke, and Daisy as well as the 01 from the Gen'ral.  I am very happy with it.  It will hang in a featured location on the walls of the future Dukes Collector Museum.

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  1. That animation cel is incredible! It deserves a post of its own. Very nice find.