Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monumental day! The first Dukes Collector blog.

Hello world. I'm Larry the Dukes of Hazzard Collector. Today is monumental, for two reasons. I have taken the advice (insistence?) of buddy and fellow blogger, Jeff, and decided to give the blog thing a try to get my collection out there. That's the first reason.

The other reason is awesome. Someone was actually searching the web with the intention of finding someone to buy their Dukes memorabilia, found my site, and contacted me. I don't think I could have refused the item no matter what it was. It just so happened to be an uncut 144 racing champion poster. I happen to be in need of another. That is awesome. Thanks for finding me (other) Jeff.

My intentions for DukesCollector.com is to show off my collection, bring fellow collectors together, and help people like Jeff, the seller not the blogger, find a place for their unwanted Dukes of Hazzard things. Namely in my possession. I hope to post often with pictures of my new stuff and enjoyable anecdotes. Hope you enjoy.


  1. A blog! I like it. This'll be a good place to post pictures and talk about things like our film festival entry. A quick correction...the Teddy and the Yeti blog is at teddyandtheyeti.blogspot.com.