Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Dukes Stuff - 8/8/2012 - Megos, DVD, Soundtrack and more

Got a new haul.  Here we go.

Starting off, I finally picked up a British version of the movie.  I guess the Olympics got me in the mood to by it.  I still wonder why its changed from Unrated to Unseen.  Guess it has something to do with the rating system.  I also got the pre-release version of the soundtrack to the movie.  It says "not for sale" "promotional use only" on the disc.  Pretty cool.

I got this art print done by Tom Feister for the AdventureCon.  It is autographed by the artist.  The AdventureCon is a comic con held annually in Knoxville, TN.  Tom Feister is a comic artist.  He has worked on several big name books including Avengers, Iron Man, and G. I. Joe.  He won awards for his work on a book called Ex-Machina.  That sounds like a Franks and Beans episode.  This piece was done to promote the show, limited to 200.  Tom did a good job capturing Bo and the General Lee.

This Dukes colored Warner Bros. Studios Fire Department patch comes from a very unlikely place. You might think I got it from my recent trip to WB Studios, but I didn't.  My sister gave it to me.  It has been in the upstairs apartment above my office for years.  She was in Hazzard County (the WB studio) years before I was. She had a friend who worked in the fire department.  This is a cool addition to the collection.  Thanks Kate!

I also made a trip down to Pop Culture Connection in Greensburg, PA.  What a good trip it was.  I loaded up on some Mego Dukes of Hazzard items.  All of these figures are in really great shape.

I got two General Lees.  The chrome wheel version and the matte wheel version.  They are incredibly clean and have no scuffs.

This Rosco's Patrol Car is probably the gem of the bunch.  It is perfect.  The stickers are in great shape.  There is not a scratch on it.

This is not the WB licensed mego Daisy's Jeep.  It is a rip-off made by Gay Toys.  But it is very similar to the  licensed version.  The figures fit in it very nicely.  It is also nearly perfect.  I already have each of these vehicles, but I couldn't pass these up because of their condition.  The patrol car I have is quite dinged up and the stickers are applied crooked.  The Jeep I have is very beat up and faded.  And I have at least six Mego Generals and none of them are as nice as these two.

All of these vehicles are so nice, they still have their steering wheels.  Each of the ones I had before no longer have the wheels.

The Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane figures are equally perfect.  My loose Rosco I had before did not have the hat.  I have a few Boss Hoggs and they have some yellowing to them and the hat is a little rough.  These new ones are the best I have ever seen loose.  I do have all eight figures mint on card.  These look like they just came out of the card.

The Bo and Luke figures aren't in as good shape.  The colors are vibrant and they are not beat up, but the rubber band based bodies on all four are a little loose.  Only Bo and Luke are made like this in the series.  They are similar to G. I. Joe figures in their construction.  All of the other figures in the series are solid plastic torso based.

These two Luke figures are the two different versions; the Luke and the Vance.  The figures came out during Tom Wopat's and John Schneider's strike when the replacement Dukes were on the show--- also known as "the dark times."  Mego made new head sculpts for the figures but released them labeled as Bo and Luke.  The Coy and Vance versions are a little more rare.  Vance is on the left and Luke is on the right.

Both of the Bos are the standard Bo version.  I just wanted to add a pic of them so Bo got as much love as Luke.

I promised before that I would play with my new toys while taking pictures for the blog.  Just for the heck of it, here are some action shots.  Luke does his classic hood slide while Bo jumps in the driver side window.  Boss and Rosco will never catch them Dukes.

Hot pursuit!! I love it, I love it!! Kew kew kew!!!


  1. I've always loved these Mego figures...if you know where I can get a Luke figure on the cheap (cheaper than what shows up on eBay), I'm all ears.

    1. I bet I could hook you up with a Luke. Send be an email.

  2. The Gay Toys thing is quite interesting, as in 1984 Warner sued them over a rip off General Lee they produced, but I wasn’t aware they had done copies of other vehicles as well. The Gay Toys version of the General had “10” on the side and the legal reference to the court case is Warner Bros. Inc. v. Gay Toys, Inc., 724 F.2d 327 (2d Cir. 1983) [ELR 6:4:10].