Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Haul from the Steel City Con

This past weekend I took a trip to the tri-yearly?...mulit-monthly?...often happening?...Steel City Con.  Let's just say they have a lot of these things.  I missed the last one and lately I haven't had great experiences at the show, but this one really surprised me and I had a really good time.  I got a good bit of Dukes loot too.  That's a new one, "Dukes loot."  I like it.

I picked up this Knight Rider license plate replica for $5.  Couldn't pass that up.  Diamond Select and NBC Universal have really gone all out with KR products.  I'm jealous on one hand and happy Dukes doesn't have as much stuff out on the other.  I like having a handle on Dukes items, but it would be great to get Dukes things like this.  But I really wouldn't like seeing them at the bargain end of a dealer table at a toy show.  I'd probably have to buy them all.  Moving on.

This is a very cool General Lee ripoff diecast.  Coincidentally, the ripoff-ers chose a seventy something number for their General want to be.  We all know the story of the first General Lee ever built being repainted green after it was jumped and appearing in the fourth episode as Kyle Petty's #71 car.  The font of the numbers even looks similar.  Weird.

This car has a pull back mechanism.  It is in very nice condition.

It doesn't have any markings of who made it. It does say that it was made in Macau, and that it is 1/48 scale.  Lot of different scales popping up lately.

They toy show is pretty big and you look trough a lot of things looking for something you like.  When you finally find something Dukes, you feel like you have to have it.  Even if you already have it.  Like this record book.  I have one sealed, but when I saw this one, I immediately started haggling the vendor.  Got it for a good price.

The record is in very nice condition.  I plan on listening to it on the old Dukes record player soon.  Maybe I'll make a post out of it.  That's a pretty good idea...

This is pretty cool.  The last page of the book lists all of the other record sets available.  I recognize most of them and several are still relevant today.  What the heck is Monchhichi?

Same thing happened with this white boarded coloring book.  I think I already have it.  I must already have it.  But I bought it.

I got a heck of deal on this Speed Jumper set.  I (again) already have a couple of these sets.  I posted a video of the set in action on an older post.  I was making fun of Jeff because I was spotting all of the Thing (from Fantastic Four) items for him.  He has quite the collection.  He was walking right by them.  But he did find this set for me.

The reason I got such a deal is because the set was missing one single part.  The General Lee.  That would probably be a deal breaker for most people.  But I got a few extras.  Most of the parts are still on the tree and the sticker sheet is perfect.  It was a very good find.  Thanks Jeff.

The jewel of the show for me was this Boss Hogg 8 inch Mego on card.  It is not perfect, but is in good shape and will display great.  The bubble is a little yellowed and cracked on the bottom, but this is pretty rare and I only have Bo on card.  Very excited to find this one.  It was the first thing I bought at the show.

I really like the artwork used for the Megos.  It is a shame they didn't get past four figures in this line.  But after all these years we will finally get more Dukes figures with Figures Toy Company making our dreams come true.  More info on those soon.  It was a successful show and I was even able to buy some Christmas gifts while I was there.   This show being so good makes me look forward to to the next one in April.  Their website still has a picture of me and John Schneider on it.   Oddly enough that picture was taken with my camera and posted here on my site.

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