Thursday, February 6, 2014

Custom Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures

One great aspect of having this site and blog is that it affords me chances to acquire items I couldn't normally get, and sometimes even second chances at those items.

In anticipation of Figures Toy Co.'s new action figures  (I have confirmation that they shipped and are on the way here) I present these one of a kind custom Bo and Luke figures.  These McFarlane inspired action figures showed up on ebay years and years ago, and I was outbid on them.  I all but forgot about them when a fellow collector recently contacted me looking to trade.  Man do I love this blog.   The one thing this world needs is more Dukes of Hazzard action figures, that's for sure.

Not only are these figures crafted with skill, they also come in blister packs that are thoughtfully designed.  I wish I knew who made these, but being so far removed from the original auction, I don't have that info. Maybe the creator or someone who knows them will come forward, and that would be great.

Duke Boys figures should, of course, come with bows and arrows.  I don't know what kind of figures these were originally.  They are a little under seven inches.  That is a great size for figures, in my opinion.  Three and 3/4 inch figures are popular such as G.I.Joe.,  Marvel, and Star Wars, but I really like figures in this range. Mattel's WWE and Masters of the Universe Classics are great; they are big enough to really show detail but not too big to display.

The creator used three pictures for each figure.  The two smaller ones on the side are the same for both cousins, and a bigger solo shot is behind the figure.  I could see this design working nicely on figures hanging on pegs in Toys R Us.  A Dukes Collector can dream, can't he?

In addition to the bow and arrow, each figure also has a knife clip on his belt.  As many times as bad guys tied up Bo and Luke, they always left them their knives.  Goofy bad guys.

Whoever made these figures showed attention to detail, especially in the belts.  Bo has his distinctive belt buckle and decorative belt.

And Luke has his "Bear Claw" buckle.  These figures are a lot of fun, and I'm very excited to add them to the collection.  I never would have had another chance to get them if it wasn't for this blog.  I also made a new friend in the collecting world.  Thanks Dax!

Figures Toy Co. created their Dukes line before the show returned to cable.  Now that it's on several times a day and is once again a hit, I sure hope we continue to get more and more new Dukes items, maybe even some figures that will stand beside Macho Man Randy Savage and Skeletor.  

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