Friday, April 13, 2012

New Dukes Stuff - Friday the Thirteenth of April

Got a slew of new Dukes of Hazzard items recently.  Let's get right to it.

I bought an auction lot on eBay that I was only interested in a few pieces.  I didn't have this little flashlight before.  Everything else I have.  Its cool to have the slide puzzle in the package, but its quite beat up. Also included are a finger racer, a wrist racer, two Bo stickers and a shoestring. 

This funny little SuperMag was also in the lot.  It uses artwork I've never seen before.  It's only about the size of old TVGuides, and pretty thin.  

This is the item I was most interested in the lot.  Its a "British Design" Dukes of Hazzard Transistor Radio.  It is quite a rare piece.  Not in the best shape, but I'm happy to add it to my collection.  

This is the same standard model that I have about 15 of, but it is a foreign release.  It has about eight different languages on it.  The company that released it overseas is called Airfix.  It was made in 1982.

This is a 2012 version of the same model.  I just picked it up as well.  It's funny that they released this box design originally in 1981, re-released it in 1997 then changed the box about three different times. They recently went back to this one.  The 1997 version came out with the rebel flag, then they released the "bald" version without the flag.  (I'm sticking with it Jeff, deal with it).  They did the same thing with the latest one.  2011 saw the return to this design with the flag, and then this one came out with no flag.  Weird how they go back and forth. 

These are five different school folders.  They are all in very nice shape.  The top left folder has my favorite picture of the cast.  I love that shot of the whole gang by the tree.  Ol' Flash got cropped out of this one though.

This is definitely the gem of my latest haul.  It's an Etch A Sketch from 1981 that has the Dukes Action Pack packed in.  I have several of the original Action Packs, but I never saw them added with an Etch A Sketch.  The package for the stand alone Pack is bigger.  This one seems to be just an envelope.  I'm no expert, but this has to be a super rare piece....wait, I kinda am an expert.    

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