Friday, April 13, 2012

More info about the New 1/18 Scale Diecast General Lee from Auto World

I recently talked to a new friend of the site, Gregg aka Motorhead, about the new General Lee form Auto World.  Gregg worked on the creation of the diecast.  He told me the team behind the car really wanted to include more features like a new push bar, a new roll bar, a Cobra 78X CB, an automatic transmission, new tires, and perfect graphics.  But budget restaints got in the way.  I still think they did a heck of a job. 

Gregg also shared a little information about the new releases I mentioned in the last post.  He confirmed that Auto World is working on the updated Rosco's Patrol Car diecast.  They plan on making the much need corrections.  It really needs a new light bar.  I'm very glad its not a straight re-release.  He told me that Auto World is not working on the Cooter's Camaro however.  It will be a limited release from a company called Evergreen Imports using Ertl tools and castings.  He didn't have any other info about that one.  He also confirmed that, currently, there are no chase or variant versions of the new General.  So my bank account is happy to hear that news. 

I want to thank Gregg for the info and welcome him to the DukesCollector family.  

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  1. There was a lot of revisions planned for the RC2 Authentics release that sadly did not happen. I worked with a guy (his name escapes me now as it has been a long time), initially on the General Lee's, but I ended up helping out across all the Chargers. Two items that made their way into production created from my real life components were 1968 Charger headlight bezels and the General Lee's teardrop antenna. A new pushbar made it as far as prototyping, but it needed tweaks. We had started working on the graphics when the guy suddenly vanished. I learned he had passed away and the project was being wrapped up by someone else. They opted to leave the pushbar and graphics alone as there was no need to retool. So had the initial guy heading the project lived, the RC2 would have been much better from the start.