Thursday, February 20, 2014

Action Figure Bo and Luke Present: New Dukes Stuff 2/20/2014 and Franks & Beans

Did you think the new action figures from Figures Toy Co. were going back in the package right away and stored with everything else?  These guys deserve to shine.  Today they decided to help me show off some of my latest acquisitions.

I don't know what Getglue is.  I tried to look it up once a while ago but didn't get all that into it.  It appears to be some sort of social network revolving around watching TV.  I am not the biggest social network guy.  I only use twitter to promote this here blog, and as another method of talking to Jeff.  But I guess this Getglue gives rewards for watching TV.  Rewards such as stickers.  This is a Dukes of Hazzard Getglue reward sticker.  I bought it on ebay.  Bo and Luke approve.

It also has CMT's logo on it.  I don't know how much Dukes someone had to watch to earn this sticker, or how they proved they watch said amount of Dukes, but they felt the need to sell the sticker afterward and I'm fine with that.  It is a cool tiny little addition to the collection.

I have several of these 35mm theater trailers for the Dukes movie.  I think this is my fourth one.  If they show up online for cheap, I'll usually buy them.  This is the yellow band that signifies the movie wasn't yet rated.  I also have a couple of green band ones.

I have so many, in fact, that I un-taped this one and looked at the individual cells.  Bo likes this cell with the logo.  He thinks the show logo is much better, but is glad that the movie established its own logo to keep them separate.

Speaking of the movie, I recently grabbed another copy of it on VHS.  Why, you may ask?  Because it was a dollar.  This is also a former rental and the box isn't in as nice shape as the other one I bought, but I'm happy to have it.  Luke seems to like it too.  I'm glad the Figures Toy Co. figure of Cooter isn't released yet, because he would be pretty upset to see Luke carrying it around.

Bo wonders how we might take advantage of the Lifetime Quality Guarantee from Hollywood Video if we needed to.  Hollywood ain't around no more.  Good question, action figure Bo.

This is an exciting piece.  It is a rerelease of the General Lee and Rosco's Patrol Car model sets in a two pack.  The Dukes Boys are thrilled to show it off.

The Model Kit Value Pack lets the buyer build both of the main cars from the Dukes of Hazzard.  Or collect them and never open them.

The box features the Bald General Lee, but we all know the flag is included inside.

It's a shame the Easy Assembly! is covering up Rosco. It's a great picture of him and Flash.  Action figure Rosco won't be happy about this.

The side of the box features the logo of AMT, MPC, and Polar Lights, just in case you get confused as to who makes the models.

Hey look!  The back of the box shows the complete front of the boxes of the models included.  Action figure Rosco loves it.  It seems they also released a two pack that contains a Corvette and a Camaro.  I think it would be funny to hear the reaction of someone buying that two pack and seeing the Duke cars.  It might cause them to seek out the cars.  Maybe even search Google and find their way to this very post.  Hello Corvette and Camaro fans!

In non-Dukes related news, hot off the presses we have the eighth issue of the ever popular Washington D.C. area free comic book themed newspaper style anthology, Magic Bullet.  

Of course, I bring this issue to the reader's attention because Jeff is involved with the publication and, once again, has a story in it.  This one is called "I Hate The Moon."  Earth gets a new hat and Venus slaps the Moon.  It is a fun story.

And there is a picture of ME IN IT!!!  Jeff also included an ad for Franks and Beans in the issue.  Hey look!  I have a mustache in that picture!  This is a great ad and a great episode.  You really should check it out.  Ok, I'll embed it to this post, but promise me you will check out the site after you watch it, deal?

Now go check out!!!

I'm pretty sure the action figures will be involved in most posts for the foreseeable future.

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