Monday, April 2, 2012

Dukes of Hazzard Race'N'Trap Game

In my last post, I mentioned that I was waiting for something exciting to arrive.  Here it is.  This is The Dukes of Hazzard Hazzard County Rough Rider Race'N'Trap Game by Jotastar.  That's a long title.  I have never seen one before.  I snatched this sucker up as soon as I saw it on eBay.  The seller had a buy-it-now price that I thought was reasonably low.  Man, was I excited.  I had to pay for shipping from the U.K. but it was worth it. 

Jotastar seems to be a toy company based in the United Kingdom.  I can't find any recent toys they have created, but it seems they had quite are few popular licenses throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  This Dukes game sure is unique. 

It is very similar to a classic labyrinth game.  The ones where a marble or ball rolled around the wooden maze, and the player tries to avoid the holes in the board.  This game board has a plastic covering on it with guide rails and "traps" to avoid.  Again, it's great to see Flash getting some love of the game board.  Even 'ol Crazy Cooter made this one. 

The game works by the player "steering" the General Lee around the Hazzard County.  The steering wheel is a great touch.

The bottom of the game is round so the board pivots any direction the player steers. 

The General has very nice detail.  They did a good job creating it.  A lot of times with toys like this, you don't see the detail go into a piece that would not be able to be used in other toys. 

Underneath the General is a little ball bearing.  It allows the car to "drive" through Hazzard.  It is a really cool take on a labyrinth game.  It took me six tries to make from start to finish without falling into a trap.  I am very happy with the condition of both the box and game.  All of the pieces are here and it isn't faded or damaged.  I am pretty sure this game was only available in the U.K.  It was made in 1982.  I love adding rare things like this to my collection.